Feeling dry & itchy thanks to the cold Winter climate? Time to call in some little winter helpers.

If you are anything like me then you shall know exactly when winter hits due to the fact that the skin on your body fast becomes dry, patchy, itchy and in desperate need of hydration. Its happens to me every Winter due to factors such as climate, central heating, air conditioning, that all contribute to dry skin. This means we need to give ourselves some 'us time' as often the body gets neglected so we need to pamper it a little more than we do already.

With so many body products to choose from, I think its important to invest in some really nice ones that make you feel pampered, are luxurious and they get you excited about using them, not just thinking of it as a chore or an 'extra thing' to do before bed or in the morning. With products being so advanced nowadays we can just sit, relax and let them work their magic, that or book into a spa.

I adore body care to say the least and love to try new brands all the time as you don't have to stay loyal to just one as the skin on our bodies is a lot more receptive to trying out new things.

Here are just a few of my current favourite Winter Helpers that have made a big difference to my skin and a few that I really want to try out too! ….


Dead Sea Salt Brushing here 
500g, £13.30
I previously wrote a separate blog post here all about this salt scrub as its heavenly. Its so pampering that once you have used it you shall feel like you have been to a spa as your skin not only smells amazingly fresh it will feel softer than ever as the coconut and Vitamin E hydrate deeply and leave a veil over the skin. I think its best accompanied with some candles and a glass of wine to get the full benefits ;)

NUXE Body Scrub here 
200ml, £16.50
This 95% natural, paraben free scrub contains different sized grains for really smooth new skin with almond, orange flower petals and botanicals perfect for anyone on the go, especially great for mornings as quick and easy to use but still feeling like a nice body treat.

Rituals Himalya Wisdom Detox Salt Scrub here 
265g, £16
I am a big fan of Rituals body products as I have only juts recently discovered them. They are very spa like but still at a reasonable price so real affordable luxury. This detox scrub is on my wish list as it designed to cool and calm your body making it ideal for those of us with itchy flaky skin that has become sensitive through scratching as we all know that heat can make the skin much more aggravated so by cooling it, it shall be a lot happier. Just the name of this makes me want to buy it!

Palmers Coconut Body Butter here 
170g, £4.99
Palmers is a true classic and one that I think everyone has a love/hate relationship with as its famous original Cocoa Butter is known for being very rich and heavily chocolate scented. I actually quite like Palmers but only in the winter time as it certainly moisturises the body well! This new addition to the body range for any other coconut fan smells simply amazing and feels gorgeous on the skin if you are in need of lots of moisture. Its cheap but still with a luxurious feel, ready to satisfy anyones coconut craving. 

Garnier Body 7 Day Instense Body Cream 
300ml, £7 (available in Grocery stores, Pharmacies) 
I received this full size body cream in a JolieBox a few months and now has been the perfect time to put this to the test. I can't say I agree with the 'feeling hydrated for 7 days' claims as thats a long time for dry skin to feel nourished for but I do agree that its a fantastic body cream that intensely hydrates the body quickly with absolutely no sticky or greasy feeling making it perfect if you need to get dressed straight away. It feels really lovely to apply and makes a great everyday body cream.

Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton Body Lotion here 
236ml, $12.50 (or buy 3 get 3 free!!)
Whilst I was away on holiday recently and visited Las Vegas I suffered really bad prickly heat all over my body as the desert climate stripped every ounce of moisture and oil from my body. I have never experienced anything like it so whilst frantically trying to find something to help I visited America's famous store Bath & Body Works where a very nice lady helped me. She recommended this fresh smelling lotion which contains Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil and claims 16 hours of moisture with no nasties to dry my skin out even more. Well, this became my saviour as it helped me so much and after continuos use made me feel human again. I just so badly wish we had access to this store world-wide as it sells so many amazing products at a fantastic price. Shall just have to plan another trip!

