Make-up and Chocolate, a good combination right? Your eyes are not deceiving you as the image above is not the Too Faced Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette but in fact a REAL chocolate palette, or to be clearer, a luxurious box of real handmade chocolates from a high end chocolatier. A bit of a different post, but I asked myself, why not?! When someones asks you, "can we send you some chocolate?' the only answer is, hell yes please! What could be better than combining two things that I am am sure we all love because I feel I need to tell you all about the Company in question. Basically they are the equivalent of a high end makeup brand, just in chocolate form.

It was just a normal day, just sat at my desk writing up blog posts when my email pinged and when I saw a subject heading of "We love your blog, can we send you some chocolate?!" ... well, I have never read an email so fast in all my life. As a blogger I get many emails from various brands (mainly beauty of course) asking if I would like to try products of which I am very thankful for and every now and again, someone just wants to do something nice for you as a fan of your blog to which I am totally open to of course. We are all human after all. You learn in this job to judge the good from the bad, so when I say this next company is good, I mean they go above and beyond anything that I ever expected. Also living in the South of France, this is very French to have such luxury when it comes to a sweet treat. 

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury when it comes to giving a sweet treat as a gift, then look no further .... 

Planète Chocolat is one of the few artisan chocolatiers to be found in the heart of Brussels offering the best quality Belgium chocolate possible. All products are made from 100% Cocoa butter without conservatives or GM foods. Their team of talented and passionate chocolatiers constantly invent new ideas to blend flavours and moulds so we treat the eyes as well as our palate. They more importantly deliver all over the globe, no matter where you are in order to share their creations across the entire world. 

Planète Chocolat also offer Chocolate Demonstrations, Workshops, Tours and will even travel to your event! A Chocolate Workshop and Tour is my kind of day. With over 55,000 visitors a year, Planète Chocolat really a brand to know.

Prior to receiving my parcel, the lovely Zoe from Planète Chocolate was in constant email contact with me to make sure my chocolate would be delivered for when I returned from holiday and I even had live updates as to when they would be at my door. Now that is what I call service. 

My box as scheduled, arrived on time and I was gobsmacked at the attention to detail ... 

Planète Chocolat even have a isothermal packaging service which means your chocolate shall never melt! The iso packs are all environmentally friendly and reusable too. This means that delivery is available WORLDWIDE and I do mean WORLDWIDE, even in summer months!

I opened the large silver outer box to see a velvet pouch, card and extra bar of chocolate all inside surrounded by two of the cool packs; Now that is serious attention to detail.

There are many boxed 'themed' options and I was sent 'A Journey Through The World Of Flavours' Box (€44.90) a combination of flavours from the four corners of the world. It has a mix of white, plain and milk chocolates and plenty of them too! Safe to safe, they are DIVINE! I am working my though as we speak! Such a hard life. 

    I feel truly very spoilt and happy to have received such a great gift and the most luxurious box of Chocolates I have ever received hence I had to let you know about them here because chocolate really is one of those gifts that suits any occasion and when it's as special as this, it's so rewarding to send as it is to receive. For times when make-up or cosmetics won't do as as gift, then try Planète Chocolat, or send both!

    Planète Chocolat (website here!) deliver all across the globe and home deliveries only take 24hours to arrive. Now that's fast! They offer Free Express 24hr delivery within Belgium, France, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, Monaco and more destinations here.

    Thank you Planète Chocolat for this wonderful treat!
    Impressive don't you think?

    P.s. You now want chocolate, don't you?