'I'mmmmm coming home so you better get this Party Started!' 🎶 ..... is all that I can think of when I see this name, don't say you didnt?! So, those Beauty Lovelies from Latest in Beauty have once again put together the perfect selection of cosmetics to make sure you have everything you need to be party ready, and my god, they have literally thought of everything. As soon as I saw this on their Instagram, I knew I had to feature it here so thanks to the Latest in Beauty team for kindly sending it over so I could indeed share all!

In case you don't know, Latest in Beauty are a company with a great concept, it's pretty simple yet very unique and brilliant. Each month they provide a selection of beauty treats from skincare, make-up, body and haircare in a choice of Collection Boxes or you choose exactly what you want inside a box yourself and Build-your-own-Box. This way you get to choose what products and how many you receive each month from a choice of over 200  choosing 3, 6 or 9 all with free delivery! This cuts out any disappointment because you are in full control plus the brands they have on board are all current and first class. 

The Collection Boxes are so useful as you buy them as you see them and I think this Party Starter Edit proves why they are so great and a perfect gift for any beauty lover .....

The Party Starter Edit, Latest in Beauty
Now for the GOOD News! For just £25 you get £121 worth of products that shall prep you from head to toe for a big party night - all hand picked by Cosmo's Beauty Director, Ingeborg Van Lotringen. Now is that not a pretty damn good deal? Just £25!!! Plus the brands included are ones that I love and use myself .....hence it gets my seal of arrival. 

The Party Starter Edit, Latest in Beauty
The Party Starter Edit, Latest in Beauty
The Party Starter Edit, Latest in Beauty
Inside you get a full rundown of each and every product inside. Now not all of what is here is full size but there is something about a mini that makes us love a product even more, dont you agree? Plus, they are travel friendly; Win win. 

The Party Starter Edit, Latest in Beauty

The PartyStarter Edit, Latest in Beauty

Brands Included -
  • Sleek Make-up
  • GlitterLution
  • Glamglow (LOVE!)
  • St Tropez
  • IT Cosmetics 
  • Gillette
  • Eylure
  • Nails Inc
  • Bed Head Tigi
  • Look Good Feel Better
  • Erborian
  • Soaper Duper (LOVE!)
  • Beverly Hills Formula
  • Yes to
  • Beauty Pie (BIG FAN!)
The Party Starter Edit, Latest in Beauty
The Party Starter Edit, Latest in Beauty
The Party Starter Edit, Latest in Beauty
The Party Starter Edit, Latest in Beauty
The Party Starter Edit, Latest in Beauty
As if that alone was not good enough, but also included is a free BEAUTY PIE 24hr acess pass which allows you to shop the site for 24hrs gaining all the subscriber benefits without actually subscribing meaning you save 85% on all items - all in all costing you only a few pounds! If you are a regular reader then you shall know I am a big fan of BEAUTY PIE and have a post all about them (here!) as well as regular Instagram posts (here!) on newbies that come my way here. (Pass expires 26/01/2018).

The Party Starter Edit, Latest in Beauty
A few personal favourites of mine here include Glamglow as I love all of their face masks, the Sleek Matte Me Red lip as that is a party essential and this matte red is stunning as you can see below and very long lasting that is for sure! The Nails Inc Nail polish is a stunning Rose Gold shade i.e. the best shade in the world, the Eylure lashes are an essential because no party look is complete without some falsies and the Soaper Duper body wash is a brand I rave about on my pages all of the time and this dinky size is the cutest thing ever and now a perfect travel companion.  

I am also very excited by the IT Cosmetics Brow Power pencil as I have never tried anything from them plus we all know I am obsessed with anything brow based. 

Sleek Matte Me Red
The Party Starter Edit, Latest in Beauty
You have to agree that this really has been put together well as it covers everything from showering, brushing your teeth, shaving you legs, tanning, applying skincare and doing your make up and nails making this an utter beauty bargain. The products are all such good sizes with not one 'sample size' in sight. 

This would make a great gift to yourself or to anyone at anytime of the year to be fair. You could even split it all up to make smaller stocking fillers for Christmas! It would also be ideal for younger ages who are just starting out yet you want them to have some good brands that won't be too harsh. 

Let's face it, if great for anyone! I know I shall be restocking my travel bag as well as rocking a bit of nail glitter and a red lip. Party Perfection I say.

The Party Starter Edit, Latest in Beauty
You can buy the PARTY STARTER EDIT for just £25 from the Latest in Beauty website here and do take a look at all the amazing beauty offerings that they have right now. 

I am not sure how long this shall be on sale for so don't hang around because once it's gone, it's gone! 

Spy any favourites?