Back in May last year I posted a review all about Hd Brows and the original smaller version of this eye & brow palette. That blog post still continues to get huge amounts of reads which just goes to show how popular Hd Brows are today and exactly how much we are all obsessed with groomed eyebrows and products that help us to achieve them. If you have no clue what Hd Brows are then do go check out my blog post here which shall explain it in much more detail. 

You all know from that blog post how much I adore my beloved brow palette, which I must add gets used every single day without fail and is still going strong after 2 years, so whilst looking online to replace my Hd Brow pencil I spotted this PRO Palette...

The PRO palette vs The Original Palette - 
This palette contains 6 of the best selling shades from all the original Eye & Brow Palettes with long-lasting, anti-smudge powders that stay fresh for up to 24 hours, in one sleek professional set. It features shades to suit everyone, as well as a carbon shadow to create a natural daytime look, as well as a dramatic smouldering look. The palette comes with a double ended make-up brush and a very large mirror.

When I spotted this I knew it had to be mine as not only are the shades all the best selling shades but they are around 4 times the size of the original palette shades so I think this may last me my whole lifetime! The compact mirror itself is huge and so perfect for doing you make up on the go as it can happily sit on a table or desk as your able to see your whole face making it so easy to do your full face make-up.

Below you can see the shades in more detail along with the dual ended angled brush and smudger that comes in this set. 

Swatches: hd PRO palette
L to R: Ash blonde, Warm brown, Medium brown, Dark brown, Rich brown, Carbon
My brow using hd Brow palette: Using a mix of medium & dark brown

As you may know I am a big fan of the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes as I like that one palette can be used for your eyes, brows and covers a day to night look and this hd brow palette does just the same making it a perfect all round make up product to own.

It's obvious how much I LOVE this Professional palette even more so than the original as the shades are so much more universal and mixable so you can create the right shade for your brows and anyone else's in fact. Used as eyeshadows they blend out perfectly but just add little by little seeing as they have a very strong pigment which stays true to all its claims as I can 100% confirm it doesn't smudge, fade and stays fresh for as long as you are wearing your make-up. 

Price wise it only works out at £10 more expensive than the original £20 palette which I think is incredible value considering the size. If you are considering a palette to buy or a brow powder to use then I would 100% recommend this palette and definitely this one over the original palette as you have all shades you could ever want where as the other ones aren't so universal so getting your colour right initially on order is essential. You shall never look at another brand again after owning this.

After that excitement I did get around to purchasing the item that I originally went online to buy (oh how we do get distracted on beauty sites!) hd Eye & Brow Pencil in Brown and hd Pencil Sharpener...

I repurchased my beloved hd Eye Pencil but in brown this time as opposed to the black so its a little softer looking. I then noticed a specialised Sharpener which is a must to be able to use this pencil in the correct way. This pencil ensures that you get very fine 'hair like' strokes on the brows to look as natural as possible. I tend to use this over the powder if I have any small gaps of hair that need filling in a little to get real perfected brows.

I do think that hd Brows really do have something special and unique with their products as they work better than any other brow product I have ever tried and think their popularity shows just how good they are as true 'masters of brows'.

  • The hd Pro Palette & all other hd brow products are available here priced at £29.95.
  • For all information on hd Brows visit their website here.
  • If you can't order online then salons advertising hd Brow treatments should stock the products also.

Remember - brows are the frame to your face so they must be tamed and perfected.