"Nourish your body, renew your mind and illuminate your skin" ... 

Three things that are easy to achieve when you have a brand that has it all covered for you and it just so happens to be their 3rd Birthday. What a 3 years it has been for Mintd Box who have gone from strength to strength in my opinion because let’s face it, most beauty subscriptions die off well before this time but the Mintd Team work their socks off month after month to bring it bigger and better again and again. Which is why you'd be forgiven for thinking it was in fact your birthday with all the amazing products behind this months box!

The theme this July (in case you hasn't guessed) is Luminosity, because who doesn't want to look naturally glowing and radiant? Not only is the box in fact double the size (its gigantic!) but the brands inside are mega A-Star, high-end beauty buys (worth £280 for just £70 - YES you read that right!) 

Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box
A quick recap into who Mintd Box are in case you are new ..... 

"When you subscribe to Mintd Box, either every month or every other month, you will only ever receive FULL sized or DELUXE sized high end, a-list, beauty products that are themed for that month which shall save you a small fortune. No Samples, no let downs, just the latest must haves in beauty. You can in fact click 'Mintd Boxes in the Categories section' (top of page!) where you can see all the previous months boxes and their contents. It mainly features skincare as opposed to make-up but all is only ever 'high end and full size'. It isn't cheap but the products are premium and the savings are huge".

This special Birthday edition houses 4 FULL sized cult favourites, all found in high end beauty stores and work famously together to create a curation of glowing goodness! The rose gold jewel detailing on the packaging is just the cherry on the cake.

Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box
Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box
The 'LUMINOSITY' Luxury Contents:-
1. Mz Skin Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment (Full Size £85)
2. Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm (Full Size £50)
3. Ila Spa Glowing Radiance Face Serum (Full Size £75)
4. Votary Super Seed Facial Oil (Full Size £70) 

This month's edit is available via monthly, bimonthly, 3, 6 or 12 month subscription plans!
*Free Gift With Purchase Omorovicza Oxygen Booster* & available at the Gift Store for £90 + (p&p) - one off purchase.

The contents of this box have a combined value of over *£280/€311 for which you only pay £70/€78 per month or bi-monthly giving you an enormous £210/€234 saving as opposed to buying all products individually. This is exactly why Mintd Box are unbeatable!! The very best in high end beauty straight to your door in the most cost effective way.

Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box
This months contents are all brand new products to me, but I know of the brands which is why I was very excited to get all this loveliness on my face. You can expect a golden sheet mask of dreams that will transform dull skin to give you salon results of a facial, a micro-exfoliant that acts as a multi tasking cleanser/exfoliator to polish and buff the dead skin cells away, a facial serum that shall have your skin glowing in an instant and a highly luxurious facial oil that will put your skin into balance. 

If you have still have not subscribed to Mintd, then you can see that high end beauty with a high saving is all here .... so let me tell you more about what the contents actually do.

Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box - Mz Golden Facial
First up, a product that intrigued me the most ....

Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box - Mz Golden Facial
Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box - Mz Golden Facial
1. Mz Skin Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment x5 (Full Size £85) here!
Transform dull, lacklustre skin with this luxurious face mask (x5 in the box). Each mask is saturated in gold nano particles, Hyaluronic Acid , Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Aloe Leaf Juice and Collagen to plump and firm the skin. This is turn Brightens and restores radiance, hydrates and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles for a rejuvenated complexion

- Clinically proven to improve smoothness in 1 month!
- Lifts areas prone to sagging!
- Reduces the appearance of hyper-pigmentation!

Place and press the mask onto your face and leave on for 20 minutes and gently massage to enhance the absorption of it's active ingredients. Peel off and remove any excess with warm water. Use up to twice a week and place in the refrigerator for 5 minutes before using to add an extra cooling effect to the ritual.

Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box - Mz Golden Facial
The fact that this mask contains gold nano particles and looks like gold had me whipping this out pack in an instant! I was keen to see if this actually was worth it or just a gimmick as such .... 

