HOURGLASS is without a doubt one of my favoured high end make-up brands of the moment. They may have a luxury price tag but you get what you pay for with this brand. Saying that, the quality is faultless, the results are flawless and the products last a crazy long time, so who wouldn't pay for or want that? The biggest pro about Hourglass is that they are entirely cruelty free i.e. not tested on animals and their products do not contain things such as sulphates, gluten, fragrance, synthetic dyes etc hence making them a very friendly brand that shall suit many.

I have posted several Hourglass favourites on the blog (search 'Hourglass' above) previously but seeing as the new Setting Powder launched not so long ago, I thought now would be a good time to tell you my thoughts on the whole Veil collection
Hourglass Veil Collection, Setting Powder

NEW additions in the HOURGLASS Veil collection are the Translucent Setting Powder, Powder Brush and Retouching Fluid. I was already a huge fan of the Mineral Veil Primer so I knew it was 99.9% likely that I would love the new additions.

The social media campaigns for the setting powder practically took over, I mean this went viral and had us all chomping at the bit to try it. I am so glad that I got my hands on this  (thanks to it being kindly sent over for review) but without any doubt, I would have spent my own money on this as I do on Hourglass in general. It's an addiction. 

Hourglass Veil Collection, Setting Powder
Hourglass Veil Collection 
Hourglass Veil Collection, Setting Powder
HOURGLASS Veil Translucent Setting Powder (10g) £36/€40 (buy here!)
This is described as an ultra refined loose powder designed to give a flawless finish to all skins. The finely milled powder has light reflecting, soft focus particles that instantly blur imperfections and minimise the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles for all round smooth skin for all skin tones

Ok a heads up; this is a powder for everybody, especially those who hate to powder yet want to set their make-up in place because this feels completely invisible on the skin, as in you will not feel it  or see it.

I was confident that this would be amazing but I wasn't prepared for just how amazing it would be. This is a powder like no other powder you have seen or tried before. In fact, forget all other loose powders because Hourglass has just stolen the top spot so all others can go home immediately. I always rave about and recommend the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Pressed Powder and this is kind of a loose version of that but a totally different formula that gives the same amazing airbrushed look to your skin but is entirely weightless and invisible.

Hourglass Veil Collection, Setting Powder
Hourglass Veil Collection, Setting Powder
The packaging got a little bit of a hard time in some reviews I read because some people didn't feel it felt as luxurious as it looked being as it is all plastic. For me this means portable which wins hands down. I know 'weighty' feels more luxurious but it also means it's not portable so I guess you need to weigh up what is more important when buying this. The Golden 'H' design makes this powder even more exquisite in my eyes and little details like this make me very happy. The H disperses just the right amount of powder as there is nothing worse than waste that ends up all over your clothing. 

I don't how it does it, but this powder feels almost moist when you blend it and literally turns to silk on the skinThere is nothing 'powdery' about this powder. This is your real life Instagram filter because it gives your skin a soft focus that makes you look airbrushed in real lifeIt sets makeup like a dream to keep it in place longer, gives a nice glow to the skin thanks to diamond powder (yes diamond!) but without any flashback so this is a great one for weddings or special occasions when photographs are important. 

I was thinking, 'how can one powder suit every skin tone?'. I have heard from many people with darker skin tones that it really does work and doesn't look ashy or pale so the most impressive aspect about this powder is that it does work for all skin tones, types and ages. What else is there to ask for?

When it comes to powder products in general such as loose, pressed, bronzer, blusher etc Hourglass make some of the best on the market in my opinion. The texture is smooth, the pigment is just right and they last a very long time! If you are yet to try then trust me, you'll thank me. Next up, the beautiful powder brush ..... 

