I recently mentioned GlossyBox in my last post, a monthly Beauty Subscription service, where you pay a monthly fee (this varies from company to company) and each month you receive a beautiful box filled with 5 luxury sample size beauty products to try out. Each month I have actually received over 5 items and at least 1 product has been full size, hence making my money back! Such good value for money if you love beauty products! 

A lot of companies are offering this beauty box scheme but GlossyBox is the only one that I have subscribed too as it always delivers fantastic products. I am registered with GlossyBox UK also, as I go between the UK and Monaco.

I thought I would show you this months (french) box as it was too good not to which is 
hot pink for Valentines Day - I love it already.

The Contents of the Box -
  • Bomb Cosmetics Pink Lady - Bath Bomb (full size) A fragrance of Lavender, Patchouli, Hemp Seed, contains - Cocoa Butter swirl, Benefits - comforting & moisturising. This full size product retails for €3.40.
  • Bell Mascara Wow - (full size) A Thickening and separating intense black mascara for a very feminine look to the lashes. This full size product retails for €7.95.

  • Aquolina Sumptuous Body Lotion, Pink Sugar Sensual - (50ml) A Body cream that is rich and delicate, enriched with cocoa butter to help improve skins elasticity and shea butter to nourish and soothe. This full size product retails for €22 for 250ml.

  • Aquolina Silky Shower Gel, Pink Sugar Sensual - (50ml) A velvety shower gel and moisturiser. Gently cleanses and perfumes the skin leaving it soft and silky. This full size product retails for €17 for 250ml.

  • Galenic Smoothing Moisturiser Spf15 - (15ml) A Smoothing moisturiser with spf 15 protects and revives the natural glow of your skin. This full sized product retails for €30.75 for 50ml.

  • Bi Double Lollipop - (full size) A double ended strawberry and sparkling wine flavoured candy! This full size product retails for €3 (an added extra for all you Valentines Lovers out there!)

What I think - 
So, as you can see a very Valentines Day themed box! When I opened the box the smell was amazing! It was sweet, sugary, powdery and lovely, this I think had come from the bomb cosmetics bath bomb mainly!

If you enjoy bath and body products then you shall really enjoy using the products in this box, if your not then this box may be a slight disappointment, although the full size mascara is a massive bonus as its always the one make up item that I know I am always on the look out for and this way you haven't wasted money.
The Pink Sugar range smells just amazing and along with the bath bomb you shall certainly be smelling sweet and have super soft skin!

I can definitively recommend subscribing to Glossy Box as I know I love the surprise element as you have no idea what will be included in your beauty box every month.
I do personally have a lot of products already in my collection to use up as I have collected things over the years from previous companies and brands that I have worked for but in my view you can never have enough as there is always something bigger and better to try!
This is also  ideal though for people that are new to cosmetic products as you can try before you buy!