Jouer Cosmetics is a brand that has stolen my heart of late. Yes another one. For me, Jouer kind of went under the radar being mainly only available in the US until it came to Cult Beauty, one of my favourite online beauty websites and now I am hooked. After only purchasing a few items from them, I find myself wanting more. 

In case you aren't familiar with the brand, Jouer (which means 'to play' in French) it was founded and created by mum of two and advocate for empowering women and girls in the developing world, Christina Zilber and with her passion for fashion and beauty, came Jouer. The brand keeps make-up fun and simple in a playful yet serious way as all the products contain some skincare ingredients, all housed in gorgeous packaging. 

Jouer in my eyes are a luxury brand but one with a more realistic price tag that makes them a great brand for any make up lover to try out. I appreciate that most of my posts contain higher end makeup items because that is what is available to me where I am plus it is what I personally enjoy more. But when I hop back to the UK I always find myself spending hours in Boots (a UK drugstore) checking out all the great launches that I have missed so when a brand comes along that sits in the middle, then it's one worth knowing more about. 

Jouer, Powder Highlighter
I heard on the beauty grapevine amazing reports about the powder highlighters so I decided to try them out because I don't own enough (*cough*). Seeing as I could not decide on what shade to choose, I ordered them all because I knew that all three shades would be perfect and very well loved seeing as everyday warrants a little highlight. 

Jouer, Powder Highlighter
Jouer Powder Highlight contains ultra-fine pearls and luminescent pigments to create the ultimate, even though I hate this saying its true, 'lit from within' glow. The beautiful creamy, powder formulation is very long wearing, buildable, highly pigmented and layers up very well with other products. 

Onto the three shades .... 
Jouer, Powder Highlighter, Citrine
• Citrine, a Shimmering Gold (buy here

Jouer, Powder Highlighter, Rose Quartz
• Rose Quartz, a Shimmering Champagne, Baby Pink (buy here)

Jouer, Powder Highlighter, Topaz
• Topaz, a Shimmering Peachy Gold (buy here)

Jouer, Powder Highlighter Swatches
All three shades, as I am sure you shall agree are completely stunning. I have found myself rotating between Citrine and Rose Quartz on a daily basis. Topaz shall be stunning in the summer months on sun kissed (or fake tanned) skin as you could wear this as a blush all on its own as it really does give that bronzed goddess kind of look. 

These highlighters totally live up to their description as they are indeed very soft, super pigmented and long wearing. Any highlighter fan shall love these and even non highlighter fans I think shall be swayed by these. This is a highlight that delivers the perfect amount of glow. Not too much that you can be seen from space and not too little that have to keep packing it on, but the perfect amount that does what it intends to, make your skin look naturally radiant and glowing. I have not put them down since I got them and I cannot recommend them enough as they are perfect for all skins and all ages. They simply tick every box.

Another product that Jouer are famous for is their Lip Toppers. These are not a gloss but a long wear, weightless lip creme that instantly refreshes and adds shimmer to any lip colour or the lips alone. Containing coconut oil, they are super nourishing and to me, taste like vanilla cupcakes! Safe to say, I love them, especially the shade that I have below, Skinny Dip. This is a Shimmering Golden Nude that is ideal for summer! (buy here)  

Jouer, Skinny Dip, Lip Topper

Jouer, Powder Highlighter swatches
Jouer, Powder Highlighter swatches
The Look; I am wearing the shade Rose Quartz and you can see just how pretty this looks on the skin, very natural yet it stills packs enough of a 'glow' coupled with the Skinny Dip Lip topper. (I took this picture in the sunny day light so you can really see the natural glow hence why I look very golden!).

Jouer Cosmetics is a stunning brand and one I know shall become a top love of mine this year and a brand that I definitely can recommend you go and check out if you haven't already. Jouer have already been teasing us online with their new Rose Gold Collection which is now available comprising of a new Highlighter, Lip Creme and Lip Topper. Safe to say you shall be seeing this on my IG and Blog very soon as it has been ordered and on the way as we speak!

Jouer, Powder Highlighter
Jouer Cosmetics are available online from Cult Beauty [here] delivering worldwide and do keep an eye out as they often run some great promotions.

So, do you like? Are you a JOUER fan?