24 March 2017

Chanel • The Perfect Make-Up for the Spring/Summer

Chanel really have been throwing some incredible launches at us of late and I for one find it very hard to resist. Yes I know I didn't need another blush but when it's as stunning as this one, when did need ever matter come into it? As you may have seen from my last Chanel post here I truly feel that Chanel have the Spring/Summer covered with their recent collections that have had us all drooling. We all need a little luxury beauty in our lives and Chanel have some limited edition pieces that are a must have ... which brings me on to this one.

I was debating whether to still put this post up as the Lumières De Kyoto launched a few months ago but when I saw that this Limited Edition was still available, I had to mention it here as it really is a beauty and such a great spring/summer makeup item to own. It was marked as an Chanel.com online exclusive only but I managed to get this from a London Airport which makes this more accessible to us all! 

Lumières De Kyoto is a blush trio inspired by autumnal landscapes of the city of Kyoto. Once the Capital of Japan, Kyoto is known for it's gardens, Buddhist temples and shrines and is a place of harmony with nature. 

Chanel, Lumières De Kyoto, Blush Harmony
Chanel, Lumières De Kyoto, Blush Harmony
Chanel, Lumières De Kyoto, Blush Harmony

Chanel, Lumières De Kyoto, Blush Harmony
Chanel, Lumières De Kyoto, Blush Harmony
The palette consists of three shades, a soft shimmery beige, a muted medium dark coral with warm undertones with a gold shimmer running through it and a light matte beige. It is designed to highlight, enhance and give radiance to the skin. 

The cleverly designed compact comes with a super soft half moon shaped, natural bristle Chanel brush, designed to fit the contours of the face, which sits inside the compact making it great for on the go. The middle shade has this stunning floral pattern embossed into it making this even more visually stunning. 

To apply, you can use all three powders separately so for instance .... 
• the top soft beige shade to highlight and give radiance.
• the centre golden coral shade to enhance your cheeks and give a nice pop of colour.
• the bottom light beige powder to enhance your complexion. 

OR ... swirl the three shades together and use all over the face for an all over glow or as a blush/contour powder.

Chanel, Lumières De Kyoto, Blush Harmony
Chanel, Lumières De Kyoto, Blush Harmony
Chanel, Lumières De Kyoto, Blush Harmony
I have used it as more of a blush/contour on my cheeks as you can see below ... 

Chanel, Lumières De Kyoto, Blush Harmony

The powder has that signature rose scent that I go crazy for in Chanel products and I wish all my powders could smell that good as it is utterly divine and adds to the whole luxury feel of a Chanel product. 

The powder has been formulated with silk powders that are designed to glide over the skin effortlessy. I felt the powder was very pigmented, but with just the right amount of pay off as in not too much and not too little. I did not have to work the product as it did all the work for me. It is very buildable and adhered really well to my skin as all Chanel products do. I found it very long lasting as it did not fade or go patchy all the time I was wearing it. I know from reading some other reviews that people have found it to be not so pigmented but I have to say I really don't find that the case with mine at all. Myself and my skin love it. 

This is such a universal blush and the perfect complexion enhancer that shall flatter many skin tones especially those who are looking for a more natural make up look and 'that blush that goes with every makeup look' product. If you found Coco Code blush to be too much, then this is the perfect option for you.

Chanel, Lumières De Kyoto, Blush Harmony
Following on from my previous Coco Code post, I did in fact (as predicted) go back and pick up one of the lipsticks from the collection as it really is my kind of summer shade as below,  Rouge Allure Velvet Le Secrete #61, such a pretty pink, coral matte lip shade that compliments all of these products perfectly. You can read all about the Coco Code launch here.

Chanel Coco Code, Le Secrete 61 Rouge allure Velvet
Another Summer must have in my opinion are the Rouge Allure Lip Ink (here) a matte liquid lip colour with an intensive and luminous colour. They are totally weightless and super long lasting! I am addicted and have the shades #146 and #150 - the shade selection is currently quite small and some shades are very similar so I am hoping Chanel give us more soon. You can see them in action on my Instagram (and stay tuned to my IG Stories as you can see pics below!)
Chanel Rouge allure Ink

chanel Lip swatches
Chanel lip ink
I know Chanel is a splurge but I highly recommend checking out Chanel's Summer Collections as they really are worth the investment and as I said, Lumières De Kyoto is indeed still available online here US  & here EU and being Limited Edition, if you like it then invest fast. Keep your eyes peeled at the airports too!  

Chanel just get better and better as my bank balance gets lower and lower .... 
but it's so worth it, don't you agree?


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