Makeup Favourites 
We are now well into June, anyone know how that happened?! My how this year is flying. My birthday month of May held a lot of make-up stars as I had quite the social calendar so found myself reaching for some star products that made the task in hand of 'making-up' a lot easier. There is a real mix of old and new here  as I am sure I have talked about a few of these items before but nonetheless, I am loving them all.

Makeup Favourites 
Dior Nude Air Glow Powder 004
1. Dior Nude Air Glow Powder 004 link!
From the Milky Dots Summer 2016 collection, this illuminating powder not only looks incredibly stunning but it works in the same way too. You can't escape the beauty of this product as Dior really do know how to draw us in and capture our attentions. This is the perfect powder to just instantly add a little 'something something' to your complexion. As this has a blush shade to it, I use it mostly on my cheeks to add warmth and glow when you maybe want to go easy on the cheeks. It works perfectly in giving you a summer glow that took you no time at all. If you want to see more and read more about this then check out my recent blog post here.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, Pearl
2. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl link!
I got this mini size last year in a limited edition trio set and if you don't know of this product then you should. It is a liquid highlighter that gives glow to the skin like no other. You can mix little of this in with your foudantion to give a subtle all over glow or use just on the highpoints of our face (under or over foundation) depending on the intensity of glow that you like. I tend to stick with more peachy, golden glow shades but if you want that real pop of highlight then this whiter shade is what you need to achieve that look, hence I have been using this on the tops of my cheeks for the ultimate glow and my god, its stunning! It blends so easily without disturbing your foundation. Becca do this in a powder version too which I have talked about many a time as I did in this favourites blog post here. They make some of the best highlighters in my opinion so if your looking for a great highlight, then try Becca. 

Burberry makeup, runway palette
Burberry makeup, runway palette
3. Burberry Spring/Summer Runway Highlighting Palette, 01 White link!
You can tell summer is here by the highlighting theme that's going on but lets face it, we have become a beauty community obsessed by highlighters. Now after drooling over this highlighter for months on end and accepting that I had missed out on it, I spotted it at an airport so it was at last mine. If you see this palette, may I suggest you do the same and grab it as it is still very much in demand! Burberry is a brand that has stolen my heart of late as the products are of super high quality and perform amazingly well. The classy, chic, gunmetal, burberry imprinted packaging is a thing of beauty alone. Now as I said above this white highlight shade doesn't look like talc on the face let me assure you, it just gives a real intense highlight look of which I don't own many this shade, so this was the perfect addition for times when I want my highlight to say, yes I am here. You can of course apply this powder as light or as heavy as you like to achieve the intensity you want but layered over the previous Becca liquid highlight gives the ultimate 'cheeks on fleek' look. Enough said. 

Sephora 10hr Fix and Correct Concealer
Sephora 10hr Fix and Correct Concealer
4. Sephora 10hr Fix & Correct Concealer #13 link!
This was an impulse buy from Sephora as I simply liked the idea of this. It is a double ended retractable concealer stick designed to camouflage dark circles and blemishes. It is said to contain salicylic acid to help fight acne, but this shall be a very small amount. This is full coverage, totally matte and stays put without any creasing. Now I dont use this for that reason as I have found my own use for this. It makes the best lip and eyebrow tidy-up product and brow highlight! I simply take the fine end and line under my brows and above to enhance and shape them after I have filled them in with my Anastasia Brow Wiz. It blends really well and does not move. The wider end is a little too dry for the eye area I feel but is  great for spots or any imperfections that need disguising. Ultimately, my fave trick for getting your eyebrows looking super groomed. 

MAC indianwood paint pot
5. MAC Pro-Longwear PaintPot in Indianwood link!
An old favourite of mine which never fails to give me a super fast bronze eye look. This is a stunning golden bronze, cream eyeshadow that works perfectly used alone or as a base for any golden bronze eye look. This literally takes seconds to apply! I use my fingers to pack it on then blend with a fluffy brush and with just a couple coats of mascara your eyes are done should you be after a fast make-up. I have used this on and off for years now and it is still one of my favourite cream shadows of all time as this colour is just so perfect on so many skin tones and works especially well on blue eyes as it makes them truly pop. I posted a 5 minute eye look sometime ago here using this exact shadow. It is one of those shades that works well with everything else so a must have shade to have in your collection. 

Makeup forever 13 aqua cream
6. Make-Up Forever Aqua Cream #13 link!
I have used this no 13 waterproof cream eyeshadow for a few years now and again have spoken about it in the past but this is the easiest eyeshadow to use and my most used cream eyeshadow. This one pot has lasted me well over a year and isn't even close to hitting pan. It is a pretty rose gold, champagne shade that makes the perfect base to all powder shadows. I gives like a metallic foil effect to the eye and is stunning worn alone with a few coats of mascara for a summer beach look, that wont budge all day long as it is waterproof so swimming is no issue for this eyeshadow. This is one of those shades that is just a staple to my make-up collection like the above one. 

Armani Eye Tint 11
7. Giorgio Armani Eye Tint #11 link!
You can see my theme can't you? Another golden, rose gold shade but this has a real hint of pink that runs through it that literally glistens in the light and looks so sparkly in a non glittery way. I have raved about these eye tints in the past as I think they are one of my favourite Armani make-up items as they are incredible. They feel wet when you apply them then dry to a powder that does not fade, crease, or move the entire time you wear it. It's magical. The shades in the collection are all divine but this is a great shade to wear as base or alone for an easy eye. Perfect for the summer months when you want your make-up to last all day long and although a tad pricey, worth the investment as they wont let you down. See below swatches of all the above ... 

Eye Swatches
TooFaced Melted lipstick Chihuahua
TooFaced Melted lipstick Chihuahua
8. Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Chihuahua link!
Recently featured in my Too Faced post here this shade really surprised me as I didn't think I would like it at all until I featured it in this Chocolate look above and fell in love. It's the kind of shade that works for both summer and winter and I for one like the melted line of lipsticks.    If your after a deep brown berry nude (if that makes sense?!) then check this one out!

Burberry Kisses Rose Pink #33
Burberry Kisses Rose Pink #33
9. Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Rose Pink #33 link!
I can see myself already having a serious Burberry lipstick addiction (as well as the rest of the makeup line) as the shades in the collection are all stunning. I love to change up my lip colour daily as I tend to always stick with neutrals on my eyes so my lips and nails are where I can play with colour. I am much more of a pink nude fan as I like a pop of colour and this is the prettiest pink nude that I have seen of late, other than my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect. The formulation of these lipsticks is simply divine, so hydrating, pigmented and who can argue that the packaging is a thing of beauty. Nothing not to like here and surely a must have shade.

Clarins Instant Light #2
10. Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector #2 link!
This cross between a lip shade, gloss and balm has been my cherry on the cake when it comes to my lip combinations because whatever shade I choose this always seems to go over the top as its the perfect natural looking gloss that just gives that sexy plumpness to your lips to make them look extra kissable whilst keeping them hydrated. Again I have mentioned this time and time again but month after month this is a staple for my lips. If your yet to discover this product then check it out as there are so many shades and they are one of the best lip products by far. They are not tacky, sticky, or slippery but just the perfect balm, gloss and colour all rolled into one. 

Lip swatches
makeup favourites
As you can tell, all summer inspired makeup products this month! I am currently testing a lot of new skincare lines and products so I guarantee there shall be some skincare stars heading your way next month! 

Anything catch your eye from my stars above?