A few months back just as the summer was hotting up here in Monaco, I popped into the local pharmacy to get my partner a sunscreen for his face as he always neglects to wear this unless I provide it then I have to lecture him time and time again about sun safety! Not to the mention the lovely 'sunglasses' tan that occurs afterwards without it. We live in a warm climate here so sunscreen is a day to day essential for us.

I like to try new brands when I am shopping in the pharmacy as there is so much choice here its fantastic, its like a 'skincare grotto' but it can also be overwhelming if your not a product junkie like myself but it is great to try new things so you know what works best for you. My all time favourite suncare brands are Institute Esterderm & Bioderma as they are just amazing specialist brands and never fail to protect me. I am 100% sun safety conscious due to past health issues so being safe in the sun is very important.

I came across the brand 'Uriage Eau Thermale' which I had not heard of before but this caught my eye as the facial sunscreen was in a little gift pack with a free product and we all like a free gift!
Uriage Eau Thermale, Bariesun Cream SPF30, 50ml,
Sensitive skin, Priced around €10.00
Uriage Eau Thermale, Bariesun Cream SPF30, 50ml
Eau Thermale D'Uriage, Thermal Water, 50ml

Enriched with Uriage Thermal Water, BARIÉSUN Cream SPF30 provides the skin with the best sun protection thanks to a new, high performance filter complex. The new photo-protective complex is a technological advance that combines only 3 anti-UVA and UVB filters, acting in complete synergy and boosted by photo-stabilizing emollients.
This cream provides an intense moisturization and anti-free radical protection in a very fluid, lightly fragranced texture.

Composition: New anti-UVA/UVB filter complex with Tinosorb M - Uriage Thermal Water - Aquaspongines® - Stabilized vitamin C - Vitamin E.
Without octocrylene - Cinnamate-free - Paraben-free - Alcohol-free. 
High tolerance: Hypoallergenic - Non-comedogenic.

Uriage Eau Thermale, Bariesun Cream SPF30, 50ml
Swatch: Uriage Eau Thermale, Bariesun Cream SPF30
Swatch: Uriage Eau Thermale, Bariesun Cream SPF30

What I think - 
After giving this to my partner to use, he raved about it! He had a beautiful even sun tan with no burning what so ever. He is extremely sensitive beyond belief so this has really been put to the test. 

I then started to use this too and I will say I was very impressed. You do not need to apply much at all as even though it is a fluid it is extremely moisturizing.  It applied evenly, left no white mask residue on the face and absorbed quickly. You do get that suncream smell but I dont mind that because as long as it works thats all that matters! You can rest easy with this product that you can be safely out in the sun, fully protected from all the damaging UVA/UBA rays. I use this alone as my moisturiser during the day if I am just at home as I find it gives me plenty enough moisture. 

Good Points -
- UVA/UVB fully protected.
- Water resistant NOT Waterproof, as waterproof can cause prickly heat!
- Moisturizing & protective.
- Very fluid, non-greasy textures.
- Invisible after application.
- Water and sweat resistant.
- Great size tube, ideal for on the go!

This is also available in a range of different SPF including suncare for the body and a wide range of skincare, something I shall definitely be checking out.

So, if your looking for an effective, unisex, skin & sun friendly facial sunscreen, also reasonably priced (even though I would pay any amount for a good sunscreen) I can highly recommend this one. 

the freebie!
Uriage Eau Thermale, Bariesun Cream SPF30, 50ml
Thermal water, 50 ml
Uriage Thermal Water for daily use, 100% Uriage Thermal Water.
For 20 years, Uriage Thermal Water has been packaged at the source to offer you its many benefits, every day! Uriage Thermal Water is packaged at the source, in a clean room environment; with no added preservatives or fragrance, it fully retains its natural wealth and original purity. 

What it does for you -
- A treatment water to moisturise.
- A treatment water to relieve redness, irritation, nappy rash, minor surgical procedures, itching, sunburn, razor burn for men.
- A treatment water to protect with its anti-free radical power.
- A treatment water to soften.
- A treatment water to improve makeup wear in the morning and at any time of the day!

I love waters like this as for years I used the little Evian water spray which this reminds me of but these are so handy to carry with you on hot, humid days to refresh your skin and make-up, making your skin feel lovely, hydrated and refreshed instead of feeling like your face is melting. You need one of these in your handbag living here....its hot hot hot! 

Even my dog Louis is quite enjoying a light misting of this - "its hot with all this fur mum!"

  • Uriage Eau Thermale is available from most french pharmacies or check out their website here.
Have you a suncare favourite?