Struggling with false lashes? Do they end up stuck to your eyelid or forehead? Well read on as hopefully my easy guide I have put together should help correct that!

First things first; types of eyelashes.
There are so many to choose from with some being much easier to apply than others but with practice and knowing what works for you and your eye shape, it gets easier. With styles such as small individual lashes, natural, smoky, flared, wispie, thick, coloured, swarovski, double layered lashes, the list is endless. Choose a lash style that goes with the occasion, so for a night out maybe a fuller lash but for everyday then something natural, lightweight with a thin band. 

Know your eye shape!
Look what lashes shall match your eye shape to really empathise your eyes in a flattering not scary way, for instance, to create a more cat eye, almond shape effect then go for a lash thats longer at the ends and shorter on the inner corner to create that winged out shape. If you want to open up your eyes then choose a lash thats longer in the centre and shorter on the outer corner as this shall make them appear wider.

What you shall need to apply your lashes -
* Lashes of your choice (below Ardell Demi Wispies).
* Eyelash adhesive (Duo glue is great & available in black and clear).
* Small pair of scissors.
* Tweezers or an eyelash applicator.

Kellilash, How To apply False Lashes
Getting Started!
For lash beginners, choose a strip lash that has a fine or invisible band - this is the base that the false eyelash sits onto and fits your own lashes. This type of lash shall be much easier to manoeuvre as it shall be more flexible & lightweight - so good to get you started. Remember to apply your make-up first, mascara should already be applied.

Kellilash, How To apply False Lashes

Remove the lashes from the packet - most often they are stuck down inside the plastic packet so just place your thumb over the middle of the lash and firmly press down, pulling the lash away from the plastic. This way you should not damage your false eyelash.

Simple How to: How to apply false eyelashes

Remember to keep the packaging which your lashes came in as after you have worn them and providing you have not applied mascara to them you can get many more wears from them. Just remove the glue from the lash after wear then store them in their case, keeping them pristine for their next wear.

Simple How to: How to apply false eyelashes

MEASURE - Place your strip lash at the base of your lashes & leaving roughly a 5mm gap from the inner corner, check the lashes are not too long. If they hang over the end of your eye then gently trim them with some scissors, trimming from the outer corner, not the inner corner as you want the lashes to be kept shortest on the inner corner of the eye.

Simple How to: How to apply false eyelashes
SHAPE - Bend the lashes into a C Shape to loosen up the band, making it easier to fit the eye. Some lashes can be very straight so you need to shape them, just wrap it around a make-up brush or pencil for a few seconds if very thick and this shall make them more easier to apply.

APPLY YOUR GLUE - I like to use DUO glue available from MAC stores, Ardell and online. I find it easier to put a small amount of glue on the back of my hand then hold the false lash with the same hand then taking your tweezers, dip the end of them into the glue and run it along the base of the false lash. Make sure you apply more glue to the ends as this is where you shall need the most hold. Wait about 30 seconds until the glue turns tacky because if the glue is wet then the lash shall slide straight off, this way the tackiness shall hold onto your eyelash.

Simple How to: How to apply false eyelash
POSITIONING - Holding your false lash in the middle with your tweezer/applicator look down into a mirror. Place your false lash onto the centre base of your lashes, not the eyelid letting it rest there. Take the outer corner first with your tweezer or applicator and position into place to stick down. Then taking the inner corner, repeat and position into place. Close your eye and firmly press down the lashes to secure in place.

CLAMP - Clamp together with your tweezer/applicator your real lashes with the false lashes. This way they shall blend together and look much more natural aswell as staying put. This is why having your mascara on helps them stick together.

YOUR GOOD TO GO! - After a few minutes and once the glue has dried clear, you can apply some last minute eyeliner or mascara. I apply my eyeliner again over the seal of the lashes as this disguises the base of the false lash so it blends more.

How to apply false lashes 
How to apply false lashes 
Don't apply mascara onto your false lashes if you want to wear them again, if you won't wear them again then apply mascara over the entire lash area for added intensity!

Applying Corner Lashes - These are so simple to apply, just follow all the same steps as above but there is no need to measure them as they are only half a lash. Just fit them onto the outer corner instead of placing them in the centre of your eye.

Applying Individual Lashes - Again these are actually very easy to apply (as pic below). Only the very tip of them needs to be dipped into your glue then looking downwards just place on top of your natural lashes until you have the amount you need. Individuals come in small, medium and large lengths so you can graduate them out starting from small at the inner corner to medium for the middle and long on the outer corners or just stick to small and medium as the long are very long! These look very natural and also can just be applied just to the ends of your eye for a flick. Perfect for weddings or special occasions where you want a natural but feminine look.

How to apply false lashes 
MY TOP TIP! Never try putting lashes on before a big night out if you struggle with them. Follow my guide and practice when you have some spare time by putting them on, taking them off, putting on, taking them off and so on. This way you shall become much more confident when you want to wear them for that special occasion and less stressed. It does take practice believe me but the more you try the easier it shall get!

Happy Lashing! Let me know how you go!