Rituals Hamman Ultra Rich Whipped Body Cream here 
200ml, £17
Another offering from my new favourite brand Rituals that is on my wish list as anything with the words 'whipped & cream' makes me want it as it screams treat! Rich, velvety and scented with rice milk and fig (which is a favourite scent of mine) makes me want to slather this immediately. Yes Please. 


Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oils here 
Gift set shown £25
Some of you may already know how much of a fan I am of AA as they make by far the best aromatherapy oils. The amount of work that goes into making them is quite astounding as I luckily got to do some training with them a few years ago and found it highly fascinating. If you are in need of some deep relaxation or destress or even in need of being revived then I can 100% guarantee that these oils shall do just what they say on the bottle. Used in the bath or shower, not only will they hydrate your body but they shall do wonders for the mind too. Worth every single penny so if you haven't tried these then maybe add this to your Wish List as they also do such lovely gift sets so you can try them all in miniature. A must for any pamper session.

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil here 
100ml, £32
This body oil effectively fights lack of firmness and dry skin, enriched with 3 essentials oils – peppermint, palmarosa and immortelle. Highly concentrated in almond oil, it repairs and deeply nourishes the skin and also ideal to prevent the formation of stretch-marks. Just the scent of this oil makes me want to slather it all over my body and just eat it as if you are an almond lover than you need this is your life and bathroom. It's a real luxurious body oil that may be a little pricey but so worth the investment as its just amazing.

Weleda Pomegranate Body Oil here 
100ml, £21.95
This organic body oil is a highly nourishing full body treatment that gives vitality, hydration and firmness to the skin. I received this oil in a GlossyBox and it is still going strong after many months as only a little is needed and I really like it. I sometimes add a little to the bath water or apply directly onto the skin, whatever way you want to use it, it really hydrates the skin beautifully. This is highly popular in France as it seems to be stocked in every single pharmacy so do go and check out the full range if you like the sound of this oil. 


L'Occitane Shea Hand Cream here 
30ml £8, 150ml £19
This is a true skincare classic and L'Occitane's best selling product and if you have tried this then you shall know just why. With 20% shea butter, honey, sweet almond and the aroma of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang this cream glides onto the skin unlike many other thicker creams and not only hydrates dry skin but really heals it too. Perfect for anyone who suffers from excema, dermatitis or severe dryness as this shall really work wonders. It comes in a small and large sizes so you can carry one with you at all times. This shall always be a firm favourite of mine.

Soap and Glory Hand Food here 
125ml £5
Hand food is a super silky, non greasy, hydrating hand cream scented with Fennel and Lotus Flower. Now if you have tried Soap & Glory products you shall know that the original line all has the same scent which is the exact same smell as Miss Dior CheriĆ© which is very sweet & girly. If you don't like that scent that you won't like this as it is very potent and in truth the only reason I first bought this because of the smell but actually turns out to be a really great hand cream. So good I keep one in my handbag as it the perfect travel size that also looks super cute too. 

Compagnie de Provence Sweet Violet Shea Butter Hand Cream 
300ml €14.50
You may not be aware but I am OBSESSED with anything Violet scented. Anything Violet, you name it, I love it, With that in mind I received a gift from a friend here in the South of France which contained this french brand and a selection of mini violet body care. I adore it to say the least and my favourite item was the hand cream because I could smell Violet each time I waved my hands. The french do know how to make amazing skincare and this is my perfect lightweight, hydrating (with shea butter, olive oil, vitamin E) sweet smelling hand cream. Other items and the large size of this is on my with list!

Lavera Organic Hand Cream here 
75ml £6.95
I recently had a small sample of this hand cream to try and immediately liked it. Its very light, creamy and very anti ageing containing Organic Q10 which is very powerful in slowing down the ageing process. It recently won 'Best Hand Launch" at the Pure Beauty Awards 2011, so this is ideal for anyone who wants a more advanced hand cream. 

I hope these little winter helpers that have saved me year after year may help you too or just give you that excuse to make some 'you time' and have a full on pamper session - bath, body, candles, wine, chocolates ….. do it.