Eyelashes for most woman are just as important as the hair on our head so we like to take care of them and have them looking as fabulous as possible. We all want them looking luscious, glossy, thick and long don't we? With so many eyelash products and treatments on the market today it gets very confusing and pricey to find out what works and what is the best investment for your lashes.

Apart from the obvious eyelash extensions and other semi-permanent eyelash treatments I wanted to mention natural eyelash growth products. As an eyelash extension technician & general eyelash 'miss know it all' I thought I would share a few tips and products that I know help with repairing your eyelashes and also help to make them grow longer and fuller naturally. It shall be useful if you are a false lash wearer (who isn't these days) to make sure your lashes are in tip top condition and not damaged by wearing falsies.

LASH FACTS - Did you Know? 
  • An eyelash is one hair. They are there to help protect our eyes from dust and any other micro-organisms that could cause irritation to our eyes. They have a very important job to do first and foremost!
  • An eyelash grows, falls off, and grows back again.
  • Eyelashes do not grow past a certain length like the hair on your head, hence why many women and some men try to lengthen their lashes with cosmetics.
  • Eyelashes also go through the 3 phases of the hair. These are the growth, transition, and resting phases. The 1st phase is when the lashes grow and lasts up to a maximum of 45 days. After which, it goes through the 2nd phase where the eyelashes stops growing and may last up to 3 weeks. In the 3rd phase, the lashes do not continue growing, stays for 100 days and then they fall out. It normally takes up to 8 weeks to replace an eyelash that fell out or was pulled out.
  • Vitamins & nutrients can help eyelash growth - these are Vitamin B-3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin H, and Calcium.  Olive oil acts as conditioners to the eyelashes which will allow them to grow longer, stronger, and healthier. Emu oil speeds up and encourages new hair growth. Vaseline can also be used as alternatives to olive and emu oils. Yogurt, beans, eggs, fish, and soy protein are foods that will also help.
  • Semi-Permanent eyelash extensions do not harm the natural lashes, if applied correctly by a professional! This happens only if the lash extension applied is too heavy & long for the lash, then will cause the natural lash to fall out.
Here are some of my personal favourite products that I have tried and tested and really do work do help you achieve longer, thicker natural eyelashes.

Available from £33/€44 here

RapidLash is an eyelash growth serum that conditions your eyelashes helping them to grow stronger, thicker and fuller in a very fast time with its Hexatein 1 Complex, which is unique to Rapidlash and unlike any other lash serum on the market. It helps brittle, short, sparse lashes to become healthier in just a few weeks. The effects are very noticeable but you must continue to use to keep your results.

I would have to say that out of all the lash serums I have tried this is my favourite as I have used three tubes of this now as I get such amazing results that I want to keep so I happily re-purchase. My lashes have grown so much longer and fuller since using this serum enabling me to feel very confident with just this and a good mascara over the top. When you get so used to wearing false lashes all the time it feels so 'not glamorous' when you don't have them on anymore but since using this serum I only wear lashes now if I have a party or a special event that I want to dress up for as I feel so much better having good natural lashes day to day. RapidLash is great value for money as its so reasonably priced compared to some others that are crazy money, so try this one first before spending too much more.

Talika Lipocils 10ml €35/£28 available here 
Talika Lipocils is a light gel that can naturally grow and thicken your eyelashes. A drug-free, cosmetic option. Safe and effective and no prescription required. Apply Talika Lipocils Expert twice daily and can be worn alone or under regular mascara.

I have used Talika on and off for about 3 years now since my days with Space NK and each time that I go back to it I see a huge difference in my eyelashes. Even after a few weeks my lashes look so much darker (as I am really blonde), longer and fuller where maybe my own eyelashes have been pulled out due to wearing false ones. It really does speed up the growth of your new lashes coming through so if your impatient you shall love this. Its great on the eyebrows too if you have got a bit 'plucky happy' but they do also sell a specific brow one but this works just as well in my opinion. Its great to wear alone too if you want a mascara free day, because it really defines the lashes to give you a nice groomed look. I can highly recommend Talika Lipocils to everyone who just wants better conditioned eyelashes, hence why it is so hugely popular here in France as every pharmacy sells it.....try and find one that doesn't!

Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser 100ml £15/€18 available here

Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser works alongside its sister products and effortlessly removes all traces of eye makeup, including waterproof mascara. It helps restore fragile or damaged eyelashes. Active ingredients such as cornflower and silk proteins to improve the lashes structure.

This oil free eye make up remover is great for reconditioning damaged eyelashes and is perfect to use with semi-permanent eyelash extensions as it contains no oil so it wont disturb the adhesive used in the extensions. Just use a small amount on a cloth as opposed to cotton wool only for lash extensions, as cottonwood gets caught up in the extensions. I alternate this with my Bioderma H20 cleanser to remove my eye make up and it works so well in repairing any fragile, damaged eyelashes, even on sensitive eyes like mine.

Enormous Lash Serum £76/€92 available here

The Enormous Lash Patent Pending Formula is Prostaglandin and Paraben Free. This super charged formula is jam packed with eyelash enhancing nutrients and the clinically tested formula has proven to be safe for even the most sensitive eyelashes. You apply the serum as you would a liquid liner, just line the lash line and let it dry! Use day and night I say for faster results. Expect results in 45 - 60 days, although some women have witnessed dramatic results in as little as 21 days - I did!

I tried this first about two and a half years ago and I was very hesitant at first because I had seen so many of these on the market already and at half the price. I was given it by the company I was working for at the time (Space NK) to trial. Well, I was shocked by the results as this is A-mazing! My lashes grew a lot longer and areas that were a bit sparse looked a lot fuller. I noticed I had so many lashes all of a sudden. I even had lashes growing where I had never had them grow before?! Seriously, they were growing above aswell as within what eyelashes I already had. So be careful and precise where you apply this as it really works. As long as you take care of your new healthier eyelashes after using this treatment, you shouldn't have to re-purchase this often as it has done its job. I definitely recommend this if you have lost lashes or they have become very sparse and you want to thicken them as this will do the job for sure. 

Revitalash available hereLashes Eyelash Serum  available from here.

Available around £17/€22 online here

Magnifiers works with ANY mascara .... NO glue .... NO mess .... Just major glamour!
Magnifibres are 100% natural brush-on fibres that are treated with a patented coating to ensure that they bind fully to your own natural lashes. They give an immediate false lash effect by giving you length and volume thats incredible. Magnifibres are very easy to apply as they stick to your own eyelashes and look very natural and all this in 3 very easy steps .

Please go and read my full blog post here all about this amazing product with full before and after shots as its simply the best way to instantly fake it with no one ever knowing. This is the best lash fibre product I have tried to date. See how I went from this step 1 to step 4 ….!

LashFibres available here & Model Co here

Just a very few of my favourites that are worth a try if you want to enhance your own natural eyelashes without damaging them.

Make sure you remove your mascara properly at night before sleeping, taking it off in a downward motion so your lashes do not get damaged and break. Do not rub your lashes as this may cause them to fall out. When wearing false lashes take good care when removing them, do it slowly and maybe loosen them beforehand with an oily eye cleanser if they are firmly stuck and this shall ensure that they do not pull out your real eyelashes from the root.

Let me know if you try any out!