How did we get to September already? Can the year just slow done please, don't you think? This Summer has been incredible and I for one have enjoyed every single month, especially when it came to my Mintd Box as they have been a regular highlight with each box being consistently amazing with most of the contents still in use in my bathroom as we speak. I literally did a hop, skip and a jump when I saw the contents of September's box as it is full of some of my favourite brands of all time. Prepare for high excitement. 

If you are leaving the summer behind and entering cooler months then your skin may be left feeling slightly more dry and dehydrated than usual and you need some radiance back. Welcome in the September 'Refine and Restore' themed Mintd Box that has been curated to provide the ultimate in skin quenching hydration to restore your skin. All products selected have been chosen for their abilities to firm, revitalise, simulate, improve circulation, renew and give a healthy appearance during the cooler months, or even warmer months as this collection works for all seasons. Oh and heads up, this box contains some serious IT brands

Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September
Like with all of my monthly Mintd Box reviews I shall reiterate, regular readers to my blog shall know all about what Mintd Box is but just in case you are new then head over to a previous post which explains it all here or search Mintd where you can see all the previous boxes. In brief, when you subscribe to Mintd Box, each month or every other month, you only ever receive FULL size or DELUXE sized luxury beauty products and save a small fortune. No Samples. Enough said, it's a must. 

I personally have already been incorporating products into my routine that are designed to hydrate and brighten my skin so this Mintd Box selection is a dream. Every brand (bar one that is new to me) has been a favourite of mine for some time so let me tell you more about them as I shall stake my reputation on the the fact that these really are some top skincare products that you really need to consider trying out for yourself. 

Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September
The Refine and Restore box contains 3 FULL SIZE + 2 SUPER DELUXE SIZED products of which are all stocked in high end beauty stores such as Space NK, Harvey Nicols and Net A Porter.

Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September
Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September
Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September
The Luxury Contents:-
1. OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel 40ml (Super Deluxe Size £16) 
2. Omorovicza Hydrating Mist 30ml (Super Deluxe Size £17) 
3. TULA Multi Eye Renewal Spectrum Serum (Full Size £50) 
4. Aromatherapy Associates Dry Body Brush (Full Size at £21) 
5. Patchology's Hydrating FlashMasque x 4 (Full Size £21) NEW in Space NK!

For any new subscribers who purchase a 6 or 12 month plan, you shall receive a Su-Man Velvet Skin Moisturising Cream worth £85 (amazing!).

The contents of this box have a combined value of over £131/€144 for which you only pay £65/€71 per month or bi-monthly giving you an enormous £66/€73 saving as opposed to buying all products individually. That's a worthwhile beauty saving right there.
Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September, Oskia Renaissance Cleansing gel
Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September, Oskia Renaissance Cleansing gel
1. OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel, 40ml (Super Deluxe Size £16) [buy here!]
First up a product that I have regularly purchased myself and a brand that I absolutely adore, Oskia. This cult classic Cleansing Gel is very unique being a gel-balm hybrid containing a potent  blend of Vitamins A, C B2 and E, Pumpkin Eyzyme, Starflower Oil, Magnesium to name a few all designed to strengthen, brighten and revitalise your skin whilst getting rid of dirt and grime. Also an amazing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory that helps to protect and repair delicate skins and suitable for all skin types. 

I gave in to the hype about this cleanser a few months back and have been addicted ever since. The first thing you shall appreciate and fall in love when trying this is the amazing texture of this pink coloured gel-balm alongside it's Rose and Chamomile scent which reminds me of turkish delight, trust me, it is heavenly! It's so lightweight and the gel melts into an oil before becoming a milk once water is added. It makes your skin feel instantly hydrated and it glowsThis Cleanser lives up to every good word ever spoken or written about it. Another plus is the travel friendly packaging which makes it a great cleanser to use all of the time so you don't have to be without it when your away from home. The Cleansing Gel is actually the partner to Oskia's award winning Renaissance mask which is a product that made me fall in love with Oskia in the first place, another you also need to try if you haven't. Both the Renaissance Cleanser and Renaissance Mask are two of my all time favourite products and are ones that I fully urge you to try hence I am so happy to have this in my stocks once again seeing as I needed a new one! 

Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September,  Omorovicza hydrating mist
2. Omorovicza Hydrating Mist 30ml (Super Deluxe Size £17) [buy here!]
A revitalising facial mist using Queen of Hungary Water, the worlds finest recorded perfume, originally created for Queen Elizabeth in the 14th century. Now that's luxe. It uses the power of Hungarian thermal water to provide long lasting hydration and restore suppleness to your skin for a radiant result. 

This is the first ever product that I have tried from the brand Omorovicza and one that has been on my wish list for some time as many other fellow bloggers have raved about this one. I now see why. Firstly that scent, absolutely incredible. I cannot tell you how beautiful this is, you just really need to try it for yourself, trust me. It really does smell like a high end perfume but in skincare form. The mist itself is super fine and feels nice and cooling as you spray it over your face. It really does revive my skin and makes it feel hydrated and just lovely. I have been tending to use this more as a refresher as opposed to a Toner but feel it shall be used daily at this rate seeing as I love it so much. For me, this size is absolutely perfect being in a glass bottle meaning I can carry it around with me wherever I go and it's travel friendly being under 100ml. You know me, I love a good facial mist and this one has just gone on to my favourites list as it truly is gorgeous and I would most definitely purchase again. 

Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September, TULA Eye renewal serum 
Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September, TULA Eye renewal serum 
3. TULA Multi Eye Renewal Spectrum Serum (Full Size £50) All skin types [buy here!]
A lightweight Eye Renewal Serum that features a unique cooling metal tip applicator and an anti-aging formula using their signature Probiotic Technology to help reduce the appearance of crows feet, fine lines and dark circles to give a brighter, firmer more lifted eye area. Tula is free from Sulphates, Fragrance, DEA and TEA making them a brand to suit many. 

I was so happy to see TULA appear for a second time with Mintd as it was indeed Mintd Box that first introduced me to the brand (here) and I have been a fan of them ever since. The Hydrating Day and Night Cream has been a summer staple of mine as I absolutely adore that product. Hence I was very excited to try more from them, especially an eye product as that is what I am lacking in stocks of the most and I love to try new ones. The metal tip applicator is actually anti-ageing believe it or not as it is designed to stay cool to wake up tired eyes making them look a lot more youthful plus it keeps all of the ingredients air tight so that the actives stay potent. The pump dispenses the right amount of serum to cover both eyes so very easy and mess free to use. A big plus! It also ensures that you are applying the right amount of pressure to your eyes and not being too heavy handed being as the eye ares is so delicate and a reason why it's always recommend to use your ring finger when tapping eye products in so that you can't be too harsh. I love how cooling this feels  on my eyes and I did get some slight tingling after I had applied it but in a good way as this is basically the actives all getting to  work! My eyes definitely did look more awake and smoothed but I have only been using this for just over a week but so far I am really enjoying it. I will keep you updated if you want to know more about the results. I would highly recommend this to those who feel they have tired looking eyes and need an anti-ageing eye treatment as I think you shall benefit from this one a lot. Plus this eye serum retails for £50 making this months box a great deal should you have it on your wish list!

Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September,  Aromatherapy Associates Dry Body Brush
Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September,  Aromatherapy Associates Dry Body Brush
4. Aromatherapy Associates Dry Body Brush (Full Size at £21) [buy here!]
A polishing Body Brush designed to promote healthy circulation, remove dead skin and tone. This one is made from natural Cactus sisal bristles to help leave your skin looking bright, smooth a more even looking. The way you use this brush is before you bath/shower on dry skin. You simply brush all the way up to the body towards the heart using short or long strokes, whatever works for you. You can even apply your favourite Aromatherapy Associates oil to the bristles before hand for a more spa like feel. 

Body Brushing. I wont lie, I hate it. BUT I do know it really can work wonders if you do it often and correctly. So I am hoping that having this luxurious version made my one of my all time favourite aromatherapy brands shall entice me to do it as I have certainly have a lot for it to work on! I can say, the quality of this brush is beautiful so if you are looking to start dry brushing then invest in a good one such as this. It fits against my hand perfectly which makes the job a lot easier so wish me luck and I shall indeed report back should you be curious to find out more about my wobbly bits. A great product to see in Mintd Box as dry brushes are one of those products that we mean to buy but we don't seeing them as a 'non-essential' but this gives us all a good reason to start.

Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September, Patchology FlashMasque
5. Patchology's Hydrating FlashMasque x 4 (Full Size £21) NEW in Space NK! [buy here!]
Hydrate FlashMasque is a 5 minute sheet mask that helps dehydration and skin tiredness to look more youthful and dewy instead of, well, dry and old! If you are feeling a tad parched with a lost glow then these could be your answer. 

I am a big fan of Patchology as brand as I have had a few products from them through Mintd Box and I have loved every single one. Patchology make skincare fun and exciting and give you that little bit of 'you' time, if even just for 5 minutes. In today's climate, who doesn't need hydration lets face it so these are a great way to inject some into your skin. Traditional sheet masks take about 20 minutes so these are great for us all as Patchology have used an advanced material that speeds up the delivery of it's ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 to improve elasticity, smooth and hydrate. I have to say these are utterly fantastic. The material is so soft and thin making the mask really easy to mould to your whole face unlike some that just don't fit so you don't get the full benefit. They are drenched in moisture and are very wet and cold when you take them out the packet. I even left mine on for 30 mins as it felt too good to take off! My skin felt super hydrated and soft after using just one of these; definitely plumped, hydrated and just looked seriously good. These would be so handy to use as a pre-party prep step, or on a flight or after a heavy week ... just basically any time you may feel parched and need a boost! Whatever the season these are an all year round skincare must and another reason to get this month's box whilst you can. I shall definitely be needing more! 

Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September
Yes I know, I always say it and I shall again ... Mintd Box are simply the bomb. How they manage to out do the last box time and time again baffles me. It just proves that they really do have their finger to the pulse with the latest skincare trends and listen to what life calls for. 

I know in the whole time I have been reviewing these boxes that I have had some that have been more favourite than others, even though I have loved them all and this may be another one of those top favourites again as there is not one product I honestly do not like and for me this box is my perfect. I will even start body brushing and I hate body brushing. Says a lot! I can't even name a few stars here as I truly love every product and brand within this months selection as am so happy that they have got on board with Mintd as they all make a great fit. 

If you haven't yet subscribed or you have been deliberating about joining then now is the time to do it and get this box! It shall introduce you to some many of the latest hot skincare brands and save you money in the process. 

You may have noticed that out of all the beauty boxes and brands that I review in general  Mintd Box is the only one that repeatably gets a post here every month. I invest a lot of my time and effort into these posts by showcasing and reviewing each brand all truly because I know that Mintd Box have something really special and unique which is why I whole heartedly support them. 

Mintd Box, Refine and Restore your skin, September

Just  to remind you! 
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What products have caught your eye?