The summer may have come to an end for some or may even just be beginning for others but you can always rely on a fragrance to transport you to whatever climate you like. The notes of a fragrance can take you anywhere you want to go whether it's cosy in front of a fire, treading autumn leaves or like this one in question, bring you right on over to me, in South of France where there is oodles of sunshine, blue seas and ice cold rosé. 

Fragrance translates to 'pleasant smell' and is something very powerful that comes with a host of opinions and preferences but ultimately, holds a lot importance for us all. I do feel very spoilt living in the South of France aka the Perfume Capital of the World because discovering new fragrance is a daily occurrence here as I am surrounded by enticing perfumeries that always somehow get me captive. I love niche brands; brands that not many people know of or wear because we all want that one scent that we are recognised by and I love uniqueness. I really dislike celebrity endorsed fragrances as for me they lack any personal quality and I would rather spend more money on one niche brand, rather than a few well known ones. Don't get me wrong, popular brands like Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford etc are brands I love and wear yet are of course very well known but they are Classics, and a luxury at that. There is just something about spritzing on a luxury fragrance, or simply your favourite scent that just instantly transforms how you feel. 

I have featured a some of my favourite niche brands here on my blog (search fragrance!) as well as on my Instagram feed and I wanted to talk about a recent discovery that really did wow me from the start and is a brand that I feel will be loved my many who like something more exclusive - welcome, TOM DAXON. 

Tom Daxon Fragrances
TOM DAXON is a British family run brand from their perfumery in Grasse, France. The Unisex fragrances were all inspired by Tom's mother's fragrance lab in Grasse where he grew up as a child, working with perfumers Jacques and Carla Chabert whom he has known since the age of four. The Daxon working ethos is that 'cost and time are never considered' - each perfume is blended with oils in France and matured in England for at least six weeks before it's bottled. 

This description alone intrigued me enough to want to know a whole lot more about Tom Daxon as a brand and as a person as it sounded like this was a brand I would totally be on board with. 

Tom Daxon Fragrances
Tom Daxon Fragrances
This was actually my second introduction to Tom Daxon as I have already tried Vachetta Shower Gel (thanks to Mintd Box here!) and absolutely adored it, so this was a real treat to receive in the post thanks to World Duty Free

I received the stunning LACONIA Eau De Parfum and a Discovery Sampling Set, both delivered in the most luxurious of packaging that really made this discovery an experienceHis brand includes 10 different scents along with candles, shower gels and body lotions.

Tom Daxon Fragrances
Tom Daxon Fragrances
Tom Daxon Fragrances
• LACONIA EAU DE PARFUM 100ml, £155 (or £105 - 50ml) (here!)
Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Orange, Mandarin, 
Middle: Water Mint, Green Violet Leaf, Jasmine 
Base: Sea Salt, Vetiver, Cardamom

THE SCENT: A vibrant sea breeze citrus. Succulent lemon and mandarin glint off aquatic greens - mint and violet leaf. Vetiver and cardamom provide elegance in the dry down.

‘Everybody was talking at once, the wine was flowing, the food was being replenished, the sun which had been veiled came out strong, the boat was rocking gently…the lemon groves were in sight and the madness which is in their fragrance had already seized us and drawn us tightly together in a frenzy of self-surrender.’ Henry Miller – The Colossus of Maroussi.

Now as you may know, I live in Monaco and for me this fragrance envelops the Mediterranean. It truly captures the essence of living in such a beautiful place - this is the essence of the South of France, bottled (plus anything with violet leaf usually has be sold!).

Tom Daxon Fragrances
Choosing a fragrance should not be rushed. The collection box contains generous 4.5ml vials and allows you to try a selection of our range at your own pace.

This is the perfect way to discover Tom Daxon because you get to select exactly which five scents you would like included! This would make a superb gift as the packaging is so luxe that this is easy more than just a 'sample'. I have yet to wear these ones as I like to save them for my travels, so shall keep you posted on my social media channels to which others I love. 

Tom Daxon Fragrances
The Look .... 
Bold yet simple and very elegant I think you'll agree? By embracing clean branding with an elegant yet luxurious finish with the heavy lids, glass bottles and the hand sealed cellophane wrap, Tom has created something that appeals to us all. I was really surprised to discover that Tom Daxon is only 28 years yet owns this amazing fragrance brand; proof that he really has grown up in this industry because he is doing an exquisite job

In my opinion, this brand is first class. It is niche, unique and worth every penny. This is for people who want something special and hold their fragrance in high esteem. My bottle is happily taking pride of place on my dresser and this is some packaging that shall not be thrown out. I highly recommend you look out for Tom Daxon fragrances if you are someone who loves to discover something very honest and real and like this one, transport you over to see me in the South  of France.

Tom Daxon Fragrances
The good news is that you don't have to live in an affluent area to gain access to these niche brands anymore because places like World Duty Free are now hosting so many more creative brands that are not so well known but are highly sought after. It is a place that most of us shall end up going at some point and this means that 'shopping in duty free' just got a while lot fancier.

I have to say, I always choose to pass through Heathrow T5 whenever I can as I travel back and forth from Monaco to the UK often and they have some incredible brands there. I even try and get to the airport hours before my flight just so I can peruse and really discover these brands at my own leisure (all being well time wise!). Duty free shopping is a travelling essential right? So we can feel less guilty about doing so .... yep, let's go with that! 

Tom Daxon Fragrances
Tom Daxon is still collaborating with Jacques Chabert to formulate his scents – when he visits Grasse, he stays with him and his family - which makes this a really personable brand in my opinion. 

Tom Daxon Fragrances
Head over to the Tom Daxon website here if you know want to see some more from this line but next time you are in the perfume aisle or online shopping, do me a favour and search for Tom Daxon. You wont regret it! 

Have you tried Tom Daxon?
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