St Valentines, a day to celebrate love. Valentines is one of those days that you either love or hate and let's be fair, it's all very gimmicky today. Love should be shared and shown every day not just one day hence Anti-Valentines and Gal-entines tags are now trending because if you are still looking for love in the romantic sense, then it's simply a day to kick you in the teeth. So what about celebrating Self Love Day instead?? 

We all need to learn to love ourselves more and mark the occasion with some well earned treats and pampering! Which brings me on to this month's February Mintd Box, titled Self Love. It is about time we all focused on our own well being and happiness but not just for one day, all year round. 

Mintd Box are here this month to share the love as we all love someone or something, but this month let that be ourselves. If you aren't familiar with the concept of Mintd Box then go ahead and check out a few of my other unboxings {here} and {here} which shall make it all clear. So let's see what we can expect this month ... 

Mintd Box, February Self Love
Mintd Box Self Love
As always, the box arrives in pristine condition with all it's contents packaged well and wrapped up with a pretty 'hot pink' bow. It's these little touches that I love and one thing you can always guarantee with Mintd Box is that the attention to detail is always there. 

This months box contains 5 Full Sized high end beauty products stocked in stores such as Harrods, Harvey Nicols and Net a Porter. 

Mintd Box, February Self Love
Mintd Box, February Self Love
Mintd Box, February Self Love
The Luxury Contents:-
1.  Skyn Iceland Plumping Lip Gels (Full Size £36)
2. Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Roll On (Full Size £16)
3. Therapie By Roques Oneil Equilibrium Shower and Bath Essence (Full Size £40)
4. Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion (Full Size at £17.50)
5. Smith and Cult Lash Dance Mascara (Full Size £24)  

The contents of this box have an impressive combined value of over £133.50/€157 for which you only pay £65/€76 per month or bi-monthly giving you an enormous £68.50/€81 saving as opposed to buying all products individually. Another big big beauty saving!!! How can you not like that?!

Mintd Box, February Self Love
Mintd Box, February Self Love, Skyn Plumping Lip Gels
1.  Skyn Iceland Plumping Lip Gels (Full Size £36) link!
A pack of 5 lip gel masks that claim to tackle loss of fullness, lines/wrinkles and lack of moisture in about 10 minutes flat. Some strong claims there! The gel itself contains a mix of highly advanced plant and marine based actives with a state of the art delivery system. The patch is designed to stay put on the lips allowing the ingredients to penetrate to give immediate results.

Now lets discuss my experience ... 
Upon opening my box, this was the product that I ripped into first because seeing the words lips and plumping had my attention immediately and I was praying, 'please work'! I am always looking for ways to make my lips look bigger before maybe going down the filler route as I just want a natural boost. The lip gels look like giant jelly lip sweets and you basically stick it over your lips; you do look very odd. Once you get it to stick then it stays in place really well I have to say. It feels very cooling and soothing on the lips so I was very hopeful to it working. Ater 10 minutes, I removed the patch and honestly, there was not much change to what my lips looked like before but I think I was expecting some magic to have given my bigger lips. I do have to say though, my cupids bow looked a lot more defined and my lips felt incredibly hydrated and soft so for that concern, these really do work. This is an ideal product if you suffer from dry, sore, chapped lips as I guarantee this shall be a great comfort to them and such an easy way of giving them a treatment. I thankfully don't have lines or dryness on my lips but if you are someone that does then you may get even better results. A fun product never the less! 

Mintd Box, February Self Love, Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax
2. Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Roll On 10ml (Full Size £16) link!
An 'on the go' roller ball relaxation oil that works with the powers of Vetivert, Camomile and Sandalwood to ease your stressed, tired mind. This fits into you bag easily so you can always have it with you, hence always be relaxed (we hope!).

