After recently writing about KIKO Milano make-up here I received such great feedback from everyone and a lot of you were also trying this brand out and discussing what products you liked the most. I love when you can get excited about a new discovery and this seemed to be a popular read! I recently purchased some new make-up bits here including a few new things from KIKO Milano so I thought I would share my thoughts and show in a little more detail.

As you can see I only purchased a few items (as I had spent far too much before reaching the KIKO store) but they were products that I wanted to add into my collection aswell as injecting some summer brights. The great thing is that because KIKO products are so affordable, you can afford to splash out on trying new colours instead of playing it safe with your normal 'go to' shades.

KIKO Milano False Lashes Concentrate, Building Base Mascara, 12ml Priced at €7.20/£7.20
KIKO False Lashes Concentrate, Building Base Mascara
This is a White “base coat” volume intensifier mascara. An effective mascara base capable of giving 169%* more volume compared to regular mascara. Its creamy formula enriched with volumizing powders, gives body and structure to your lashes, maintaining their softness and so making the application of your mascara easier. After putting it on, your mascara will glide onto your lashes easily, blending perfectly with the white base coat, without weighing down your look. The triangular fiber brush, designed exclusively for KIKO, eases the drawing of the mascara and allows perfect application along the entire length of your lashes.

I have never really been into lash primers as found they always made my lashes look too clumpy in the past, but seeing as this was so affordable it was worth the try. It goes on really easily but you must let it dry before applying your mascara or it shall feel tacky and blend with your mascara making it clump. But the overall effect is great! It does thicken up your lashes making them look full bodied and at the same time soft and light. Just make sure you style your lashes with this to create the end look you want as your mascara shall mirror its pattern. It also states that it makes your eyelashes waterproof, so a great way to turn your 'non' waterproof mascara into fully waterproof for the summer all without having to change your favourite mascara, Genius! This is also great if you want a break from wearing false eyelashes as this shall really help to thicken up sparse, fine lashes, giving you confidence to go au natural.

KIKO Vibrant Eye Pencil #606 Emerald Turquoise
Now I recently purchased the Dior nail colour in Saint Tropez from the 'Dior Croisette Summer 2012' collection (my fave right now) and in the collection there was an eye kohl in the same matching colour as the nail polish which I just fell in love with but it had sadly sold out. So whilst in the KIKO store I spotted this beauty which is a complete dupe for the Dior pencil! I was thrilled as costs a fraction of the price and is superb! This is so easy to apply, has a creamy texture that glides easily over skin, containing vitamin E and jojoba oil. It is transfer resistant and water-resistant!

I have been wearing this on my lower lash line & waterline to add a pop of colour to my everyday make-up look. It works well with most other make-up shades like corals, baby pinks, bronze shades. It also makes a great base to put under a similar eyeshadow shade to really intensify the colour. I think it is such a flattering shade to liven up your look and make it a bit fun!

Dior Croisette Summer Collection 2012 - My favourite summer collection ♥ 
Isn't this visual just gorgeous?! I LOVE this make-up look so much!
Dior Croisette Summer Collection 2012!
KIKO Milano Precision Eyeliner, Black, 2.5ml, priced at €6.90/£6.90
KIKO Precision Eyeliner, Black
I needed a new black liquid liner but wanted one with a felt tip end not a brush as I find them much more precise, hence the name. This one is long lasting and does not transfer once dry. You do need to layer this to get it fully opague. I tend to use it over a pencil or gel liner if I want a really black intense line, this way it looks more dramatic but really stays put.
A great product to get if your a first timer with liquid liner or just find it difficult to apply, then this is one for you.

KIKO Milano Nail Laquer #355 Canary Yellow, 11ml priced at €2.50/£2.50
I previously raved about these nail lacquers before as for the price its a great way to add some colours into your everyday look. These nail polishes have a hardening and strengthening action and the gel texture gives an extremely bright and lacquered finish, with an ideal level of fluidity for perfect control and great ease of application. Does not contain abrasive ingredients such as toluene, camphor, DBP and formaldehyde.

Its just the right shade of yellow, not too bright, not too light, not neon but a shade that suits a lot of skin tones actually making paler skins look warmer. Fun for the summer months but personally I love to wear colour all year round on my nails as I love to look down at my nails and see a cheery bright shade as it perks me up.

Available from all KIKO Milano stores and website!