If for you, like me, winter means a cooler climate, dark mornings, dark nights and all you want to do is hide under your duvet ... then we are on the same page. Contrary to belief it is not all sunshine and warm skies here in Monaco and the French Riviera, we do have cold winters but with the added luxury of the sun shining majority of the time which helps but allbeit, winter is still winter. For me this time of year means one thing, cosiness. All I want to do is wear lounge wear, fluffy slippers, do plenty of face masks and wear minimal makeup. It's a bit like hibernation really, where you cocoon yourself into your home and going out feels like such a huge chore. I turned down a dinner invite this week because I just couldn't be bothered. I mean I had new pjs I wanted to wear and my favourite tv show was on ....  does this mean I am old? Creature Comforts just took over! 
Nowadays we just like to enjoy the fruits of own labour and bask in our homes where we can relax and switch off. Whether it be with a loved one, friend, pet or simply alone; I think we all need some cosy time.

As well as cosy clothes and snuggly blankets, beauty can be cosy too. For me a cosy beauty regime consists of rich luxurious skincare, minimal make-up days and warming scents. I suddenly felt all inspired to write this post off the cuff just to remind us all that it really is ok to have a day like this and not feel bad about doing so. The famous saying of 'having a duvet day' doesn't mean you have to be sick to endure one, it just means you are thinking of yourself as you should be. I like nothing more than to light all my candles, put some cosy clothes on and lock the door where possible. 
Cosy Beauty
Therefore, I wanted to share just a little inspiration should you like some of what you see in my collection as above to help warm up your mind, body and soul and feel a little more hydrated, brighter and glowing! 

SKIN. Get it just as cosy as you. 
Cosy Beauty. Farmacy Honey Potion
Recently featured in my latest Mintd Box haul, this Farmacy Honey Potion (link here) is a warming face mask which means it feels really warm and soothing as you apply it to your skin to ultimately  help stimulate blood flow and revitalise dry, stressed out complexions with a blend of healing honey, for all skin types. This will warm, soothe and make you feel all cosy as you and your skin relax.This combined with a nice hot tea, chocolate or wine shall do wonders! For the full review see here
Cosy Beauty. Rodial Skincare 
You can't beat a good set of eye masks and the Dragons Blood Eye Masks are some of my favourites. They work to hydrate, brighten and tone your eye area and being such thin sheets they stay put with ease as I hate when eye patches slide down your cheek! These are so cooling and soothing and really make a big difference! I highly recommend the whole Dragons Blood line for hydration as it really does help to make a big difference to your skin. I have lots of new skincare goodies from Rodial to try of which I purchased myself in their super sale. Hint: they have the BEST sales so definitely subscribe to them.

Cosy Beauty
A face cream that has had me using it non-stop since I got it from Argentum Apothecary (link here). This cream is magical! It is most definitely a Winter moisturiser as it has a rich, velvet texture that smells of warm rich notes such as rosewood, geranium, patchouli and sandalwood. I mean that is one comforting scent. This moisturiser delivers hydration at a cellular level carrying 10,000 times it's weight in water that helps target wrinkles, lines, blemishes and stress. After having received this deluxe size in my November Mintd Box, I actually have the full size on the way so stay tuned as I shall be posting more very soon on this amazing brand. The Balm also pictured above is from a brand called Earth Tu Face and is ideal if you have super dry skin; it really will work to soothe and nurture. You can read full reviews of both here!

BODY. Let it be silky smooth and smelling amazing under that blanket! 
Cosy Beauty. NEOM 
Aromatherapy has to be a part of any cosy beauty session and it doesn't get any more luxurious than this. This NEOM sugar scrub (link hereshall have your body feeling amazing and the whole house smelling even more so. Safflower and Jojoba oils soften whilst Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood (plus 21 other essential oils!) help you to de-stress. If you want to know more, catch my recent full review here

A warming scent always makes me feel cosy and gives me a sense of home. This is a recent purchase of mine that is a timeless classic, in a brand new Limited Edition bottle. For the first time ever, CHANEL have launched a N°5 LIMITED EDITION EDP (*link here) for a LIMITED TIME only in Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite colour - a stunning red bottle making it a timeless collectible. In case you aren't familiar with this famous scent, it's main notes are Rose and Jasmine with a touch of bourbon vanilla that make it truly sensual. No 5 is most definitely a scent that I have grown into as I always remember it being very strong and heavy, but now I feel it is a really special fragrance that makes me feel just as special each time I wear it. A GREAT GIFT idea should you be wanting to treat anyone or simply just yourself because you deserve it! 

HOME. Lights off, candles on.
Cosy Beauty
I love candles and have more than I care to admit. I have many many brands but some scent Winter scents I picked up recently from my trip to Dubai in Bath and Body Works are these cosy warmers. These are the scents that I like in my home at this time of year. Either clean, fresh laundry or earthy green notes that smell like the outdoors .. without having to leave the house. Snow Mountain Lodge is by far my favourite candle from them right now (please go smell it if you can!) because it really smells like being sat in snow mountain lodge and it just makes you feel cosy in an instant.

MAKE-UP. Should you want it.
Hourglass Unlocked Palette
When I am home, I rarely wear makeup but if I should want to make myself look and feel a little more presentable then I shall use something like my Chanel Tint or ByTerry CC Serum (review hereto give my skin life as well as a dash of concealer and some mascara. To help liven up my complexion, the Hourglass powders do just that, with pure luxurious and class. Their Limited Edition Palettes are worth every single penny in my book as you can do you whole face from one palette like this one alone. You can powder, brighten up your skin, warm up your skin and add some colour. This is the latest Hourglass Unlocked Palette (link here) which I shall be going into much more detail very soon here so stay tuned! If you want to know more about Hourglass products the I plenty of reviews on the blog already, here

However, my goal in life is to be as cosy as my fur baby Louis .... 

Louis, Lhasa Apso
He loves his cosy blankets and sleep! Zzzzzzzzzz

Louis, Lhasa Apso
I simply felt inspired to write about in the moment so hope you enjoyed this read and that it gave you some ideas of how to beat the winter blues and to get your own cosy routine in place no matter how luxe, a little of something good shall do wonders for the mind. 

Cosy Beauty
You can find me under a snuggly blanket, with my face mask on, candles burning with a hot Assam tea in hand or wine/G&T .... if it's the weekend.😚