Lack of Blog Posts this Month - Reasons!

Apologies to my readers for the lack of blog posts this month, this has been due to a) crazy busy with eyelash clients and b) the Monaco Grand Prix!
Monaco Grand Prix 2012, Prince Albert & Beautiful Charlene
Monaco Grand Prix 2012
As you know I live in Monaco and when its the Grand Prix here, it completely takes over!! 
We had the Historic Grand Prix before the F1 a few weeks ago too so it has been literally a whole month of Grand Prix Fever in Monaco.

Normal life stops and the madness occurs!! I have been woken up each morning to the sound of Vroom Vroom Vroom, as the F1 cars fly around the track practicing and showcasing their racing skills. Not to mention the army of tourists & grand prix fans that arrived in their thousands?!

Roads get closed, prices go up, streets are manic, shops have nothing left to buy...... just total chaos for a week. I did also have one of my best friends come to stay with me which has been lovely so I have also been entertaining!
Regardless of the mayhem, the atmosphere is electric and Monaco just becomes a Party Principality with endless partying going on from daytime until early hours of the next morning! Woohoo!
When you live here though and become a local, you just cant wait for things to get back to normal and real life resume again?!

A big WELL DONE to Mark Webber for winning the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix! 
(Im a bit of a Jenson fan myself!) so thats that for another year.

I have been fully booked with lash clients all this month as business is booming which has taken up a lot of my time, hence lack of blog posts, but I am slowly catching up, with lots more product reviews and good things to come! So please keep subscribed as usual beauty business shall be resumed.

Hope you enjoy my photos ;-)

Monaco Port
(you can see my apartment from here!)
Monaco Grand Prix 2012
Monaco Grand Prix 2012
A Lister Spots - The lovely Will Smith & Stunning Nicole Scherzinger!
P Diddys Annual Yacht Party!

Hope you enjoyed the Monaco Grand Prix if you watched it and you all had a great month of May!