Finding good quality make-up brushes at an affordable price has improved of late and I am always happy to try and help scope out more. Make-up brushes today have had a dramatic face lift and are no longer just an accessory but a professional tool that has taken on new heights and goals for us all. The newer 'oval' shape has stemmed from the luxury brand Artis, who realised that makeup brushes evolved from watercolour painting so therefore no longer met the challenge of modern makeup and skincare application as I am pretty sure that contouring was not a thing in the history books. This style of brush is a work of art in itself and gone are the days when a free sponge applicator would suffice! Being the make-up obsessive that I am, I get excited to see how products evolve then soon become ones that we can't live without. 

Artis brushes are indeed very expensive, although totally worth it, so the high street/drugstores have taken on this trend to make them available to everyone at an affordable price yet still with a luxurious feel. There are some really dodgy copies out there I wont lie as I have been sent them, hence why you have never seen them or heard about them on my channels as they were that bad, honestly.

Boots is a well known beauty stop in the UK for most (I spend hours in there when I am back!) and they always take on brands that will appeal to many of us and offer affordable price points. They kindly sent me a 'highly hyped about' brush set for review - so I was happy to give my feedback to see if it lived up to my expectations or if these brushes were just another gimmick?

Luxe Studio K2 Set - 3-Piece Oval Brush Kit  
The brush set in question is the highly acclaimed US brand, Luxe Studio K2 Set - 3 Piece Oval Brush Kit, priced £22.99 (BUY HERE!) as this has been well spoken about in the beauty world over the past few months so I was keen to see what all the fuss was about. Being rose gold, a part of me was sold already. I know, make it in rose gold and I will buy it. We all know that's the truth. 

The Everything Brush Set contains 3 brushes that can be used for both make-up and skincare including serums. They claim to work on all dry and liquid formulations including loose and pressed powder, cream, lotion and mineral makeup. The synthetic fibres mimic natural hairs for a great pick and release of product. Sounds a bit too good.

Luxe Studio K2 Set - 3-Piece Oval Brush Kit  
Face Brush 6X (as below) link!
Designed for applying foundation, powder, blusher, moisturiser and blending and highlighting. 

This is such a handy brush as you can use this for basically anything. It is small so I would in fact prefer the next larger size up (sold separately here) for my foundation but this is great for concealing around the eyes, contouring, highlighting and for setting powder under the eyes too.
Luxe Studio K2 Set - 3-Piece Oval Brush Kit  
Eye Brush 5X (below) link!
This thin brush is designed for applying concealer and fine eyeliner.

This is my favourite out of the three as it is a great brush for contouring as you can get a really precise contour and even more so for contouring your nose. It's also great to smoke out eyeshadow or liner on the lash line as it does it so effortlessly. But for contouring, this really applies and blends out a contour really really well which is what I use this one for the most. 
Luxe Studio K2 Set - 3-Piece Oval Brush Kit  
Face/Lip Brush 3X (below) link!
This round brush has been designed for applying lipstick, contour, spot treatments and to add coverage where needed.

This was my least favourite brush but still very cute as being so tiny it is useful for applying highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes, cupids bow and down the nose as it fits perfectly. Also great for pin point concealing too as it is small but you can use this for whatever you like, I just don't find myself reaching for this one as much as the others. 
Luxe Studio K2 Set - 3-Piece Oval Brush Kit  
You can use all of these brushes for whatever and however suits you, that is the beauty of a make-up brush nowadays, no 'name label' means - do what you like! TAKE NOTE: I will say these are the kind of brushes that you have to persevere with because at first they will feel alien to you if you are used to a 'normal' brush but the more you use them the more you get to grips with them and gradually find your own best use for each one. 

These brushes do actually work well with many textures and formulations which is pretty much a dream for us all. The thing I love the most is how super soft they are and really good quality. The densely packed fibres blend make-up perfectly with no dragging or flaking of the product used like some other brushes can. They are indeed good for skincare should you prefer to use a brush although I shall stick to just makeup as I like to apply all my skincare manually but a great set to try out should you prefer to use a brush. 

The design of these brushes is very pretty with the shiny rose gold finish and a nice solid feel to the handle, as they are not heavy but not at all flimsy like other 'cheaper' versions. They do look and feel more expensive than what they are. The shape of the handle makes them very easy to work with as you have full control over your blending and make-up application at all times. They wash up perfectly with no shedding whatsoever.

Luxe Studio K2 Set - 3-Piece Oval Brush Kit  
In all honestly I was not expecting to like these as much as I did but I now see why they have been such a hit. They are a great price point if you are looking to try this brush style  for less money (at around £8 per brush link!) before jumping into a more expensive brand making this a great starter set for anyone. I adore Real Techniques brushes that are too sold in Boots as they are now a daily staple in my makeup routine (the Buffing Brush especially here!) as you cannot go wrong by them, so it's nice to see that stores are stocking more brands to coincide on that level and not just cheaper options that feel cheap but a more affordable version of a 'higher end' line.

P.S. I would not blame you if you invested in these solely for looks as they will make any make-up bag or vanity look divine! (+ so Instagram worthy).

Have you tried them?
Any other brush recommendations, then please share away!