Joliebox, October 2012
For all those who follow my blog, you will have read my reviews on Glossybox which is a monthly beauty box subscription service that I am subscribed to (here and here if you missed them). Joliebox is another rival company offering the same service and one which I have just subscribed to, to see what it offers differently. It is also a good way to get to know other brands that one company may not deal with but another company does. The more beauty products I can get to try the better as you all get to hear about them.

Just to recap for those who are new to beauty boxes, Joliebox is a monthly beauty subscription service where you pay €13 per month and each month you receive a beautiful box filled with 4/5 luxury sized beauty samples to try out. You can also cancel your subscription any time so you can try it out for as long as you like, no binding contracts or fees! Makes a great gift for a friend too. 

Joliebox is part of the US company Birchbox, which was the very first company to begin the whole beauty box trend a few years ago and the reason that we now have them available worldwide thanks to their original concept. 

With this box, I have subscribed to the French Joliebox (as I live in Monaco) but boxes may differ from country to country due to what brands are available locally to you. So just check their site here to see if it is offered in your country. 

Joliebox, October 2012

My first impression was how much I love the packaging of Joliebox. I like the fact that the products come presented in this material drawstring bag as this is just so handy and reusable instead of Glossybox's paper shavings that drive me crazy as they have no use to me afterwards sadly, so Joliebox do win on the packaging stakes.

Joliebox, October 2012
You also receive this cute monthly Joliemag along with your beauty box telling you a little about the company, new trends, your box contents, make-up demonstrations and more! I think this is a great addition as we all like a beauty read! Glossy box have actually introduced this too with Glossymag which is super.

Contents of my first October 2012 Joliebox ...
Contents of Joliebox, October 2012

1) SOSKIN - Advanced Microcaps System 3 x 5ml 
1 x Densifying cream (retails at €38 for 50ml), 1 x Hyaluronic serum (retails at €36 for 50ml), 1 x Instant wrinkle cream (retails at €31 for 15ml).

SOSKIN, Joliebox October 2012

2) TOPICREAM - Sparkling body 3D effect body moisturiser.

2 x 15ml size tubes, equivalent to a 30ml bottle. 

Topicream, Joliebox October 2012

3) MELVITA - Ultra-nourishing cream for dry and delicate skin.
1 x 15ml size tube, retails at €16.90 for 50ml.

Melvita, Joliebox October 2012

4) OLFACTIVE STUDIO - Fragrances.

4 x Fragrance Vials:- Self-Portrait, Dark Room, Still Life, White Light, retail at €80 for 50ml.

OLFACTIVE Studio, Joliebox October 2012

5) ELF - Brightening Eye Palette.

1 x full size eyeshadow quad, in shade 2001 Butternut, retails for €1 for full size!

ELF, Joliebox October 2012
What did I think of the contents of my first ever Joliebox?
Well I hadn't heard of 3/5 of the brands which was nice to discover but I did know of Melvita, which is a skincare brand I have used and really like and I know of ELF cosmetics but have never tried their make-up before. The eyeshadow shade is good for most skin tones so I am pleased with the colour selected in my box. I am excited to try SOSKIN as I love skincare and sounds perfect for my skin for this time of year. 

I was impressed with the package but I don't think the value of the box is greater than the subscription fee. Sometimes in the past I have had at least one full sized item worth way more than the subscription fee alone. The brands are all very different to those in my Glossybox and the sizes are great for travelling. It didn't excite me quite as much as some other boxes I have had but for the first one it has kept me interested in seeing what the next box has to offer. 

I definitely think beauty boxes are worth the subscription fee if you want to discover new brands in a more cost effective way or are just a product junkie like me and you love cosmetics. It is just a case of trial and error with them and see what company suits your needs best with its box selection. The companies do have a lot of people to impress when making up a box so it wont always be a hit every month but at least you have the choice to cancel at any time if you decide its not for you.

Just don't over subscribe and join every box going as with the money spent on subscriptions, this could have bought you a full size beauty product!

For more information on Joliebox visit there website or for more details. 

What do you think about beauty boxes?