As wonderful as the Summertime is, it also brings with it a long list of do's and don'ts which does include everyday products you should be using. It mainly consists of wearing your SPF on your face and body every day without fail and reapplying, increasing your hydration levels with your skincare and body and ..... keeping pesky mosquitoes at bay.

For me, having had skin cancer many years ago I am 100% aware of being in the Sun and am very meticulous with what products I use. That is the easy part to control, as one thing that is not easy for me to control and ruins my summer every year is .... mosquitoes.

Do mosquitoes continuously ruin your Summer? If that's a yes, then keep reading!

mrs whites unstung hero mosquito spray

We all know the drill whenever you go on a summer holiday; straight to the pharmacy to stock up on products to stop you from getting bitten or to help you once you do get bitten.

Living in the South of France, mosquitoes constantly ruin my summers. I am allergic so therefore I have a bad reaction to bites and I swell up like a big, red, hot balloon. My home is armed; plug-ins, traps, sprays, electronic bats, wristbands... you name it. They are drawn to me like I am to lipstick and having tried everything from the French pharmacy, even after many years nothing has worked. In fact, they sell more products for treating bites than they do for preventing them which always baffles me. Plus I have a fur child so I need to make sure everything is safe around him as citronella is poisonous to them. 

So here I was ready for another summer of pain and scarring when my wonderful mother-in-law told me about a product she was going to send me in the hopes of it actually working. 

Now when I say this product worked ... I mean,  IT WORKS!!! So what is it you ask .... 

mrs whites unstung hero mosquito spray

MRS WHITES UNSTUNG HERO, 250ml Eau de Cologne, £20/€27 shop here

(don’t you love that name?!)

Mrs Whites Unstung Hero is a chemical-free, DEET free, non-oily, eau de Cologne Spray with a gorgeous Lemon Tea fragrance suitable for men, women and children and safe around pets! It contains Citronella, Lemongrass, Limonene and Linalool.

It reminds me of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea in fact! You simply wear it as a daily fragrance as it smells so fresh, light and summery with no chemical scent to it at all. The 250ml size means you can go mad and spray yourself, clothing, bedding etc just top up every 2-4 hours depending on the humidity. You can decant it into little perfume bottles for on-the-go too. Plus I have to say price-wise, I think this is really affordable considering how much the pharmacist charge for anti-mosquito treatments!

Now I know what you're thinking as I thought the same; this really doesn't look like it's going to do much but just make me smell nice? I can honestly tell you, coming from somebody that gets bitten like you wouldn't believe, since using this every day, I have not been bitten which blows my absolute mind!

⁣I am absolutely astonished at how this simple spray has changed my summer. Mrs White, you are my hero!

mrs whites unstung hero mosquito spray

If that wasn't enough I have also stumbled on something else that I think has helped keep the mosquitoes at bay as well as keeping my skin looking and feeling super hydrated and smooth at the same time!

palmers coconut hydrate body lotion


I started using Palmer's Coconut Hydrate Body Lotion a few months back because I read an article that said it helped prevent mosquito bites because it's so scented they hate it, and I think they were right. Hence I stocked up and have been using it every single day because I ultimately fell in love with it as a body lotion because not only does it smell like a coconut dream, but it hydrates my body so well without being sticky or too much In the summer. 

I was never a fan of their Cocoa Butter scent but the Coconut is perfection. Mrs White is definitely responsible for keeping the mosquitoes at bay but I just love using this every single morning after I've had a shower. It smells of summer and not in a synthetic way. The consistency is lovely and rich being very hydrating yet you can get dressed almost immediately after applying it. As somebody that uses fake tan all the time in the summer months as I will never be in the Sun, I have found it has really helped prolong my tan as well as help it evenly fade. What I mean to say is that you don't get those ugly patches of self-tan that you then have to scrub your skin to remove!

It’s such an affordable body lotion hence I highly recommend this for all-season use as I shall myself just use it continuously.

One thing is for sure, you certainly smell amazing with both of these products! I hope this really helps you like it has me because honestly, it has transformed my summer this year.

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Kelly xx