Dull, flaky, lined skin??? Fear not, I have some recommendations to help restore that youthful glow!

Winter certainly has been upon us all this year, even here in a sunny South of France, it has been freezing cold, forcing us to hibernate with the heating on in full flow!

If like me, who has a normal skin type, you don't normally suffer from any skin complaints but suddenly have experienced things like dryness, sensitivity, outbreaks, flakiness due to constantly going from hot to cold..... then you shall of been pulling out your hair in despair! Or if you are a constant sufferer then maybe this could help.

I wanted to share with you a few product life savers or in this case 'skin savers' that really have helped me in combating skin stress and making it possible to walk out the door feeling a bit more human! (Hurrah!)

SEPHORA Supreme Cleansing Oil -

This amazing soap free cleanser is suitable for all skin conditions and removes all types of make up including waterproof for face & eyes without any scrubbing or cottonwool. Your skin feels amazingly soft and not greasy! I fell in love with this after looking for an alternative to the Shu Uemura Cleansing oils as I couldn't get hold of them quite so easily when I moved. I am in love with this and only costs €9.90 for 190ml and available at here.

MELVITA Rose Extraordinary Water -

This product is kind of a cross between a toner and a serum. I personally use this as a serum. It has a really unusual gel texture that turns to water! Not only is this anti-ageing as it firms the skin but it also locks in the skins moisture to keep it feeling hydrated. I purchased this after reading a very good review online and it lived up to every good word. Its beautiful. Smells amazing but most important - it works! I am keen to try other products in this line as I was so impressed. I purchased mine online at Melvita for only £12.00 for 100ml.


I discovered this product whilst working for Space NK and it soon became my favorite product from the whole store! Facial Glow is a mix between an exfoliator/peel and a face mask. It helps to resolve dull, flaky, congested skin to promote a healthy glow aswell as working on reducing fine lines, cleansing pores and improving pigmentation. This is perfect for when you are going from hot to cold climates. I use this 1-2 times per week without fail as your skin feels amazing once you have used it. Available online internationally here.

LA PRAIRIE Cellular Hydralift Firming Mask -

This is a real luxury treat, but is just fantastic. This face mask is very high tech when it comes to anti-aging so aswell as being incredibly firming on the skin it is perfect at combatting dehydrated, dry skin and is seriously fast acting. It relaxes the skin, so any redness due to cold weather shall be calmed down instantly. Even better it only takes 5 mins to work and can be used upto 3 times a week! You do feel like you are having a spa treat at home with this, just perfect! I sometimes use this in facial treatments on clients and the results are instantly visible. It is pricy but well worth it if your in need of a treat! For more details see here.

DARPHIN Organic Aromatic Renewing Balm -

An overnight treatment balm blended with essential oils, which smells divine, can be used on the face and body to help give you back your glow by protecting from all the weather elements. I use this after cleansing at night sometimes alone or if my skin is feeling extra dehydrated then I may use a moisturizer over the top of this. The smell of the essential oils alone relax you before you go sleep. This makes me look more like my old self when I wake up....hello new skin! Available online here and in most French pharmacies. 

EVE LOM Dynaspot - 

This has to be the best spot treatment I have ever come across. It has a clay texture which does not dry out the skin but works incredibly fast thanks to its cocktail of highly effective ingredients such as antiseptic tree tree oil, salicylic acid and zinc oxide. If I get a blemish then before I go to bed I apply a small amount of this to the spot then by the morning it really will have almost gone! It can be applied over and under make-up too so you can use it in any emergency! A definite 'cannot live without' product for me and one tube lasts a very long time. Available online here.

THE BODY SHOP Body Butter - 

This has been my all time body skin savior! I cannot stress how much I love this product! The almond in particular is my favorite scent but so hard to get hold of as only available at sale time?! (drives me mad mr body shop!!) I just want to eat it as I am almond obsessed! I suffer from very dry, itchy skin patches on my body in winter due to the cold and central heating but this year, I can honestly say thanks to this product I haven't! This really has been a god send to me. I use this daily and my skin has been baby soft. These are one of the Body Shops best sellers and they have a huge selection of different scents, so if you have not tried them I recommend you do. They are around £12/€15 for 200ml but keep a look out online as they always have special offers and promotions on these here.

BY TERRY Baume de Rose Lip Balm SPF15 -

This lives in my handbag and beside my bed. If you suffer from dry lips then this is for you! It is pure luxury and the nicest lip balm I have ever tried. I got introduced to this product whilst again working at Space NK & has become a cult favourite of mine. Its a rose wax that is non greasy that smoothes, moisturises and protects the lips with an SPF15. Special tip - it also makes a fantastic rose tinted lipgloss! It looks great over any lip colour to give that luscious glossy look. Even better still you can use it on the nail cuticle too. The packaging is just beautiful! It is expensive for a lip balm, but trust me it really is worth every single penny. 
Available online here.

Hopefully with a little help from this review you may find something you haven't tried before to banish your winter skin blues.