Just when I swore I was done ordering any more beauty subscription boxes along comes Look Fantastic, one of my favourite online beauty shopping websites with a new version that's not a subscription service. Seeing as I spend half my life on their website I thought this has to be a 'goodie' as Look Fantastic stock over 400 beauty brands across make-up, haircare, nails, electrical, natural, body care; so you know that the products you receive are going to be luxurious, unique and appeal to many tastes.

I have mentioned before in previous posts about how many beauty box subscriptions there are, so trying to choose the best one can be tricky. The best thing about this LFBeautyBox and what sets it aside from all others is that you don't have to sign up to a monthly contract, you can just choose to purchase the box! Look fantastic shall issue limited numbers each month so you can just go onto their website and buy a beauty box. Do bear in mind that these boxes sell fast so make sure you order quick for the month as apparently one is sold very minuteIf you do prefer a sign up then there is also an option to pre-order in 3, 6 and 12 month periods.

Each box shall always contain no less than 6 must have beauty products worth £48 all for the price of just £15 including P&P with free world-wide delivery! (€20/$24). Now you can see why I was sold.

This is what February's Look Fantastic Beauty Box looks Like ...

Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Look Fantastic Beauty Box
The box itself is a lot deeper than most other beauty boxes which is much better for using afterwards as make-up or beauty storage! 

Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Look Fantastic Beauty Box

This months box is filled with 6 different beauty items from the brands Moroccan Oil, Monu, Erno Laszlo, Korres, Dr Paw Paw and BellĂ pierre cosmetics.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box, Moroccan Oil 
The famous hair oil that I personally have used up many a bottle over the years as it is an amazing conditioning treatment for any hair type. Its helps eliminate frizz, detangles and leaves your hair looking shiny and healthy. This is a retail size and just perfect for any 'on the go' or travel occasion. The box is worth it just for this product alone.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box, Dr Pawpaw balm

2. Dr PawPaw Multipurpose Soothing Balm (10ml sample size)
This is a new one to me but I am a huge fan of these types of multi-use balms as they come in such good use for any skin emergency. Made in the UK from natural ingredients including pawpaw this balm can be used on the skin, lips, hair and as a finishing product, so very multi-use. I can't wait to give it a try.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box, Korres citrus body milk

A highly moisturising body milk enriched with vitamins and elements essential to skin energy boosting providing long lasting hydration and skin suppleness. I have been a huge fan of Korres body butters and milks for years now as the Guava Body Butter is my all time fave as it smells out of this world. This is a new scent to me and smells a little like a mens aftershave but really nice smelling. Perfect for the coming summer months!

Look Fantastic Beauty Box, Enzo Laszlo black cleansing bar

This 97% natural black cleansing bar removes impurities, refines the complexion and exfoliates the skin leaving it soft and smooth. It also helps to improve circulation and clears blocked pores without stripping the skin of its natural oils. I have tried some other skincare samples from this brand but not the cleansing bar as I am not usually a fan of facial bars but its so super cute and contains all natural sea ingredients which I am always a fan of so I shall maybe try this out on a day when my skin is misbehaving and needs all hands on deck.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box, Monu illuminating primer

I was so excited to find this inside the box as I absolutely love this product! It's a fantastic make-up primer thats combined with a highlighter to give an amazing radiant glow to your skin which shows through in your base, whilst smoothing your complexion ready for your foundation. It contains SFF15 which is the perfect solution if your base doesn't have one and you like to stay protected. You can also wear this alone to give a real soft, flawless appearance to your skin. Well worth checking this one out.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box, Bellapierre cinnamon lip liner

A Mineral make-up brand that are fast growing all over the world and first impressions of this lip pencil are good. Its highly pigmented, soft and a good all round natural nude tone. It initially reminded me of MAC Soar but when I swatched this on my hand you can see its a little more brown toned but a really great everyday lip liner to own.
Look Fantastic Beauty Box, Bellapierre cinnamon lip liner

My Verdict on the LF Beauty Box ... 
A very good first impression indeed as I think it's a great mix of products and many categories are covered. I personally am happy with the Moroccan Oil and Monu Primer alone so I have value for money already. The thing with beauty boxes is that you shall never please everybody all of the time because there are many tastes to cater for but the quality and presentation is spot on, although I hate the shredded black tissue paper inside but I can live with that for the promise of receiving some real high end luxury beauty items.

The thing that I like the most is that if you really love a product inside your box then you know you can simply visit the Look Fantastic website and order it with ease and free delivery. This is where other companies fail. LF usually have some promotional code running too which means more discount! For me living abroad, this makes life simple and is one of the reasons why I use Look Fantastic so often as they are so reliable with fantastic service and simply amazing products. This is my new favourite out of all the 'beauty boxes' mainly because its a simple system and delivers some great high end products.

Another bonus about this beauty box is that you can still order the box after the contents have been disclosed, so if you don't like the surprise element and would rather wait to find out whats inside then decide if you want it, you can!

A Present for Yourself! What nicer way to treat yourself or someone else than with a hand picked, pampering beauty box delivered straight to your door with no contract or fuss - and all for just £15! I do love getting parcels, especially ones like this!

Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Order from Look Fantastic if you fancy getting your hands on this February box or the next months Look Fantastic Beauty Box! 

(Rumour has it that the March Box is worth a whopping £71.48!)