"If eyes are the windows to your soul then eyebrows must be the curtains, so make sure they're nicely drawn" - Anastasia Soare

Anastasia Brow Wiz Dark Brown
Eyebrow pencil obsession alert ... and its very serious.
Lets face it, we are all now officially eyebrow mad in the beauty world so gone are the days of having just one eyebrow pencil to pick from. This now means not only are there tons of products for us to choose from but brands that are solely dedicated to just eyebrows. Many people didn't or still don't realise just how important your eyebrows are to your whole appearance as they are the frame to your face, so if they are groomed then your look shall be transformed. Do however avoid any scary looking fuzzy felt eyebrows as thats a look that no one can pull off, besides a cartoon character.

You shall know if you read my blog how much I love HD Brows and use my brow palette religiously but for those times when I am travelling, the HD palette just isn't the easiest thing to carry around and more for keeping on the dresser or in a kit. So in addition to that I have discovered a product that I honestly have fallen in love with for those times when you need quick, easy and portable.

The brand is Anastasia Beverley Hills, a company that is dedicated to the eyebrow. Anastasia Soare is known as the definitive eye and brow expert and has worked with many A-listers such as Madonna, Megan Fox, Heidi Klum, Penelope Cruz, Charlize Theron and many many more who have been lucky enough to be groomed by her.

Whilst I was in the USA I did a LOT of shopping in Sephora (every beauty addicts dream) and I spotted the collection from Anastasia as it's quite hard to find outside of the USA in stores and I wanted to look at the products in person. On a whim I picked up two things, Brow Wiz and Tinted Brow Gel and they have now become daily make-up staples of mine. 

Lets discuss the star product, Brow Wiz here ...
Anastasia Brow Wiz Dark Brown

Anastasia Brow Wiz Dark Brown

Anastasia Brow Wiz Dark Brown

Anastasia Brow Wiz Dark Brown

Brow Wiz comes in 7 shades and I chose the shade Brunette even though I am blonde as I like dark eyebrows and this is the perfect shade for blondes that like their brows to look darker than their hair without being too dark and with no red tones.

When using this, use short upward strokes in the direction of the hair growth and fill in gaps where necessary making sure you blend with the little comb on the other end for a very natural finish.

This seriously takes the fuss out of doing your eyebrows and transforms them in minutes. It has an ultra fine mechanical nib that shapes, fills and plumps out any sparse areas of your eyebrows. It was designed especially to avoid that 'coloured in' look as being so skinny it can mimic real hairs and with an array of shades, its perfect for all hair shades.  It even has a handy brow comb at the other end making shaping & blending super easy and as its mechanical there no need for a pencil sharpener either - perfect portable brows!

I cannot explain unless you try out this pencil, just how unlike any other eyebrow pencil this is. I have used many other 'slim' mechanical pencils like the popular MAC and Clinique versions but they still are nothing like this one. This is the most natural looking effect you shall get from a pencil in my opinion and it doesn't even look like you have used a pencil as it blends beautifully. The pencil is demo-matte and non waxy which is why I think you get such a lovely looking brow that makes doing your eyebrows actually enjoyable.Whether you are a fan or not a fan of doing your eyebrows, please please go and try this out as I guarantee you shall instantly love it! 

Onto the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel here...
Anastasia Brow Gel Espresso

Anastasia Brow Gel Espresso
I bought this specifically because my MAC brow gel had run out and this looked good. It gives a really firm hold, like a good hairspray does, but is non sticky and doesn't make them look or feel stiff. The tint gives a nice natural look and hides any evidence of over plucking whilst defining and shaping them. I love to use this over the pencil just to give my brows a more 3D effect and hold all the hairs in place and once its set in place - believe me they are set for the whole day and night until you take them off!

A tube of this brow gel lasts a ridiculous amount of time as after one year I am still only a third of the way down. The only issue is that all the writing on the outside of the tube rubs off after a few uses and looks messy but the product itself is still perfect inside. I just hate when packaging doesn't look pristine but I am prepared to suffer it for this brow gel.

I shall certainly be looking at some other products from Anastasia Beverley Hills aswell as stocking up on these so I always have a back up - god forbid I should run out. There are cheaper versions available from other brands of both these kind of products which are ok but not ones that I would rush out to buy again where as these are already on my repurchase shopping list - a sign of a worthy product.

Good news too, Anastasia Beverley Hills is available online with worldwide shipping here!

Let me know if you try this & also any other product recommendations from the range!