30 November 2017

BAEBROW • Instant Brow Tint!

Eyebrow Tinting, a vital beauty step for most of us and for me being fair, I like my brow game strong .... and darker. Whilst browsing through my Instagram, the product in question popped up on my feed and instantly had my attention as soon as I read the word 'brow' because let's face it, we are a nation obsessed with eyebrows. I'm always keen to look for and try out the next best thing when it comes to brows and this brand intrigued me so much so that it was in fact me who reached out to them and a few conversations later, we joined forces so I can tell you more because this could really be your new bff.

As a trained beauty therapist, I do my own brow and lash tinting with my professional kit but regardless, the process of doing it is still messy, time consuming and one of those jobs I tend to put off until absolutely necessary. So what if I told you the product in question is a pre-mixed brow tint formula that you simply just brush on i.e. "an instant brow tint' ..... amazing right? Hence BAEBROW held my attention.

Baebrow, Instant Brow Tint
Baebrow Instant Brow Tint!
This is the world's first no-mix eyebrow tint and BAEBROW are very new to the scene as I have not heard anyone talk about them which is criminal because having tried the product for myself, they are genius. Reading up about them, the founder of  BAEBROW, Victoria, was never satisfied with the messy process that tinting her own brows was at home and salons were also too expensive so she saw an opening in the market to provide a hassle-free, safe, affordable way of doing this as it really is a vital part to any beauty regimen. "Brows are Everything" - BAEBROW (and KELLiLASH!)

BAEBROW spent time getting this tint formula just right so that it is 'instant' yet gentle enough to use at home with no mistakes. Brow makeup obviously wipes off at the end of the day but BAEBROW tints them so that your brows are darker for longer yet still look natural. Better still you only need to do this process every 2-3 weeks and one tube is estimated at around 20 applications which shall save you money, salon trips and mess at home. Plus all products are Cruelty free and Vegan! 
Baebrow, Instant Brow Tint
Baebrow, Instant Brow Tint
BAEBROW comes in three shades, RRP £19 / €22 / $25 link here! (currently 20% off, at end of post!):-

Black - for dark hair or those who want a strong dark brow.
Brown - for light brown tones and lighter blondes and hair shades. 
Graphite - a universal shade that darkens to a natural tint for dark hair and blondes.

I was kindly sent the shades Brown and Graphite and the Trio Brush Set (below)The applicator on this is just fantastic as the pointed oval shaped wand makes marking out your brow shape and application super easy and takes seconds to do. The small hole in the middle makes sure you don't collect too much tint on the brush and waste it. 

The formula is very gentle and contains no PPD or Hydrogen Peroxide which can sometimes cause allergies hence why a patch test is always needed at a salon prior to tinting. If you are very sensitive then I would suggest dotting a small amount of tint inside your elbow, leave for a minute then wipe off and if no allergy develops in the next 24 hours you should be fine to use. 

Baebrow, Instant Brow Tint
Baebrow, Instant Brow Tint
The Trio Brow Brush Set contains a Double Sided Spoolie/Angled Brush (for applying further brow products and brow grooming) Straight Edge Brush (for concealer and highlighter) and Concealer Brush

These are really high quality brushes with firm yet soft synthetic bristles and I am very impressed with them; I love the double ended brush as it really does the job well! 

Baebrow, Instant Brow Tint
Baebrow, Instant Brow Tint
Using BAEBROW is easy. All you need to do is cleanse your skin, make sure your brows are dry and free from any products then apply a lotion or vaseline to the skin around your brows so it doesn't stain.  Then brush on your colour, leave for a few minutes then wipe off with a damp cotton wool pad and your done! 

You can then have a groom/shape/brow tidy afterwards as the tint will have shown up the unwanted hairs making them easier to remove. 

If you do get any staining on your skin then it's really easy to remove as the tint is that gentle and I find that using some cleansing oil, baby oil or face scrub on a cotton bud, removes it straight away. 

Baebrow, Instant Brow Tint
Left: The results immediately after using Graphite; Right: filled in with a brow powder.

I love a strong brow so I actually like when the tint stains my skin a little as it helps give an ombre effect but even without vaseline, BAEBROW still didn't stain my skin yet gave me a look that I loved.

I do prefer Graphite over Brown as Graphite seemed to take better on my brow hair as Brown was a little too natural for my liking but if you are not used to a strong brow then Brown would be perfect. I like to go darker because then I use a more ashy toned brown brow pencil to fill in my brows afterwards and the colours work in perfect sync together to give me my ideal brow look ... as the image below.

Of course you don't have to fill in your brows after you have tinted them as you shall have a more defined look anyhow, it's just all down to personal preference. 

Baebrow Instant Brow Tint!
Baebrow, Instant Brow Tint
BAE; a lover, a crush or anyone / anything  considered to be the most important person in another person's life .... BAEBROW, you're just that. 

This has been a god send for me ever since I got my hands on it especially over the summer months as the sun always bleaches my brows so this was great to pop on once a week to keep them looking good and hassle free. I cannot get over how easy this is to use; It really does take all the time and hassle out of brow tinting and you actually start to look forward to doing it. There are indeed many other 'home' tinting kits out there like Eylure but in my opinion they are still as fussy and don't ever feel professional. 

BAEBROW do state that the tint should last up to 4 weeks and 2 weeks on average. Ok, so compared to a salon tint or my salon grade tints I use at home that do involve Hydrogen Peroxide (the bleaching agent) BAEBROW isn't as strong as those so the final results are not as intense or as long lasting from my own trials. I would say I would need to use BAEBROW every 1-2 weeks where as professionally it would be more like 3 weeks so bear that in mind. Regardless, I don't mind at all that I have to use this more often as it is still effortless and far less messy! I shall take that option any day. 

Whether you are a tinting addict or you have never tinted your brows before because you have been too scared, this is definitely a product for all brows. This makes it 100% possible to have amazing looking brows in minutes - that is what I call a beauty game changer. 

Baebrow, Instant Brow Tint
I have a whole brow team in the form of products that I adore and trust to keep my brows looking how I like them and looks like I have just added a new member. I have many other posts on the blog all about other team players in my brow game! 

Other Brow Team Posts: Bardou Brow Boost (here!) Lilibeth Brow Shaper (here!Anastasia Brow Wiz (here!) and another to follow soon that is similar to my Benefit Gimme Brow.
Baebrow, Instant Brow Tint
Ok, on to more good news .... 

BAEBROW are made in Europe and they Ship Internationally (woohoo!) plus I noticed whilst on their website they currently have 20% off and (for a limited time) code WEGIVEASHIP for free shipping! (FYI I get nothing from this I have to add, just a site promotion). What actually could be better? 

Head over to the BAEBROW website here!!! 

Do you tint? 


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