Louboutins are that not just for the feet anymore .... these iconic shoes have been transformed into a nail polish bottle. 

It has been hotly anticipated and now the time has arrived for a fashion meets beauty first - Christian Louboutin Nail Colours! Oh Yes, in case you didn't know the famous Louboutin red soles can now be worn on your nails too. I for one have been eagerly awaiting this launch as not only am I a big CL fan but I love nail polish so this was no brainer for me, even with its hefty price tag I was already sold, if not just to stare at.

If you didn't know, the famous red sole was originally born from a red nail polish so its a nice touch that he is going back to where it all started from. 

Christian Louboutin designed his first shoe in 1992 and although it was perfect he was disappointed when he saw the prototype because in his eyes, it was missing something. Whilst gazing at the shoe, he noticed his assistant painting her nails at her desk next to him. He grabbed the polish from her and began painting the sole of his shoe and there it was, in Paris, the signature red sole was born.

To Christian Louboutin, just wearing a pair of heels encourages a woman to walk slower and take in the world around here and in a different way, nail lacquer begs the wearer to enjoy the pleasure of painting her nails and savouring the vibrancy of the colour she is wearing. I agree with that statement as wearing a luxury pair of heels makes you feel special and I know I always plan my nail shade around an outfit or vice versa so they really do go hand in hand or should that be foot in hand?! 

I purchased three stunning shades from the collection (well my fab husband gifted to me) as apart from the original red, there are 30 more beautiful shades each and every one inspired by an iconic Louboutin shoe. They have been grouped into families and consist of the pops (brights), the noirs (darks) and the nudes (pastel tones). When you purchase in store you even get a mini Louboutin gift bag which excited me greatly - god I love packaging.

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish
Christian Louboutin Nail Polish
That Show-Stopping Bottle .....
The one thing you will notice about the original red shade is the bottle design as its unlike any other polish you shall ever see. The cap measures a crazy 8 inches, the same length as the heel on the Loubuoutin Ballerina Ultima Shoe. Louboutin wants to make you feel like an artist when your are painting your nails hence why its styled like a calligraphy pen. The other caps are slightly shorter but still long enough to be classed as a lethal weapon! I had issues trying to get these from the UK to France and in case you were ever thinking of taking these as a carry on item, don't! Trying to explain to airport security staff that your 8inch spike is in fact a nail polish and not a lethal weapon just isn't worth it for fear of confiscation! 

The Nail Laquer...
The classic red is designed to suit every skin tone being the most iconic shade from the collection. It states that the patented formula of all the polishes is of high gloss and chip resistant. The patented brush seems small in comparison to its bottle so best controlled by holding very close to the end nearest the brush.

Rouge Louboutin ... the Classic Red
Christian Louboutin Nail Colour Rouge

 Pluminette (the pops group) ...
Christian Louboutin Nail Colour Pluminette
Farida (the noirs group) ...
Christian Louboutin Nail Colour Farida
In my swatches I applied two coats of colour with no topcoat so you can see the incredible gloss finish it gives your nails. Immediately after one swipe of polish I noticed just how unbelievably glossy the formulation is with a real mirror shine, so much so you can even see your own reflection in your nails. Its a thick consistency thats very opaque so you could easily get away with applying just one coat of colour and your nails would still look immaculate and even skip a top coat as its SO shiny, but obviously using a topcoat shall just make it last a little longer. The quality of the nail polish is superb which is very visible from the moment you start to apply.

I found applying the polish so easy using the 8 inch spike to paint with as you really do feel like an artist painting a masterpiece, just what Mr Louboutin wanted us to feel and it worked! It now makes all my other nail polishes look rather boring and wish they all had longer handles as this is a genius design, tad impractical but genius. This has most definitely transformed nail polish bottles as we know them from now on.

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish

Are they worth the £36/$50 price tag?
Totally! If like me you are a nail addict and love CL shoes then its a no brainer but it all depends on how you regard luxury items like this. It's definitely unlike any other nail polish you will ever own and something to be cherished and put on display as it needs to be shown off, not sat in a drawer (as it wont actually fit into a normal drawer). We all know we are not initially buying them solely (excuse the pun) for the polish itself, but for the overall package that is Christian Louboutin. They do to your nails exactly what his shoes do to your feet - make them incredible. The luxury of the nail polish itself is reflected in the final finish on your nails as mine looked like a salon perfect gel manicure, unlike any other finish from other brands that I own.

They are simply beautiful inside and out and you wouldn't expect anything less from such an adventurous designer than to have such an elaborate looking nail polish. The price and luxury of these is very reminiscent of his shoes so they may be expensive but when something is as beautiful as this - then I think you can justify that price tag. 

So what's next I wonder from Louboutin Beauty? Maybe Louboutin Red Lipstick?
If so, I'm sold already.