8 February 2018

DIOR • Glow Squad *New Spring 2018*

The weather around Europe may not exactly feel like spring just yet but Dior have brought Spring to us all in the form of their NEW Glow Squad Collection. It's feminine, girly, elegant, bright, fun and simply stunning. It symbolises exactly what we want at this time of year, a glow. I picked up two items that really caught my eye hence I had to share them as  Dior are causing a stir with this latest collection as I have seen it literally everywhere so the campaign is hot

The launch is based around their best selling Lip Glow line as Dior have introduced many more shades and finishes into their range. Alongside this are two Limited Edition Eye Palettes and a Highlighter. I J.Adore Dior eyeshadow palettes are they are always so unique and exquisite and worth the buy every time. The collection is the epitome of girly-ness, but grown up and sophisticated; kind of like Barbie all grown up, married and living a life of luxury.

Dior Glow Addict
As soon as I saw the eye palettes on my IG feed and knowing they were Limited Edition (which means they will sell out) I was sold. At first glance I knew that the softer pastel version would be very me but Thrill, the more electric version just excited me way more! It is unlike anything else in my collection and makeup should take you out of your comfort zone at times so you don't end up with a dozen palettes all the same shade. We know we are all guilty of this. So let me show you this stunning palette first off .... 

Dior Glow Addict
• DIOR GLOW ADDICT LIMITED EDITION 2018: 5 Colour Spring Palette £48.50 (link!)
Two blossom bright eye palettes based on Dior's Iconic looks; one palette has more of an electric look where one is more pastel. 

- #887 Thrill - One beautiful burgundy matte shade that partners perfectly with four shimmers. A Pearly Pink, a Luminous Nude, a Champagne Ivory and an Electric Pink. (featured!)

- #667 Flirt - A pastel Grey, a Rosewood, a Rosy Taupe, a Pearly White and a Black. 

Dior Glow Addict
As you can see from my swatches below, the bright pastel shades are beautiful and even bridal looking. The Dior details like the embossing in the shadows all add to the beauty of this stunning edition. There are so many ways to use this palette that shall easily work with other tones like bronze and silvers etc. The shadows are amazing to apply; buttery soft, highly pigmented and so blendable which is why I love Dior eye shadows as much as I do. I need to play around with the palette some more but this is very day and night time appropriate. You can create a natural day look by using the lighter shades on the lid and socket and the dark matte at the base of the lashes as a liner - or transition into a more glamorous look by using the darker glittery, pinks and matte shade in the socket to smoke out the look more (see above). One shade (bottom left in the palette) is actually more glittery than the other 4 shades which adds to a more glamorous end result. 

In short this is a very luminous palette full of satin and metallics that work for both day and night. If you are a matte lover then this may not be for you as there is only one matte shade, so another matte may have been a plus. They shadows are so easy to apply with no fall out or mess. It is one to get your hands on for Spring/Summer

Dior Glow Addict, Thrill Palette
Dior Glow Addict, Thrill palette 
You cannot deny this is one stunning eye palette and the Lip Glows make the perfect pairing as they are so delicate and light and great to see that Dior have added more shades to the line as I was already a big fan.

Dior Glow Addict, Thrill palette 
Dior Glow Addict, Thrill palette 
DIOR LIP GLOW, in 10 new shades! £26 (link!)
Lip Glow is the Dior's best selling universal lip balm that gives every skin tone the perfect custom pink shade. Dior have now added 10 new shades and launched two new finishes alongside glow, there is now Matte and Holographic

Lip Glow is the perfect mix of makeup and treatment as the colour reviver technology reacts to the unique chemistry of each persons lips to give a natural flush of custom pink that suits each skin tone so your lips look fuller with a hint of colour. They are formulated with mango butter to really hydrate and stay comfortable on the lips. The three finishes are; the Original Glow that adds a subtle shine, NEW Matte Glow works exactly the same but gives a soft matte finish instead of shine and NEW Holographic that gives a gorgeous iridescent holographic finish.

I already had the original glow which I love but I had to pick up the new Holographic shade 010 Holo Pink because it is so me and it hasn't let me down because it is absolutely gorgeous. These balms don't cause pain to your lips as some other pumping products do, you just may get a little tingle but it's nothing trust me, you are safe with these! I am lucky not to have too much blue in my lips so this balm gives me the most prettiest pink lip which suits me perfectly and with the glittery, holographic finish of this new balm, my lips look plumper which is all good with me! I adore this shade and now feel I want to get a few more of the newer finishes. I am wearing this lip glow below entirely alone with a tiny touch of liner to shape my lips. 

Dior Glow Addict, Thrill palette 
Dior Glow Addict, Thrill palette , Lip Glow
The highlighter from this collection (here!) is also stunning and recommend you check it out if I haven't already gone back to buy it myself. A truly beautiful, feminine collection and I cannot recommend these products enough. Dior eyeshadow palettes in my opinion are some of the best quality palettes out there today. For me, the shades always excite me and  take you out of your neutral comfort zone without being too much. 

Dior Glow Addict, Thrill palette , Lip Glow
Remember the palettes are Limited Edition so act fast if you fancy being part of the Dior Glow Squad. I hate the term, but these really are Glow Squad goals

What do you think of this Beauty Glow Collection?


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