The gold gel mask itself was packaged perfectly in two halves which makes application easy (hurrah!). I started with the top half of my face and it almost felt like it was magnetised to my skin because it simply adhered itself in seconds and sat in place with no slipping and fitted my face perfectly. The bottom half took a little more fiddling about with and found to best to lie slightly back so it stayed nicely in place. At this point I did look like iron man having a rest. The first thing I noticed about this mask was how cooling and refreshing it felt on my skin which is heaven right now in this insane heatwave. I actually kept it on for way longer  than it said because it felt too nice to remove in truth (like an hour, plus I was watching Love Island, don't judge me). I noticed the mask felt thinner after I took it off ... because it had transferred all those lovely ingredients into my skin! You can actually see the gold particles within this mask which is so pretty and mesmerising. I instantly noticed the tone of my skin was so even and all one colour (ie no red patches) and just looked incredible I have to say. My skin felt softer, looked hydrated and was even better the next day, just like the result of having a salon facial. This mask will definitely benefit those skins that need evening out, plumping up and given a general boost, plus you get 5 facial treatments here as opposed to one salon treatment. I am thrilled I have 4 more to use because they really do make a difference in fast time and feel they shall certainly give more long term results too. Again, this months Mints box is the best way to lay your hands on them! 

Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box - Oskia Micro-exfoliating balm
Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box - Oskia Micro-exfoliating balm
2. Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm (Full Size £50) here!
When I researched this product the quote that this is 'the difference between a cheap vacuum cleaner and a Dyson' made me laugh our loud, because it really is just that! This Micro-Exfoliating Balm not only exfoliates gently but it conditions to leave your skin feeling silky smooth and comfortable. The texture is that of a luxurious cleansing balm containing tiny grains of MSM (Oskia's star ingredient)  and silica, that gently polish the skin's surface without any scrubbing or abrasive chemicals. It will resurface, plump and brighten your skin for a luminous skin result.

Massage a small amount in circular movements using your finger tips onto a damp clean face and neck avoiding the eye area. Add a little water to form a milk and continue to massage gently. Add more water to dissolve the Pure MSM granules and the balm to form a softening milk and rinse off. Gentle enough to use two or three times a week - (depending on skin type I say!).

I was very excited to trial this because I adore Oskia as a brand and knew that this would probably end up on my staples list from here on and to no surprise, it did not disappoint. This really is like you have mixed together a fine exfoliant with a luxurious cleansing balm and I love that it does both jobs, although I would still cleanse my skin before doing this, but it will ensure that any remnants are cleansed away. I do think that the balm helps to carry the particles evenly over your skin which is a huge benefit. It feels very much like micro-dermabrasion so I was sure to massage gently as they may only be small particles but they are mighty! I loved the trademark Oskia scent and the milky transformation once I added water as it felt a lot more gentle and nourishing. This definitely worked to lift dead skin cells and improve the overall texture and tone of my skin as it felt baby soft after use. The particles washed away really easily so you aren't left with what feels like 'sand' on your face. I do feel that highly sensitive skins that are quite reactive may find this a little too harsh so make sure you do use it on a damp skin and less often but dry/dehydrated skins will adore this. I think this will be a god send should your skin go through a 'hormonal bout' to ease congestion and keep it glowing. Another stunning product from Oskia that really is a saving in this box! 

Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box - Ila Spa Glow Serum
Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box - Ila Spa Glow Serum
3. Ila Spa Face Serum Glowing Radiance 30ml (Full Size £75) here!
This is an energising face serum that is very anti-ageing and perfect for those skin's that are crying out for a boost of radiance. It uses Plant stem cells that re-programme cells to re-balance and re-energise the skin, leaving your face tighter, brighter and radiant! The powerful healing properties will work to put things right once and for all with your skin.  

