Beauty Sleep, which according to google means "sleep considered to be sufficient to keep one looking young and beautiful" ... so just how long is that I wonder?! Let us discuss this Beauty Sleep. It is indeed a real thing, we all need it and we all try and get as much as we can but life does not make it easy for us all to get, so sometimes we need a little helping hand. We all know that lack of sleep affects us majorly and beauty wise, we use all the make-up we can lay our hands on to help us fake that '8-hour sleep' look which is why make-up sells as well as it does. I myself find 'getting to sleep' a real issue, hence I use all the lotions and potions possible to help me nod off and I have to say they really do help and have a great affect. So much so that every night involves a ritual of sprays and potions, which is a good excuse to try more beauty products of course. 

At night as your body shuts down, skin can go in to overdrive working around the clock to regenerate and repair itself as a result of everyday environmental aggressors but whilst asleep, your skin is more open to products getting to work. With all this in mind, the beauty gods aka Mintd Box have offered up some A-List help with this months 'The Beauty Sleep Edit' themed box. It contains a mix of products that shall help you to initially fall into a good nights sleep with skincare that shall get to work as you do sleep. Resulting in a better feeling and more productive you. 

Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit
Like with all of my monthly Mintd Box reviews I shall reiterate, regular readers to my blog shall know all about what Mintd Box is but just in case you are new then head over to a previous post which explains it all here or search Mintd where you can see all the previous boxes. In brief, when you subscribe to Mintd Box, each month or every other month, you only ever receive FULL size or DELUXE sized luxury beauty products and save a small fortune. No Samples. Enough said, it's a must have. 

The Beauty Sleep Edit box contains 3 FULL SIZED + 2 SUPER DELUXE SIZED products of which are all stocked in high end beauty stores such as Space NK, Harvey Nicols and Net A Porter. 

It includes products that have been selected for their active ingredients, natural oils and aromatics that shall maximise the process of getting your beauty sleep; allowing you to wake up feeling healthier, more radiant and fresh faced but also helping you to relax into a good nights sleep. This is a box not to miss out on.

Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit
Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit
Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit
The Luxury Contents:-
1. NEOM Organics Travel Size Tranquility Candle (Full Size £16) 
2. Aromatherapy Associates Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil (Full Size £45) 
3.  Omorovicza Midnight Radiance Mask (Super Deluxe Size £27) 
4. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil (Super Deluxe £45) 
5. Supermood Beauty Sleep Pillow Scent (Full Size £33) 

For any new subscribers who purchase a 6 or 12 month plan, you shall receive a Su-Man Velvet Skin Moisturising Cream worth £85 (amazing!).

The contents of this box have a combined value of over £166/€187 for which you only pay £65/€71 per month or bi-monthly giving you an enormous £101/€114 saving as opposed to buying all products individually. That is insane and what you call a beauty saving.

Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit
If you read my Mintd Box reviews every month, you are maybe waiting for that 'dud' month that possibly hasn't impressed me as much as the rest (so you don't end up spending) well this does not seem to be happening and have come to realise that Mintd Box just do not disappoint, like ever. Hence I apologise in advance for what lies ahead as you will want all, hence signing up is definitely a wise idea! 

I have started this all off in an order that you may start your Beauty Sleep Process so this first product sets the scene.

Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit, NEOM candle
1. NEOM Organics Travel Size Tranquility Candle (Full Size £16) [buy here!]
A hand poured 100% natural vegetable wax luxury candle that has been blended to help you totally relax and prepare for a good nights sleep with English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine plus 16 more essential oils. Each candle contains 6-8ml of pure essential oils to help you fully relax and sleep. Light it before bed as you have a soak in the bath as part of Phase one. 

NEOM have been my No1 favourite aromatherapy candle brand for many years hence I was so happy to see them appear in this months box. The NEOM Happiness large candle was actually my candle of choice on my wedding day at the top table as I knew it was designed to help balance emotions and knowing I would very emotional on that day, it worked a treat and to this day the scent always holds a special place in my heart. I am a true fan. In fact I bought a travel candle that contained ginger for my friend who was pregnant at the time having really bad sickness and to this day she tells me how much it helped the sickness passed! Goes to show the power of these candles. NEOM do make some amazing home and body products so please can I suggest that you try them as you shall be amazed at how stunning the products all are and how much of a positive affect they have on you! 

Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit, Aromatherapy Associates Light Relax Oil

Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit, Aromatherapy Associates Light Relax Oil
2. Aromatherapy Associates Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil (Full Size £45) [buy here!]
Phase 2. A Bath Oil like no other containing Lavender, Ylang Yang and Petitgrain combined to help you unwind after a busy day of which you can indulge in a bath or shower.

These are in my opinion the best aromatherapy bath oils you can buy. Both myself and my husband have been a big AA fan for years and years now as these oils WORK. I swear by the Destress-Muscle bath oil as that is my favourite but the Light Relax is perfect for helping towards a peaceful nights sleep or chill out. They literally scent your whole house as you run a bath which is my favourite part and I don't even like baths usually but these force me to enjoy one! These oils have a massive affect on your mood and transform your mood to take you to another state. I do believe AA use the highest grade of oils hence the results that you get from using them. I am overjoyed to see them back in another Minted Box as a true pamper session is not complete with these oils. FYI if you haven't noticed, it retails for £45 making this months box most definitely one you should be sign up to for your chance to indulge in some full on relaxation. 

Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit, Omorovicza Radiance Mask
3.  Omorovicza Midnight Radiance Mask (Super Deluxe Size £27) [buy here!]
Phase three, Masking. This cooling, light weight gel mask is formulated with active ingredients such as Sand Lily and Salicylic acid which melt into your skin to gently exfoliate, whilst promoting cell renewal and fighting hyperpigmentation leaving you with a more even, more hydrated, balanced, brighter skin. 

My second product from Omorovicza and having been wowed by the last one in last months Mintd Box (here!) I am impressed further more. This mask is amazing. First of all I love the gel texture as it feels so refreshing and comforting on your skin and it is so easy to use. You simply apply a thin layer after you have cleansed/toned then sleep, that is it. When I woke up my skin did look brighter, smoother and really plumped and hydrated. I was not expecting to see so much result from one use! Considering this mask contains Salicylic acid, it is so lovely and gentle making it perfect for so many skin types that maybe thinking they are too sensitive. This really is a beautiful mask which I know retails full size at £90, a massive splurge but having tried this deluxe size I am now convinced that it is worth the expense. Another great reason why I love these collaborations with Mintd Box because I would never have invested so highly into a product that was unknown to me had I not had the chance to try it. If you love your skincare and look for the next best thing when it comes to masks then definitely take note of this one. Omorovicza are a stunning brand to invest in from what I have tried so far and I would love to try more. 

Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit, Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night oil 

Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit, Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night oil 

Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit, Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night oil 
4. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil (Deluxe 15ml £45) [buy here!]
Phase Four. The very famous potent Luna Oil is a retinol rich night time treatment formulated to help reduce lines and wrinkles whilst correcting signs of damage. Containing Retinol and Blue Tansy a powerful skin soothing anti-inflammatory that reduces redness and calms stressed skin. It also tackles eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and acne makes this ideal for any skin type. This is basically skin rehab. 

I have been dying to try this oil loved by many a beauty editor, blogger, A-lister etc as this has been a very well coveted skincare product as is Sunday Riley as a brand. I was so excited when I found out this product was going to be featured this month and the size is incredible and seeing as you can buy this 15ml size (or 30ml £85) it is perfect and shall definitely last a good while. After falling in love with a Blue Tansy face mask (here) some time ago, I knew the power of Blue Tansy and all it's skin benefits. After just one use of Luna oil, I was in love, massively. I am not that keen on the scent but that I can get over and as you massage the oil into your skin the blue colour turns clear so you don't go to bed looking like a Smurf. Be sure not to use too much of it as it does have quite a rich feel. It feels so incredibly nourishing on the skin and not greasy or sticky but you know you have oil on if that makes sense? I love to use face oils at night so for me I am used to the feel of them. When I woke up the oil had completely absorbed into my skin leaving it feeling super soft and smooth. It looked really good. Hydrated, plumped, radiant and just really 'well'. Having only used it a few times, I am certain that the more I use this the better the results and that excites me. Luna has definitely lived up to the hype in my eyes and if like me you have been dying to try this then there really is no more affordable way to do it. 

Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit, Supermood Beauty Sleep
Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit, Supermood Beauty Sleep
5. Supermood Beauty Sleep Pillow Scent (Full Size £33) [buy here!]
Final Phase. Beauty Sleep Spray is a calming and therapeutic blend of florals and herbs to spray onto your pillow or bedding pre-bed time. The ingredients all help to rock you to sleep to help heal your mind so you drift off to sleep. 

A good pillow spray is not cheap, this I have learnt. Mainly because high quality essential oils are not cheap so this impacts on the final product but this means the ingredients are more potent thus having a more positive result i.e. you sleep well. I always use a pillow spray before bed as like I said before, I need all the help I can get and even my husband now can't do without his This Works Sleep Spray. Once you start to use a Pillow spray they slowly just become part of your night time routine. They are strongly scented as they need to be highly infused to work and this one is very portent. Hence it may look small but it is very mighty. The glass bottle adds to the luxury feel of this one also. I have to say, having used this the last few nights, I have slept really well so it must have done it's work! If you have never tried a sleep spray then I highly recommend investing in a good one as they are such a comfort and a help if you do have issues drifting off.

Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit
Well I don't know about you but I am off to bed ... just kidding, you have to admit, this is a recipe for a great night in right here. 

Mintd Box have done it again. I am lost for words to keep singing their praises and telling you all how amazing these carefully curated boxes are. Even if you like the look of one singular product then I am glad that I got to share and tell you about it thanks to Mintd Box. This month could not be any more ideal and has enabled me to share some really beautiful brands with you that I hope you try and see the amazing results for yourself. 

Mintd Box October, The Beauty Sleep Edit

Just  to remind you! 
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What product/s have do you need for your zzzzzzz?!
Isn't this month amazing!