1 July 2015

Star Products of the Month • June

June Beauty Favourites
Can you believe we are already at the end of June and now into July? It has been almost a year since I got married which is crazy, where does time go like seriously?! End of month means it's time for another round up of what products I have reached for with joy and delight as remember, your products should excite you when you use them and these little beauties have most certainly done that for me. A lot of make-up this month, but we all know I am a tad make-up obsessed so thats hardly surprising is it?! First up ... 

Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet
Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet
1. Body Shop 'Fuji Green Tea' Body Sorbet link!
I have to say the Body Shop are on fire this summer with so many amazing new product launches and new scents, they really have nailed it on the exciting and innovative front. One of the most recent scent ranges is Fuji Green Tea which smells incredible and is the nicest green tea scent that I have found so far as it's so gentle and light making it the perfect daily body scent. It reminds me of the classic Elizabeth Arden Green Tea but find that I actually prefer this Body Shop version. One product that caught my eye was this body sorbet as it is unlike any body lotion I have tried before. It's a thick clear gel (which does look just like sorbet) but with a totally satin finish that leaves your skin feeling quite matte and non-sticky whilst keeping it really hydrated. It's really unique and feels quite strange when you first apply it as it goes into almost a powder finish when you rub into the skin. Your skin smells amazing afterwards though as the scent really holds and you get a waft constantly throughout the day. I am addicted to this range as well as the Argan Oil and Mojito - oh my god they are in-credible! If you haven't tried them do check them out, especially this body sorbet as I guarantee you shall be walking away with a new body treat when you do.

Benefit They're Real mascara, They're Real push up gel liner
2. Benefit They're Real Push-Up Gel Liner & They're Real Mascara link! & link!
Those who read my blog often shall know that I have reviewed both of these products on my blog some time ago and always rave about They're Real mascara as it is my holy grail and ultimately 'the best mascara in the world'. For some reason I had recently neglected using my matching gel liner and with Benefit launching a whole new collection of new shades in the 'They're Real' range, made me get back to using it and I have fallen in love with it all over again. Both products hold and stay put amazingly well especially in summer when humidity and heat are your worst enemy, especially here in Monaco where the humidity has been hellish but with these makeup weapons your make-up is staying put. Need I say more!

Chanel Mediteranee 707 Nail Polish
3. Chanel #707 Mediterranee Nail Polish link!
Again being a monthly favourite I have written a full post about this limited edition Chanel Mediterranee Collection because this screams Summer in the Med! I love experimenting with nail colours as they are an easy accessory to wear and change up. I love this shade and have been wearing it lots this month as I find it really compliments a lot of outfits and make-up looks. If you fancy a change from your normal go to nail shade then try this one out as there are many dupes around if you can't get hold of this exact one. 

Nails Inc Optic Nail Polish
4. Nails Inc Optic Collection Nail Colour in Optic Flame link!
Now this was a surprise find whilst back in the UK shopping in Boots as at the time this was free, yes free with the purchase of the new Colgate Max White Optic toothpaste. What an amazing deal as Nails Inc nail polishes are way more expensive than a tube of toothpaste! As a new Colgate launch they collaborated with Nails Inc and had three shades to match the toothpaste box (coral red, royal blue & white) which is a genius idea that worked to make me buy their toothpaste - which is pretty damn good by the way and highly recommend! I opted for this bright coral red as you can never have enough of these shades and alongside the Chanel polish above these have been my two go to nail shades of the month. The shade really compliments my favourite lipstick below making them the perfect summer duo. 

YSL 52 rouge pur couture lipstick
YSL 52 rouge pur couture lipstick
5. YSL Rouge Pur Couture #52 link! & link!
I really didn't need to buy another lipstick did I but I blame this purchase on my mother-in-law because whilst helping her choose a new YSL lip shade, I came across this stunning shade. According to the YSL consultant, this is YSL's best selling lip colour worldwide and in Korea it is the most popular lipstick as they love the Geisha look. This kind of bright coral/red shade is my signature lip colour as it always makes me feel 'dressed' and much brighter. The formulation has an SPF15 to protect the lips, is very rich in colour, really creamy, very hydrating with a radiant satin finish that lasts really well but will need a little topping up after eating. The Chanel lipstick I mentioned recently in a blog post is very similar to this shade but is a matte finish instead of a satin. They are a tad pricy but I am a sucker for gorgeous packaging just like Chanel as their so chic and stylish but ultimately you do get what you pay for so very much worth treating yourself too. 

MAC Lasting Sensation Lip Pencil
MAC Lasting Sensation Lip Pencil
6. MAC Lip Pencil in Lasting Sensation link!
I love MAC lip liners as they always have the best choice of colours that can all be worn alone all over the lip, underneath a lipstick or just simply as a lip liner. They are so easy to apply being super soft and very long lasting. This shade is such a gorgeous bright coral that is stunning on the lips and works really well with the YSL lipstick above, hence being my fave lip combo of the month! 

You can me see in my Instagram pic wearing the nail and lip combo below .... complete with 'muscle man' ;-) Are you following me on Instagram?

June Beauty Favourites
Let me know if you give any of my monthly stars a try or if they are your favourite too ;-)

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