The Autumn/Winter has definitely made a grand entrance because I am certainly feeling the effects of the season change. Having been struck down with the usual cold/flu bugs that circle every year, my body has been suffering. My 'non existent' immune system has had it's work cut out and with all the medications taken, my body and skin has suffered a few set backs. This means pulling out all the stops to get it back to it's happy, normal self. 

Welcome in my Fairy God Mother, in the form of this month's Mintd Box and it's Winter Skincare Hydration theme. Always one step ahead of the game in predicting what our skin shall be needing month after month. 

Last months stunning Mintd box became a sell out in the first few weeks [here] and if you aren't familiar with what I am talking about then Mintd Box are a monthly or bi-monthly (the choice is yours) luxury beauty subscription that sources exceptional high end, luxury brands so that every month or two, you receive a selection of 4/5 full sized beauty products. Their team of London Beauty Experts ensure that the products are in tune with global trends and your personal preference. Mintd Box aim to inspire and encourage women to reveal their inner beauty through discovering new brands. In my opinion, the only beauty box that is worth knowing about. Mintd Box always deliver a gold star service with the latest A-listers in beauty. 

Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration
Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration
We all know that a drop in temperature results in us putting on the central heating, taking hot showers, sitting under warm air fans to then go back out into the cold. This plays havoc with our hair, skin and nails as we lose moisture this then results in a dry, dehydrated state. Mintd Box have carefully put together a super moisturising, protecting, brightening, exfoliating and repairing group of the best skincare products of the moment to relieve our winter skin stresses. Yessss to that! 

This months Winter Skincare Hydration kit holds 4 full sizes and 1 deluxe size, from rich moisturisers, shower creams, hand and face treatments to lip balms - this has got winter covered. All brands are stocked in luxury stores such as Harrods, Selfridges, Net-A-Porter and Liberty of London. As always, your products are wrapped up beautifully to make receiving your box a truly luxe experience every month.  

Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration
Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration
Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration
Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration
Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration
The Luxury Contents:-
1. African Botanics Shower Cream (Full Size £41)
2. Evidens The Rich Cream (Deluxe Size £47)
3. Magic Stripes Hand Repairing Gloves (Full Size £28)  
4. Aromatherapy Associates Lip Balm  (Full Size £16)
5. Patchology Flash Masque Trio (Full Size at £21)

This box has a combined value of over £153/€172 for which you only pay £65/€73 per month or bi-monthly giving you an enormous £88/€99 saving as opposed to buying all products individually. This really is such a massive saving, plus you get 10% your first order with the code 10OFF1STDC!

So let's have a look at each product included in this months very much needed Winter Skincare Hydration box ...

Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration, African Botanics Shower Cream
1. African Botanics Shower Cream (Full Size £41) link!
Plantes D'Afrique Shower Cream is a luxury antioxidant rich body cleanser with wild harvested botanicals that soften, smooth and soothe your skin such as Marula, Shea Bitter, Green Rooisboos and Lemongrass. Infused with crushed Baobab Fruit and Volcanic Lava minerals, this very creamy formula polishes and refines the skin in the body to protect the skins moisture barrier as well as boosting circulation, purifying, tightening and toning. It is free from parabens, preservatives and chemicals. Basically it is all singing, all dancing, pure luxury.

When I saw this inside my box I got very excited as African Botanics is a brand that I have been seeing pop up a lot over the past few weeks, intriguing me to try the brand out so this was a real bonus. This product is basically like showering with a very luxe body moisturiser as it feels like a body cream so I knew that my dry skinned body was going to lap this up. I am totally a shower person as I only take baths when I am sick or need some comfort and even then, ten minutes sitting in a bath is plenty enough for me. There aren't many luxury shower products out there I have to admit that make showering just as luxurious as bathing so this has now ticked a box under that category. Showering can now be just as luxe. This cream feels so comforting and nourishing on the body I can feel the goodness that it is doing whilst I massage away the dead skin. It smells beautiful and you really feel you are giving your body a moisture treat. This is a real multi-tasker for the times when we need the need to pull out al the stops. Now I know most of you shall be thinking this is a very expensive shower product and way out of your usual budget perhaps which makes Mintd Box even more greater value and a great way of trying something you would maybe have not purchased for yourself. I personally don't think I would have made the splurge on this product myself had I not tried it but now that I have, it has excited me enough to want to explore the brand more. 

Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration, Evidens the Rich Cream
Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration, Evidens the Rich Cream
2. Evidens Rich Cream (Deluxe Size £47) link!
This very rich, non oily moisturiser is designed to make the skin supple and radiant providing deep nourishment, protection from the cold and pollution to smooth out wrinkles. It contains some powerful ingredients such as Triple Collagen, Co-Enzyme Q10, Amino Acids, Mulberry Root, Jojoba Oil, Meadowsweet to make the skin look flawless, radiant and nourished when our environment battles against us. 

