13 February 2015

Two New Mascara Discoveries • TooFaced Better than Sex & Mary Kay Lash Love

We are all unfaithful when it comes to our mascara, admit it. Even if you stick with the same brand, we all play the 'make-up field' to see what else is on offer. Mascara is that one make-up essential that most of us use everyday, so it makes sense to shop around to make sure our lashes are getting only the best. The Benefit They're Real has been my favourite mascara now since 2012 but I do confess, I have had some flings with a few other brands in between but none of them have really matched up. Saying all this though, I currently am in an open 'mascara' relationship as I have been enjoying two new ones mainly because they offer me different things. 

If volume and thickness is your thing then you shall love this ...
Too Faced Better than Sex mascara

Too Faced Better than Sex mascara
First up, Too Faced Better Than Sex - yes you read that correctly. I think I shall leave it there and let you decide on that one?! At least you remember the name of it!
It claims to give 1,944% more volume, longer lashes and dramatic lashes in just one coat. Its Hourglass shaped brush promises the perfect silhouette shape that separates, coats, curls and volumises. Its Intense black, smudge-proof formula guarantees to nourish and thicken your lashes aswell as lock your curl in place.

Big claims there, so does it? I have a mini size tube and aside from the name, it was the pretty packaging that really made me want to try it. The pale pink chrome tube with its name discreetly embossed down the side screams style and elegance. The brush did look a little scary as it is so big and with a lot of product packed on so I did wipe some excess off before applying to my eyelashes.

I can most definitely say yes it gives loads of volume, yes it holds a curl, yes it doesn't smudge, yes it lengthens and it does all this effortlessly. It's so easy to apply and calls for no special wand movements to achieve any of these effects. It takes no time at all to get amazing volumised lashes with this mascara.

The only thing that you will either love or hate about this mascara is the fact that it's really clumpy. Even when you wipe off the excess it does clump your lashes together so you may need to use a lash comb to separate them through because trying to do this with the wand itself just causes more clumping as the formula just layers up. If you like intense, built up lashes then you shall simply love this. I think two coats is plenty enough before it  really does start to looked packed on but it does however stay nice and soft and movable on your lashes even with 2/3 coats.
Swatches Too Faced Better than Sex mascara
Swatches Too Faced Better than Sex mascara
I am a big fan of Too Faced make-up and I was initially 50/50 with this one as to whether I would go and buy a full size but the more I have used it the more I have loved it for days when I want lots of volumised lashes in quick time as this delivers them for sure. If volume and thickness is your thing then its definitely worth trying this out. Available online here priced at €25/£19.

If length and separation is more your thing then you shall love this ...
Mary Kay Lash Love mascara

Mary Kay Lash Love mascara

Next up its, Mary Kay Lash Love, as mentioned in my 2014 Beauty Favourites this was a mascara that was in a Glossybox/Birchbox and one that I had never heard off before. It was sat in my make-up drawer for a few months prior to me using it because to be honest the packaging itself was quite boring compared to all others so it didn't entice me enough to try it initially. The Mary Kay brand is like Avon, so you can only source it online or from a sales rep which is why it's a little less heard of but don't let that deter you.

It claims to lengthen, define, defend and deliver four times more volume while looking natural and soft. Its flexible, sculpted brush separates and shall evenly coat all the lashes. Its exclusive formulation also deeply conditions and strengthens the lashes to help defend against breakage.

Well a big yes to all the above, apart from being super volumising as this one compared to the other gives what I would call a normal amount of volume. Its fantastic at separating and lengthening lashes and makes them look incredibly defined, so much so that one day I even got asked what falsies I was wearing! Don't you love that when you can truthfully say "none, they are all mine"! It may not look that fancy but it sure does work and without any flaking or smudging and more importantly no clumping! One tube has lasted me several months now thanks to its soft formula that doesn't dry up and its very inexpensive at around £10/$15 which is superb value for money.

Mary Kay Lash Love is brilliant and it so reminds me of Lancome Definicils mascara which I have loved for many years, so if your on a bit of a budget then this one is much more purse friendly! I am definitely sold on this as I have since bought two more, one for me and one for my mum who is also now a Lash Love convert. Check out Mary Kay here to find a stockist or try on amazon as they sell it at a great price!
Mary Kay Lash Love mascara

Both of these mascaras hold a curl really well but to ensure this I always use my Shu Uemura eyelash curlers beforehand as they are in my opinion, by far the best and wouldn't be without mine. They are pricey compared to other cheaper brands but I assure you, they last a lifetime and give the most perfect curl, not a crimp.

If you like a bit of everything from your mascara then do try Benefit They're Real as its a perfect all rounder! If you read my blog regularly then you shall know that I mention it a lot as I have used many a tube of it and always keep one in my make-up bag as its a sure fire staple. Read here if you want to see my review on this one.

Have a Fabu-lash Valentines weekend lash lovers <3

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