I first came across Ila Spa through a previous Mintd Box and soon fell in love with their Body Balm as anything that uses aromatherapy and is spa like, gets my vote instantly but the balm was such a surprise and I used that up pretty sharpish! I was thrilled to see a skincare item from them being the new fan that I am to the brand plus I adore serums so this was my ideal. The creamy lotion like serum is lovely and lightweight yet feels super hydrating the moment you apply it to your skin. The rose aromatherapy scent is an absolute dream and the whole ritual of applying it feels really special. It was a little tacky at the start so needed to let this one sit on my skin for a few minutes while it absorbed, then it left my skin feeling smoothed, hydrated with a healthy glow, kind of like I had used an oil but hadn't?! I would most definitely purchase this serum again which has also left me wanting to try more of their skincare line. I think dry/dehydrated skins will highly benefit from using this serum and the saving by opting to get this serum through this months Mintd Box really is the best way should you be keen to try to out for yourself.

Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box - Votary Super Seed Facial Oil
Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box - Votary Super Seed Facial Oil
4. Votary Super Seed Facial Oil, 50ml (Full Size £70) here!
VOTARY make oils that really do change your skin for the better in my opinion and cater to every skin type. Their oils are all hand-blended in small batches in the UK, and co-founder Arabella Preston’s iconic green bottles are recyclable and filled with nature’s finest ingredients and fresh plant oils (without any nasty irritants) to provide soothing and age-defying nutrients to the skin. This is a ‘clean' brand and the Super Seed range is formulated using 22 types of super seed oils and has been an iconic launch for them. It has been designed to nourish and balance unsettled, irritated, hormonal or sensitive skin and a perfect follow-on from the Super Seed Cleansing Oil. 

Now I am huge Votary fan as I truly think they produce some of the best facials oils out there right now and I have been a fan ever since I used their Jasmine and Calendula Facial oil - that just had me sold into the brand completely because the results were all there in my skin to see (here) plus the Rose, Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil has been a more recent love too (here). This is why I was super excited to try the super seed range, knowing that they were famous for it. I like the fact that this oil helps to address a host of issues like redness, loss of elasticity and density to calming stressed, menopausal, hormonal or pregnant skin. I mean bad skin stresses us out, fact, so Votary are experts when it comes to taking that stress away and leaving us with ultimately happy, healthy skin that's glows! Plus with all their oils, they smell incredible and this earthy, yet fruity scent makes you feel like you are doing good for your skin. I will keep you posted on the long term benefits of this one as I know it shall be well used when it comes to keeping the skin happy when hormones kick in. If you are looking for facial oils that really do work for your skin then you must try them. They do smaller sizes too which is great should you just want to dip your toe in ... or get the box, the savings will make you happy. 

Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box 
My skin is smiling I tell you! This really is a box to celebrate and the brands could not have been put together anymore perfectly that this; it's like putting together the right line up in a pop band ... they just work so in sync with each other and are a hit. The shining stars of this box really are all of the above as I cannot call out one product over another as I have enjoyed trying each and every new thing here but I would 100% purchase the Ila Spa Glow Serum again that is for sure. 

A very Happy Birthday to the amazing Mintd Team and a special thank you for sharing your passion with us all because boxes like this show exactly why you are top of the game and no other even comes close! It is a pure joy to review and share my honest opinion on them which may always seem positive and 'another box win' but that is because they really, genuinely are. Mintd Box are in fact responsible for bringing so many amazing products into my skincare regime that have fast become staples. The savings are all here in black and white so you cannot argue or dislike that. 

Mintd Box, Luminosity July Birthday Box 
Rest assured that this is a skincare line up that really will give your skin results, and that is worth every penny. **Worth a staggering *£280/€311 for which you only pay £70/€78 per month or bi-monthly**.

Should you be keen to try any of what you see plus get more of this next month, head over to Mintd Box (here) where you can sign up and find out more. 

Amazing, right?!
Lots of love Mintd Box, here is to the next year!