I was introduced to this ever so luxe brand by last month's Essential Beauty Sleep Kit Mind Box [here] and since then I  knew I was going to love anything that came from them. Being normal/combination skin type, I still like something rich at night to give my skin as much hydration as possible as I do get very dehydrated come the winter time. It has a rich, whipped consistency so only a little is needed but it is not oily so it sinks into the skin beautifully and instantly feels comforting. I save this for when I need it rather than using it all the time as this little pot is a little gem, being worth £47 as a full size retails for £235! Again this is one of those products that I would have not just gone and bought for myself so having the opportunity to try this is brilliant. Another bonus to why Mintd Box is so good. 

Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration, Magicstripes Hand Repair Gloves
Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration, Magicstripes Hand Repair Gloves
3. Magic Stripes Hand Repairing Gloves (Full Size £28) link!
These very unique Hand Repairing Gloves are designed to moisturise the hands being enriched with natural extracts, active molecules, shea butter and olive oil (sounds good hey?!). They help to stimulate the skins renewal process to help firm, soften and add moisture. Age spots are claimed to be bleached away and the appearance of lines and wrinkles reduced as well as providing sun protection. Thats a lot of things for a pair of gloves to be doing! 

Out of the whole box, this is what actually excited me the most as I love a fun beauty item. In the box you get three pairs of gloves which is great but I knew that they needed to be used wisely and only when I really needed their help. I get very dry hands come the winter and because I do wash up and do chores daily (poor cinders) my hands dry out even more. I do though use hand cream regularly, but sometimes forget I must admit until its too late and then are suddenly dry. These are so fun, kind of like a sheet mask but for the hands. I have used them once, as like I said, I need to ration them, but I think these are something that we all would benefit from using as like a face mask, it forces you to have a little rest for 20 minutes at least and let your hands get some pampering as lets face it, they do get neglected so they are in need of some major TLC. Such a great idea and a fantastic way of getting some high tech ingredients into your skin. We have all seen how sheet masks have taken off over the last year and hands if not taken care of, can seriously age you so this is a great addition to any beauty routine. 

Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration, Aromatherapy Associates Lip Balm
4. Aromatherapy Associates Lip Balm  (Full Size £16) link!
Aromatherapy Associates is the ultimate luxury brand when it comes to aromatherapy and essential oils and this balm helps to protect and hydrate the lips using a blend of plant oils and butters along with Calendula to soothe, scented with Cocoa Butter, Vanilla and Ginger. 

I am a huge Aromatherapy Associates fan so again when I saw that another AA product was included in this months box, as was in last month's, I got very excited as their products never disappoint. This is a very light balm so for those who hate the feel of lip balms for being too heavy, greasy or glossy then this shall be one you will love. It really is very light weight but rich enough to make your lips feel fully hydrated. I really love the fresh subtle scent of ginger that I get when I smell this. The pot itself is a very cute portable size, perfect enough to get your finger inside to apply but small enough to happily fit inside your make up bag or hand bag. I just wished AA has put their logo on the lid itself so everyones knows its no ordinary balm, but a very luxe one! (It's just the little things that please sometimes lol). 

Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration, Patchology Flash Masque Trio
5. Patchology Flash Masque Trio (Full Size at £21) link!
A trio of 5 minute sheet masks from Patchology that treat and pamper the skin for a flash facial when time is not on your side. 1 x Exfoliate, 1 x Hydrate and 1 x Illuminate, the choice is yours! 

As I mentioned before the sheet mask has really come into its own as we are all crazy about them. The fact that we have 3 here to try is amazing. Sheet masks are usually left on for about 20 mins plus so they can work their magic but the unique thing about Patchology Flash Facial masks is that they work in just 5 minutes, hence the name! I think this is a superb concept and so ideal as surely we can all allocate 5 mins to be able to pop a mask on when our skin is calling for a little help?! I am saving these for a well needed pamper night because if you read my blog then you shall know, I love a face mask! I do set time aside to do them twice weekly and having a wardrobe of face masks to suit a time scale is the perfect solution for us all. These make the perfect pre-party pick me up especially as we are heading into the biggest party season of them all; very well timed I say! 

Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration
Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration
So that has all the parts of the body that need the most hydration covered I would say, wouldn't you?! This months box is a great way of trying those brands that you would not usually splurge on and a remedy box to cure all your skin hydration issues. 

With the C-thing (Christmas) here next month, you could even split up your boxes (if you can bear to let go of any items) and use the products as gifts because they would make anyones day to receive. Cheryl and the Mintd Team have done it again and made every beauty lovers month! 

Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration
Visit to get your very own Winter Hydration Skincare Box and use the promo code 10OFF1STDC for 10% off just for being a reader of my blog (not sponsored you know the drill by now!). Mintd Box Ships to UK, W Europe, US and CA Australia.

Last months box SOLD out in its first two weeks so don't delay should you want this box and make your winter body feel like it's summer again!

What do you think of this month's box? Do you have a favourite Winter skincare product?