Hourglass Veil Collection, Setting Powder 
Hourglass Veil Collection, Setting Powder
Hourglass Veil Collection, Setting Powder
• The HOURGLASS Veil Powder Brush, £52/€58 (buy here!)
A double ended powder brush that was especially designed to be used with the Veil Translucent Powder. The smaller end is tapered to fit under the eyes for setting and baking whilst the larger rounded end is for all over. The soft synthetic bristles are evenly dispersed and shaped to pick up just the right amount of powder to give you that airbrushed finish. Being made from taklon bristles, this is perfect for anyone with allergies

I don't usually get sold into buying the 'brush that matches the powder' because I always feel it's just an 'expensive add on' that is not essential as all brushes are universal. Although I was sent this, if I had seen this brush in a store and had used it, I would have been sold regardless. This is a damn good powder brush let me tell you. I can't get over softness of this brush and is one of those you find yourself stroking your face with for no reason other than it feels good. You know, right? I also tend not to go in for dual ended brushes either as they are hard to store in a pot as you end up flattening one end but this beauty has it's own pride of place, laying flat on my dresser because it is that fancy. 

This isn't an essential buy but if you are looking for a top quality powder brush that you can actually use for any powder product like bronzer, blush etc then this is a good contender as you technically get two for the price of one. Next up, the magical Retouching Fluid ... 

Hourglass Veil Collection, Setting Powder, Retouching Fluid
Hourglass Veil Collection, Setting Powder, Retouching Fluid
Hourglass Veil Collection, Retouching Veil
• HOURGLASS Veil Retouching Fluid, 3.5ml £25/€28 (available in 6 shades) (buy here!)
A serum like formula that instantly illuminates, refreshes, revives and retouches your makeup! The weightless fluid can be used in so many ways on all parts of the face; any where that needs a touch of hydration, coverage or reviving without the caking or creasing, this shall do all that. 

I have the shade Fair (for fair to light skin tones) and it suits my skin really well. I simply apply it onto my face from the wand where needed and pat in with my fingers, it's that easy. The fluid is so lightweight yet covers well on any areas you feel you need to revive or correct. It nicely adds a hit of hydration without disrupting any of your makeup that is already on and leaves no caking which is what I love dearly about this. It is a small bottle (being just 3.2ml) but don't forget this is solely for touch ups, not for doing your whole face or it's pointless in buying. It's small yet mighty and what many of us have been waiting for! 

I hate adding more concealer or foundation when my make-up needs 'a touch up' because I feel it just makes you look like you are wearing even more and being a light/medum coverage kind of girl, I don't want to be caking it on. I love this fluid for makeup days when concealer may be a bit too obvious on bare skin as this gives you coverage where you need it without feeling like you have make-up on. It gives you that confidence to be makeup free, give or take a few tweaks. PLUS it is handbag / makeup bag sized meaning it has been designed to be taken out with you for touch ups on the go. At last, a portable, touch up, on the go makeup saviour - need I say any more. This is genius, I love it.

Hourglass Veil Collection, Setting Powder, Retouching Fluid, Mineral Primer
• HOURGLASS Veil Mineral Primer (available in 3 sizes) (buy here!)
A high tech primer that extends the wear of foundation and gives you a more flawless complexion. The oil-free texture is very unique with a silk feel feel dries down to a velvet finish for a smooth, even canvas for all over make-up. It also conceals redness, minimises pores as well as lines and wrinkles with broad spectrum SPF15. 

I had to mention this primer as I have loved and used it for many years now and is one of Hourglass's most famous products having won numerous beauty awards. I love that it is works on so many factors and isn't 'just a primer'. It isn't heavy nor greasy and feels almost invisible on your skin. 

Even though I have used this primer for years now, I had no idea that it actually repels water as I was shown this in person by the fabulous Stuart Coleman and team from Hourglass  whilst I was in Sephora in the US a few months back. Welcome in the demo; the primer was applied firstly to the back of my hand, then layered up as you would with foundation, powder, blush, highlight etc and they even made a point of using other brands to show that the primer works universally with all makeup. I watched as my hand was placed under a running tap and the water droplets literally ran down my hand like it had been waterproofed. I was stunned and fell in love with it even more! If you want your make-up to stay on whatever the weather or climate, then this is the one primer you need. It's magical. 

Wearing:  The Hourglass Veil Collection, Luminous Flush Blush & No One Knows Lip (here)

Hourglass have really upped the ante when it comes to new product innovations and formulas and the Veil Collection is proof of that. I cannot recommend all the above enough.

Hourglass Veil Collection, Setting Powder, Retouching Fluid
Have you tried the powder yet? 
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