Again I jumped for joy seeing an Aromatherapy Associates product inside because I cannot get enough of this brand as they are my favourite aromatherapy range of all time because they work. I have used the De-Stress Muscle Bath oil for years now although I always forget to treat myself as to keep it in my stocks all year round. The scent of this oil is just divine and it's times like this that I wish smell-a-vision really did exist. AA products really do work and I cannot stress that enough. If you have not yet tried them, please do especially if you need help with winding down. This makes the box a great deal in itself to be able to own this amazing relaxation oil.
Mintd Box, February Self Love, Therapie Bath and Shower Oil
3. Therapie, Roques O'Neil Equilibrium Shower & Bath Essence (Full Size £40) link!
Feeling stressed? Tired? Washed out? Nodding along to all of these?? ... well keep reading! World renowned Aromatherapist Michelle Roques O'Neil developed 'Therapie' to act as a self-healing programme to restore energy, alleviate stress and recover your own well being. This bath and shower oil is a blend Persian Rose, New Zealand Lavender, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Wild Sweet Orange and Fragonia, a powerful oil with anti-anxiety properties. Add a few drops into a bath or massage into your skin pre-shower as this promsies to help wash away your anxiety. Have you clicked buy yet?

Seriously, what a magical product! I am not a bath person at all but products like this make me one. Just when I thought the previous product was enough, the two together are one heck of a team. It all comes back to the power of aromatherapy, one of the greatest things in relieving daily stress and anxiety. This is a totally new brand to me but knowing that it is sold on Cult Beauty (my fave online beauty store) you know its going to be a special product. The weighted glass bottle makes this feel super luxurious and one of those special pamper items that you save for when necessary. The scent is so beautiful that I automatically feel like I am at a spa. I have already been looking online at the rest of the line and it just gets better and better ... the Himalayan Detox Bath Salts sound divine! The Bath Essence alone is £40 which makes this whole box a very good deal indeed.
Mintd Box, February Self Love, Ameliorate Body Lotion
4. Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion (Full Size at £17.50) link!
This is the first UK made body lotion specially created to help improve the appearance of Keratosis Pilaris (that awful rough, red, bumpy skin aka chicken skin). The lotion contains high levels of Lactic Acid, a natural AHA that provides intense hydration and encourages the exfoliation process to remove dead skin cells to leave you with soft, smooth, brighter looking body skin.

I raved about the Ameliorate Body Polish here which blew me away and the lotion was next on my hit list so I am one happy lady right now. I suffer with KP on the tops of my arms which is very common and this lotion has been proven by many top beauty bods, to work. I noticed big results in only a few uses which for a body product, is very impressive. The lotion itself smells like baby powder, as does the body polish and is super lightweight which ensures that it absorbs very easily into the skin. My skin has been so much softer, smoother and looks a lot less obvious since I have been using it. I cannot recommend the brand enough if you want to rid your skin of these annoying bumps, as it is so unique but most importantly, works!

Mintd Box, February Self Love, Smith and Cult Lash Dance 
5. Smith and Cult Lash Dance Mascara (Full Size £24) link!
A mascara designed to give big volume with its silicone wand to reach and coat every lash for a fuller lash look. It holds a blend of conditioning waxes to nourish and hydrate to help prevent lash breakage. It is intensely black with the promise of no fall out, flaking or transfer.

Mascaras are so hit and miss as we all have our no1 favourite yet we still strive to find 'the one'. We all have that one stable brand that we go back to but trying new ones is great fun. On first impressions of Lash Dance, the packaging wowed me as you have to agree, it looks very luxurious and classy. I also liked the look of the wand as I prefer a plastic wand as opposed to bristle. As I pulled the wand out of the tube it was caked in product to which I did have to scrape most of it back into the tube which was a little disappointing so bear this in mind before applying to your lashes. My lashes are naturally quite short and sparse so I like a mascara to add volume, length and  definition and this mascara is most definitely a volumising only mascara. For me, this is not the right mascara for my lashes as it did absolutely nothing for them sadly and did in fact give me very sore eyes as I am very sensitive, but if oodles of volume is your thing then you shall love it I am sure. Proves my point of how mascara is such a hit for some and miss for others. I am glad I tried it out as at least it's another one crossed off my list and onto the next!
Mintd Box, February Self Love
So who said the month of love couldn't be about all of us?! A great 'you time' kit in the most luxurious of ways .. maybe just add in some champers for effect. The stars of the show for me are Aromatherapy Associates, Ameliorate and Therapie as all of these guarantee your body gets some serious VIP treatment. 

This box is available now online at and you can get Free Delivery on your first box when you sign up using the promo code WELCOME17; Mintd Box ship to UK, W Europe, North America and Australia. 

Invest in you.
Sending you all lots of love! 💞