OPI Skyfall Nail Collection
If you hadn't recently noticed or you have been hidden inside your secret lair 'Bond Fever' has hit us worldwide this month, with James Bond celebrating its 50th year in film with the premier of Skyfall featuring my favourite James Bond, Daniel Craig. The film itself is a must see if you haven't seen it already! To celebrate this achievement many companies have collaborated with Bond to incorporate their products into this exciting launch and in the beauty world, OPI have again wowed us with another limited edition collection.

OPI Skyfall Collection 2012
OPI have already launched a few 'film themed' collections previously but I have to say this one is a favourite of mine and great for this time of year as it fits in perfectly with all the current fashion trends for the autumn/winter.

I held back purchasing all of the shades in this collection and instead purchased the most striking colours which are just gorgeous (like 007 himself) and unlike any other shades in the OPI normal colour collection. Along side these shades, OPI have also launched a limited edition real 18k gold top coat appropriately named 'The man with the golden gun'.

The Collection & Swatches

OPI Skyfall collection swatches

The Man with the Golden Gun, OPI 18k Topcoat Ltd Edition
This Topcoat contains small flecks of real 18k gold to add a subtle golden touch to the nails. It really needs to go over a deep shade to really stand out and two coats are definitely needed for this to show up. Remember it is supposed to be subtle, so don't expect it too be full on gold or you may be disappointed. It may seem to be a gimmick I must admit but great to own if you are an OPI fan like myself or just fancy a change from a normal plain topcoat with this bling-tastic edition instead.

OPI, The Man with the Golden Gun 18k Topcoat, Skyfall Collection 2012
Out of this collection I purchased the shades Casino Royale, Goldeneye, The Living Daylights and The Man with the Golden Gun Topcoat

OPI, Skyfall Collection 2012
If you don't already know I am a huge OPI fan, they are my favourite nail brand as they never fail to deliver beautiful, unique, luxurious nail shades that get you excited about painting your nails or make you go book in for a OPI manicure.

Swatches: Skyfall OPI collection
L to R: Goldeneye x2 coats, The Living Daylights x3 coats, The Man with the Golden Gun topcoat x2 coats,
The living daylights & golden topcoat over a colour.

These pictures don't exactly do the colours their exact justice as in real life these are extremely sparkly up close. OPI have indeed pleased me with this 007 inspired collection and think that it is really appealing to everyone with its selection of autumnal shades. 

Stockists (prices may vary)
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WOW.....what a film!