French pharmacy best buys
French pharmacies are like no other pharmacy you have ever visited before. Forget medicines and tablets, we are talking skincare heavenThe shelves are stacked floor to ceiling with the most incredible french skincare brands and lets face it, the french know how to do skincare really well. They certainly are a reason why I love living here on the French Riviera as well as the sun, sea and Sephora of course. I have always been a skincare addict from my very early teens and grew up to know the importance of taking care of your skin. You only get one, so best you take care of it! 
I have become very familiar with pharmacies having lived here for over 5 years now and it is so nice to be able to take a gamble with products and find out what suits you purely by trial and error because the great thing is that they stock products to suit every budget, so you don't have to spend a fortune to get something really amazing. I have a few gold star products that I continuously repeat purchase as I often get asked what pharmacy products I love, so here are a few that I swear by so if you happen to stumble into one anytime soon then I highly recommend you try these out!

French pharmacy best buys, Uriage, La Roche-Posay Anthelios
Uriage BariéSun Spf30 • Face/Body 100ml (assorted factors)
A fantastic daily sunscreen that my husband uses especially on his face as his outdoor yacht shows call for a good sunscreen! I used to only ever use Institute Esterderm as I believe in using only the best but since being in Monaco I have learnt that practically any sunscreen brand here is pretty darn amazing regardless of the cost because they do skincare so well. A very inexpensive all rounder for any time of year. 

La Roche Posay Ultra Light Spray Spf30 • Body (or I use spf50) 200ml link!
I have only used this recently because it claimed to be a light spray and I wanted a sunscreen that I could use daily alongside a body lotion, should I wish to and then get dressed without feeling tacky and this one ticks those boxes. This lotion itself is super light, really hydrating, easy to apply and protects my skin on a daily basis perfectly. This has been a dream to use and leaves no excuse not to be wearing sunscreen. 

Anthelios XL Dry Touch Gel Cream Spf 50 • Face 50ml link!
The face version of the above is again very lightweight and perfect for everyday wear. It comes in different textures i.e fluid, cream, gel cream, rich cream, tinted cream etc to suit your skin type perfectly. I am using the gel cream version which gives a natural healthy look to your skin and is perfect for my normal/combination skin. I love this as you feel very protected all day long and it doesn't interfere with your makeup one little bit. 

I don't mess about when it comes to Sunscreen because its very important! 

French pharmacy best buys, Bioderma, La Roche Posay Eau Thermale, Caudalie Toner
La Roche Posay Eau Thermale • Face/Body Spritz link!
This is one of those multi-use spritzes that helps irritated skin by calming and soothing and refreshes your skin in humid climates. I love these sprays for when you suddenly turn into a 'hot mess'  as it feels so heavenly sprayed all over the face and body making you feel and look a little more human again. It's also a great and cheap tool for setting your make-up!

Caudalie Moisturizing Toner 400ml link!
I recently mentioned this in my latest May Faves post as I am totally addicted to this toner. I have always loved using toners as they are an important skincare step but this one makes my skin feel so hydrated, feel super smooth and helps keep it looking clear. This larger size lasts for ages so its much better value if you can get your hands on one.

Biodermea Micellaire Water 500ml link!
The famous cleansing water that is quite hard to find outside of France without it costing you at least double the price. It is the BEST eye make-up remover (slash) cleansing water I have ever used in my life as it's special formulation makes taking off any type of makeup a doodle and cleanses without leaving any horrible tackiness or oiliness on the skin. It is more cost effective to buy the larger 500ml size as most pharmacies sell it in a duo pack which shall last you a good while! It is not the easiest thing to load in your suitcase should you wish to travel but it does come in smaller sizes. Ultimately 100% worth stocking up on and trying out! Great news is that Feel unique now it online in the smaller sizes - link above! 

French pharmacy best buys, La Roche Posay Effaclar, Caudalie Eau de beaute
La Roche Posay Effaclar Puryifying Gel Cleanser link!
This is my favourite facial wash that comes on my travels everywhere with me in this mini travel size. It is such a lovely gentle foaming face wash for anyone with normal/combination/oily skin as it makes your skin feel so clean and fresh without stripping any of your natural oils away. Perfect for the summer when skin can become more oiler than usual and I for one love it. 

