28 August 2014

Benefit 'They're Real' Push Up Gel Liner Pen

Trying to create the perfect winged eyeliner is the reason why so many of us are probably late for work in the morning or always the last one to be ready for a night out (yep thats me). Eyeliner is one thing I think we all struggle with the most and no matter how many Youtube or Pinterest demos you watch, it still doesn't seem to help, but alas, Benefit Cosmetics have created a new innovative product that may make applying eyeliner easier. This has been out for a few months now but I wanted to give it a good trial.

Benefit They're Real Mascara
You may already know how much of a fan I am of Benefit They're Real Mascara as I have now gone through endless amount of tubes of the stuff and as part of that same 'They're Real range' Benefit have launched a push-up gel liner which I was dying to get my hands on and have been using over the last two months.

Its the first gel liner in a pen on the market and its a cross between an angled eyeliner brush and a pot of black gel liner but all in one - genius! 

Its very matte, very jet black and very waterproof and being gel in a pen form they claim it shouldn't smudge or dry out like all other gel pots do. Best thing is that you don't need to carry a brush around with you which is perfect for on the go and keeping in your bag for nights out should you need to touch up or transform your look from day to night.

Now lets discuss the pens very unique tip ....
Benefit They're Real Mascara
You shall see that the tip of the pen is made of a special flexible material called Accuflex, which is a very soft rubber/silicone which enables the tip to really 'hug' the lashes to prevent any gaps. You shall also notice that the tip is angled to help you with creating the perfect flick. All you do to activate the gel is twist up from the bottom a couple of times and the gel shall push through the small gap, then get lining.

Benefit They're Real Mascara
My Tip -  Make sure you wipe the nib each time you use it as the gel can flake off and ruin your line if your not careful. Its a little tricky to get a fine line as I found to get an even layer of intensity it takes a few goings over then you start to develop a thicker line so start off quite fine. On my first attempt I had that annoying thing happen where you line one eye thicker than the other and matching them up is beyond impossible, so my nice thin line ended up covering my whole eyelid. We all do it no matter how good or bad we are at make-up! 

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Benefit They're Real Mascara
Benefit They're Real Mascara
If your someone who doesn't get on with liquid liner because its not very forgiving, or you find kohl pencil doesn't give you that intensity and gel pots always dry out then looks like this could be the thing for you to try.

In my opinion this is like marmite, you shall either love it or hate it as at first I wasn't convinced but now after a few uses I absolutely love it and highly recommend to anyone that likes wearing a very black eyeliner or wants to try using a gel liner that hasn't tried one before.

You will need to remove it with a cleansing oil, a balm or a very good waterproof eye make-up remover as when I bought this the sales assistant did try and sell me the matching eye make-up remover which I didn't buy as I thought it was a gimmick but I now realise you need a good eye make-up remover to get this off. They do say it stays put - so can't argue with that!

  • Available with worldwide delivery online here priced at £18.50 and from all other beauty stores.
  • If you haven't tried Benefit They're Real Mascara here then you MUST its amazing!

Let me know if your a lover or a hater?

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