8 November 2018

ByTerry to-go! • Luxury Mini's

Travel mini's; they just make life easier. When it comes to packing up a travel bag, don't you find that however many days you are away for, you still need to take the same products with you? It's just the size that varies so if I can get my hands on a mini that shall last the trip, then a mini it is. This in turn makes your packing lighter and gives you room in your luggage to pack more on the way back .... aka shop, shop, shop.

Skincare miniatures are far more accessible nowadays as you can even get away with samples in some cases but makeup is not so easy to condense. You can limit the amount of products you take with you but 'downsizing them' isn't always possible. Hence I love when luxury brands make there best selling products into 'travel sizes' ... and this is exactly what By Terry have done! Luxury beauty brands tend to be a lot harder to downsize so I was over the moon to have some of the best iconic beauty products in my hands. Plus, these are great gift ideas! 

By Terry Travel Minis
This is not just beneficial for holidays or trips away, but for everyday because trying to fit all your 'essentials' into your favourite handbag that may not be very generous with space means you can take your face out with you daily ... hurrah! 

Isn't it a pain when you have a fancy evening clutch bag that fits about one thing but you really want to use it?! At least this makes that decision of what to take easier! 

By Terry Travel Minis
By Terry have given us the basics here and taken a few of their most useful items that we would want and made them into a portable version that shall not only last you a good amount of time but look utterly cute and luxe at the same time. 

So we go can from this .... aka normal size ..... 

By Terry Travel Minis
... to this, miniature! I have positioned them below next to the new Nude-Expert Duo Stick so you can see how mini they are and in fact just how portable the new foundations stick is too. 

By Terry Travel Minis
I have spoken about and shown a lot of these products in action already in  a previous blog post, so if you want to see them in full use then head over here

By Terry have taken 5 best selling products and make them travel friendly for everyday. First up the Compact-Expert Dual Power .... 

By Terry Travel Minis - Compact Expert
By Terry Travel Minis - Compact Expert
COMPACT EXPERT DUAL POWDER (1.3g > full sized 5g) (buy here!
A hybrid powder that combines two tones to mattify, highlight and set make-up all in one go. This shade works perfectly as a blush and warms up the face beautifully. I don't think a mini could get any cuter than this! I have the full sized version in the same shade (see here) so this makes doing touch up's a dream! It still has a little mirror too and I love how By Terry have still kept all the details from the original so you don't feel short changed one bit. We all know blushers last forever so this is a great way of trying them out should you be inclined to not want to spend one the bigger size first. 

By Terry Travel Minis- Baume de rose mini 
BAUME DE ROSE FLACONETTE (2.3g > full sized 7ml) (buy here!)
The Iconic signature balm that was actually my first ever By Terry product that I owned and still use to this day. The formals works to repair, nourish and protect your lips with the most beautiful rose scent and glossy feel. I actually love this as a gloss because its super shiny without being sticky and makes your lips look wet and definitely plumper! I cannot recommend this enough as well as the pot version for your dresser. Trust me, if you have not used this you really need to try it and this a great way to do so. 

By Terry Travel Minis
- HYALURONIC HYDRA-POWDER (1.5g > full sized 10g) (buy here!)
Like I said on my previous post, if you have never used this powder then you really should try it! This powder is so finely milled that it not only sets make-up but also blurs over imperfections to add a 'soft focus' to your skin. The hyaluronic spheres within the powder attract an retain moisture from the atmosphere to fill in lines and wrinkles. It feels totally weightless and looks invisible on your skin with no ashy tones and ideal for all skins. 

I mean, when can you take a loose powder out with you? unless you want to risk a powder explosion then never. This is genius and the most amazing portable size, again complete with mirror and puff! Albeit very tiny but great for on the spot touch ups  on the t-zone which means if you love this power, you never need be without it. you can even refill if from your big pot so you can always have it in travel size. This is definitely the best travel product to own. 

By Terry Travel Minis
- OMBRE BLACKSTAR NO4 BRONZE MOON Eyeshadow (0.9g > full sized 1.64g) (buy here!)
I have been a fan of these cream eyeshadow sticks for many years as have many of us! They are so easy to use and the shade range is stunning. They have taken the best selling shade, Bronze Moon, as it suits everybody and is one of those shades that can tael you from day to night in a few strokes. The formula contains pearl extracts which allows the shadow to glide smoothly over the eyes and takes minimal work to blend. The pigments brighten and lifts the eyelids and stays put all day/night long. This is perfect for nights out and shall be that one item you rely on for a quick makeup change when you decide to go for that after work drink.

By Terry Travel Minis
- MASCARA TERRYBLY NO1 BLACK (4g > full sized 8ml) (buy here!)
We all love a mini mascara as I know it's one of the areas that I like to touch up when I am out hence mascara samples are like gold dust! This is the perfect 'handbag mascara' as to looks stunning, even in miniature. This mascara is in fact a unique tinted lash serum that not only works to give your lashes volume, length and thickness but also helps to boost you own lash growth so the more you apply it, the better the condition of your own lashes. The tube may be smaller but the wand is exactly the same size so you are not losing out on the lash effects/benefits in any way. Again a great way to try this mascara prior to purchasing the full size!

By Terry Travel Minis
By Terry Travel Minis
NUDE EXPERT STICK FOUNDATION (8.5g full size) (buy here!)
The latest foundation launch from By Terry that couldn't be anymore travel friendly. The Nude Expert is a NEW duo stick base being half foundation, half highlighter designed to create an instantly flawless, radiant, matte complexion. This foundation offers a sheer to medium coverage with the foundation side being 'matte' and the highlighter side being 'glow' combined together to give you a camera ready effect glow that acts like a real life filter. This is naturally, flawless skin on-the-go. If you need a make-up base that you can apply anywhere, take anywhere and use for touch ups throughout the day etc then this is the one for you. It was born to travel! If you want to see and know all there is about this one then check out my full review post here

By Terry Travel Minis
As much as I love my By Terry products in all their true form (above) I may just love their siblings even more! 

For every day, I like to take an every day touch up make-up bag out with me so all of these slot in perfectly. We have the Nude-Expert for concealing touch ups, the Hydra-Powder for keeping shine at bay, Compact-Expert for cheeks, Ombre Blackstar and Terrybly mascara for eyes then the Baume de Rose gloss for lips ... all covered and takes up minimal space. Thank you By Terry for seeing to our needs! 

By Terry Travel Minis
Given the time of year, these shall make great stocking fillers too (fancy fillers!).

Considering the cost of each product full sized, these travel sizes really are great value costing between €16 - €18 each and such an ideal way to try out By Terry products you maybe haven't before, yet for less money. I highly recommend investing in the Hydra-Powder, Blush and Gloss as they are things we all reapply and touch up on - you shall be grateful for those trust me. 

Are they not the most luxurious mini's ever? 

*HandBag featured is a Limited Edition Valentino Rockstud from Monaco Boutique* 


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