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo 40 ml link!
I have raved about this in previous blog posts and in my Instagram pics as again this is one skincare item I could hand on heart not live without. This moisturiser/treatment is my secret weapon to keeping my skin nice and calm when mother natures calls causes the hormones to go crazy and the skin to act up. I seriously think this has magical powers because it really is amazing stuff for keeping skin clear and I cannot recommend it enough if you need to normalise your skin, clear those pores and keep your skin happy.

Caudalie Eau De Beauté • Beauty Elixir 30ml (travel size) link!
Another cult product that is well known in skincare circles as this somewhat magical skincare potion helps to add radiance and give life back to the skin all in a few spritzes. Use it when you feel you need a little perking up or in place of your daily toner and it shall revive your skin and make it feel all lovely. I always keep this mini size in my stocks as it the ideal handbag essential. 

French pharmacy best buys, La Roche Posay Serozinc, Bioderma Hydrabio
La Roche Posay Serozinc Spray 150ml link!
I have become to notice that I do love a spritz don't I?! They are just so easy to use and a simple skincare weapon thats why. Serozinc is a perfect mattifying tool if you find your skin gets shiny or oily. Use this as your toner as it helps to calm your skin and keep it looking more matte. I always get an oily t-zone, especially in summer so I find this contributes to keeping it less shiny. Such a worthy product that can again be used as a make-up setting spray if you want something thats affordable and effective. 

Bioderma Hydrabio Créme Légére • Light Cream 40ml link!
I initially bought this moisturiser to add some extra hydration into my skin during the winter months when it gets dehydrated but this is a really good all rounder for any time of year. If your skin is very dry then there is a riche version as this is a cream gel and very light. Hydrabio adds moisture and radiance into your skin making it feel nice and comfortable so again simple, effective, affordable with no fuss.

French pharmacy best buys, Klorane, Mixa
Klorane Mango Butter Conditioning Balm 150ml link!
I haven't tried many hair products from Klorane but I just loved the sound of this conditioner hence why I bought it. Doesn't Mango Butter sound good and like something you would want to put in your hair? I sure thought so! For days when you want a nice easy, detangling, nourishing conditioner that doesn't cost the earth (less than £5!) and one that shall make your hair smell really nice too, then here is your guy! This is always in my bathroom cabinet. 

Mixa Effect Soilel, Gradual Tanning Lotion (darker shade) 
Now this is technically a supermarket item but some pharmacies do sell it and never the less its very affordable. Mixa is a simple gradual tanning lotion that develops to give you a healthy looking tan. As gradual tanners go, you get the most gorgeous, natural looking tan from this one and is one of the nicest I have used. So many of my friends use this one in France and always look like they have a 'real med tan'. Fake it, don't bake it.

French pharmacy best buys, Nuxe reve de miel lip balm
Nuxe Réve de Miel Lip Balm link!
Again I have raved about this before in other blog posts as not a day goes by where I don't apply this lip balm to my lips. This sits by my bedside where I apply it each night without fail before I go to sleep and have not suffered with dry or chapped lips since using this. It's a matte balm that's not sticky or shiny and very easy to apply under lipstick or wear it just on its own (especially for males). I actually went away on holiday recently and took another brand of lip balm with me and for the first time in forever I got dry lips. This proves that this little guy is the only balm to be used - I cannot live without this!

French pharmacy best buys, Cino Cino mosquito spray
Cino Tropic Mosquito Spray - A must! 
Now if you are visiting the SOF in summer then you shall no doubt need to be armed against mosquitos. Each year they feast on me like they are at an all day buffet so I have to be armed in any way that I can be. Apart from having every plug socket at home taken up by an anti-mossie device, the best defence is this heavy duty Cino tropic spray. It is the best 'high strength' anti-mossie bite weapon that you can get and I recommend that you do. It's not super cheap but it works and you shall thank your lucky stars for having used it. If you do get bitten then go and buy a roll on called AfterPick as it's the best serum for helping heal a mossie bite fast.

French Pharmacy Best Buys 2015
Good news! A lot of online beauty sites such as Feel Unique now stock many French Pharmacy brands as they know how popular and amazing they are - links are included in this post should you wish to see!

If you happen to travel anywhere within France or Paris and plan to visit a french pharmacy then do check out some of my recommendations and let me know what you think! (I have a Monaco and French Pharmacy guide of the best places to shop coming soon!)