19 February 2017

Hourglass • GIRL Lip Stylo

Hourglass has to be one of my favourite luxury make-up brands having fallen in love with their blushers and powders and as any Hourglass fan shall know, their palettes are always amazing which is why they sell out fast because they are 100% worth the hype. When I heard news on the grapevine that they were launching a new lip line, the lipstick addict in me got very excited. I was even more excited when three of the shades showed up at my door for me to review. Best day ever are the words I think I quoted?

"There is no better product than a lipstick to remind us to use our voices, fuel our passions, drive a purpose and make a change" - Hourglass

Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo is a new, permanent line comprising of twist up, jumbo sized lip crayons available in 20 shades, 10 neutrals and 10 bolds. All the shade names are a reminder that we are all a catalyst for good. I really love this highly motivational campaign as we all know the power of a lipstick and how wearing a shade can totally change how you feel. 

Hourglass, GIRL Lip Stylo
Hourglass, GIRL Lip Stylo
Hourglass, GIRL Lip Stylo
Hourglass, GIRL Lip Stylo
Lip Stylo gives you the intensity of a lipstick all with the feel of a balm to give the look of softer, fuller lips. The silky, lightweight formula is hydrating with a lustrous finish and contains a blend of Shea Butter, Jojoba, Mimosa and Sunflower to nourish dry lips and leave a balmy finish whilst being free from Parabens, Sulphates and Phthalates. The shaped tip allows for precise application with no sharpening needed. 

I have the shades Creator, Influencer and Leader ... 

Hourglass, GIRL Lip Stylo
Hourglass, GIRL Lip Stylo
Hourglass, GIRL Lip Stylo
Influencer • A soft, medium Brown with subtle rosy undertones. (link!)
Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo, Influencer
Creator • A muted pink with neutral warm undertones. (link!)
Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo, Creator
Leader • A bright, medium dark Fuchsia pink with subtle cool undertones. (link!)
Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo, Leader
Hourglass, GIRL Lip Stylo
Hourglass, GIRL Lip Stylo
Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo
So what do I think? ...
First things first, the packaging. You have to agree that they look absolutely stunning! The weighted, luxurious casing beats all other crayon lipsticks in my opinion like the Clinique Chubby sticks and even the new Chanel Le Rouge Crayons and being the huge Chanel lover I am, that takes a lot for me to say. In fact I passed on the Chanel crayons as the packaging was a tad cheap by Chanel standards and the Hourglass Stylo's give you a lot more product and for less money too.

One thing to note about the Houglass packaging is that they do have clickable caps which means that you must make sure you have wound the product right down before you click the cap back on or you shall dent the top of the lipstick which shall ruin the tip and we all know how annoying that can be! 

I was so surprised at how pigmented they were seeing as they feel so creamy and balm like but still manage to cover the lip fully. They are very buildable which enables you to customise your desired lip look to day or night. They don't really have a scent or taste to them which shall appeal to those who get put off by sweet scented lip products. The neutral shades obviously needed building up more than the bright shades to intensify the colour but all shades left no heavy stain on my lips when they were removed as I personally hate when products do that. As for wear time, I found that on me they lasted a good 3/4 hours before a touch up was needed which I think is really good going for crayon lipstick. They did make my lips more plumped I have to say (always a big fan of that) and they felt very hydrated.

The colour range is fabulous and out of the three I have, Leader is by far my favourite, although I have been wearing Creator a lot as it is such an everyday 'grab and go' shade! I already have a few other shades on my shopping list, especially Lover, a bright orange red that is so my kind of summer shade. I think the whole line will really work with many skin tones and definitely 100% worth investing in.

The matte lip trend has been huge over the past few months, of which I am a very big fan of as they tend to last longer on the lips, but it is very refreshing to have a new line that offers that same high coverage that we all look for but in a more natural, every day way. 

Hourglass, GIRL Lip Stylo
In short, I am massive fan. A lip product that delivers full colour, high coverage, all with the feel of a luxurious lip balm. So ideal for all year round and with such a modern colour range, I think these shall appeal to us all, especially as they carry such a positive, fun attitude to all of us GIRL'S! Hourglass have even asked us all to upload a selfie to their website wearing your chosen shade using #GIRLFORGOOD, Recognition, Not Competition. Share away [here] as I have done with the Leader i.e. my go to shade! 

Available online here priced at £26/$32 each.
Have you tried them? 


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