BLISS is a brand that I truly love. This you shall probably know if you are a regular reader to my blog or follow me on Instagram. I am always drawn into SPA brands which kind of comes from my facialist/beauty therapist working background (read more here!) as I know the products are designed to be a treatment for the mind as well as the body. 

Just to update you in case you are new to the brand, BLISS are a beauty brand who have luxury spas in London and New York and feature in the W Hotels in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas. After having performed millions and trillions of massages and their very famous 'Triple Oxygen Treatments' (what Bliss are known for) they have certainly learnt a thing or two about skincare. The thing I love most about the brand is their very 'tongue and cheek' attitude which is a definite trademark of theirs, I feel it brings the fun back into pampering by simply being unpretentious, as like they say, what good is grooming if you can't do it with a grin? Here here!

I love this relaxed approach to pampering as it is 'real' for once and not all fake, so if you want to eat a chocolate brownie whilst getting a facial then do so, which is exactly what BLISS let you do and is what I did when I was invited down to their treatment Spa in London a few months back. Let me just say this, if you are looking for an out of this world facial then you have to visit BLISS Spa (here!). My facial was one of the best I have ever had and it made me realise, why don't I do this more often? I want to book myself in for another one that is for sure. My skin was the best it has ever looked and since then I have been hooked on making sure BLISS is included in my skincare routine as the Triple Oxygen line is a miracle worker. **BLISS Spa selfie alert** .....

This brings me onto a *new product launch* with some products to which I was kindly sent that truly are and will be the ideal skin saviours for us all this summer, Triple Oxygen Ultimate Protection UV Moisturiser SPF33 (a long title I know, but there is a lot of good things to cover!) along side it's perfect partner, Triple Oxygen Radiance Restoring Mist. 

BLISS SPA, Skincare Triple Oxygen UV SPF33
BLISS SPA, Skincare Triple Oxygen UV SPF33
BLISS SPA, Skincare Triple Oxygen UV SPF33
*NEW* BLISS Triple Oxygen Ultimate Protection UV Moisturiser SPF33 (buy here!)
A new daily moisturiser with UV defence, CPR technology (Vitamin C, Cruciferous Extract, EUK-134, Fluid 02, and Soy Protein) and ingredients that our skins love to give the ultimate protection whilst repairing damage that may have already happened caused by the environment, resulting in a more radiant, healthier looking skin. Other ingredients include Green Tea to help protect skin from damage, Grapeseed Extract for help against collagen and elastin breakdown, Mulberry Root Extract to help soothe and protect against free radical and White Lily Extract to soother and hydrate. 

It is a peachy looking cream that smells exactly like freshly squeezed oranges I kid you not, it's divine and gets you into that summer mode in an instant. The texture is nice and light yet rich enough to make your skin feel nourished and hydrated, leaving no dreaded white film on the skin. The first time I tried this I was hooked. It was love at first apply and I thought "well that's me sorted for everyday!". I cannot recommend this one enough for both gals and guys as a daily moisturiser with a good level of protection having SPF33. Everyone shall love this one, especially as it does so much for the skin.

BLISS SPA, Skincare Triple Oxygen UV SPF3
BLISS SPA, Skincare Triple Oxygen UV SPF33
BLISS Triple Oxygen Radiance Restoring Mist (buy here!)
This is the first multi-beneficial facial mist with the same CPR technology and a unique blend of 7 extracts that give our skin radiance, toning and hydration whilst protecting against environmental aggressors for a more glowing, youthful complexion. Vitamin C helps to brighten and even skin tone whilst oxygen boosters energise and give our skin it's glow back. Impressive hey? But it actually is.

I am such a facial mist junkie and this is one of the finest mist's I have ever tried. For me this is how I want all of my facial sprays to act as you get the perfect all over dose that does not saturate your face. I really is very special, super luxurious and not your average 'facial mist' but a whole lot more. The moment it hits your face, you instantly feel and look better, you really do! The oxygen boosters really do get to work and just make you feel more alive and refreshed. When I had my Triple Oxygen Facial there was a step that included a vitaminized oxygen spray which was so soothing and relaxing but totally transformed my skin hence I was all for this version as I had experienced the magic it had worked. In fact anything with "Triple Oxygen' in the title is a magic wand for your skin, trust me. 

BLISS SPA, Skincare Triple Oxygen Radiance Mist
BLISS SPA, Skincare Triple Oxygen Radiance mist
Our skin is constantly under attack so it is very important we protect it and give it a helping boost of protection so we can reap all of these amazing skin results. These two products used together are a dream team for all skins and I am totally, utterly, 100% obsessed with them both

If you are looking to prep your skin before hand then another love I have discovered from BLISS is the 'Mask-a-Peel' face masks which are a great skincare treat, plus they are so much fun to do! There are two options in this mask, Radiance Revealing and Complexion Clearing.

BLISS SPA, Skincare, Mask-a-peel
BLISS SPA, Skincare, Mask-a-peel
BLISS SPA, Skincare, Mask-a-peel
BLISS Radiance Revealing Rubberising Mask (here!) is a unique rubber mask that transforms dull skin, inspired by the facials done within the Spa, to give it a more luminous, smoother looking texture. It starts out as a paste once water has been added then turns to rubber once applied onto the skin which then you can peel off and see the benefits! The Complexion Clearing version (here!) is designed for more oily congested skins to declog pores and combat breakouts. If you have time to spare (about 30 mins) and love a little experiment then these are the masks for you. I love them as they are such good fun and give you great skin results!

BLISS SPA, Skincare, Triple Oxygen UV SPF33
Protecting our skin really is important so please all make sure that SPF is on! I can massively recommend that you try this new one and your skin shall thank you. I am stocking up because I truly hand on heart, love this winning skin team.

BLISS products are very reasonably priced making them a very affordable, high-tech skincare line to use and I personally recommend checking out my new favourite website as they stock all that I have featured plus a lot of my all time favourite skincare brands (plus they have some great discounts and promos as we all love a discount code!).

Here is to a Bliss-full start to the summer 😉
Have you tried any of the Triple Oxygen Line?