Every Winter my red lipsticks take on a whole new tone and become much deeper and berry toned which is a natural beauty trend that happens year after year.  Being the total lipstick addict that I am, I thought why not share my current favourites that may inspire some of your lip choices. Now, seeing as lipstick is my favourite thing, no doubt there shall be many more additions (as my Instagram shows!) but I have narrowed it down to those that I tend to gravitate towards the most ...
Fall/Autumn/Winter Lipsticks 2016
It seems only natural that we are drawn to warmer tones because as soon as the cold weather hits, we know they instantly brighten up a look. They can take some confidence to wear if you are not used to them, but there is a tone out there to suit each and every one of us so you can wear a darker lip, trust me! 

Fall/Autumn/Winter Lipsticks 201
Mac Plumful

1. MAC Plumful (Lustre) {right here}
A very easy to wear rose, plum shade that I wore a lot last Autumn. Being a lustre finish it is very lightweight, hydrating and glides over the lip with a slightly glossy look. It is very buildable as this goes on quite sheer to begin with but can be built up in layers. I will say that it isn't the most long wearing lipstick due to it's sheen finish but the pigment is very good. If you are new to berry tones then this would be a good one to start with as it won't stain your lips and can look very natural. It is also great used over the top of a matte to give it a little lift. 

Chanel Rouge Vie #58 Rouge velvet matte 

2. CHANEL #58 Rouge Vie, Rouge Velvet Matte {right here}
This was from the most recent Chanel Le Rouge Collection No1 that I fell in total  love with and liked each and every lip shade in that collection. This is a muted, medium-dark reddened plum with warm undertones and a satin finish. The velvet mattes are my all time favourite line from Chanel and I own many because the texture, longevity, pigment and application are all 100% perfection. They feel so comfortable on the lips and are not all drying and I just find them such an easy lipstick to wear hence why this line is probably my most reached for. You can apply it in seconds then not worry about it all day. This is the perfect autumnal shade that shall surely make an impact. 

Chanel #347 La Merveilleuse Rouge Velvet matte

3. CHANEL #347 La Merveilleuse, Rouge Velvet Matte {right here}
Another one from the velvet matte range but this one being a much brighter berry shade if you like more raspberry red tones. This is a bright, fuchsia raspberry pink with subtle blue undertones that end up being warm on application. It is the perfect in between shade that is not too bright and not too dark, not too cool, not too warm - so this is a great any occasion, day or night choice of lipstick. I feel very awake wearing this shade as it really does perk you up! 

Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl

4. CHARLOTTE TILBURY Bond Girl, Matte Revolution Lipstick {right here}
You shall surely know how much of a Charlotte Tilbury fan I am and my aim is to own all her lipsticks because they are so gorgeous!!! Bond Girl is a very popular shade from the Matte Revolution range and is a muted, medium dark rosy plum shade with warm undertones and a satin matte finish. They are special lipsticks because they are semi-sheer to semi-opaque meaning they are very very buildable meaning they are perfect for all as you can design your own amount of coverage and depth of shade. They apply so beautifully and smoothly and feel very hydrating on the lips. This is a stunning shade and one I always recommend and in fact, my most worn shade this Autumn/Winter! 

Nars Damned velvet matte pencil

5. NARS Damned Velvet Matte Lip Pencil {right here}
This one is a tad more vampy being more purple than plum with a cooler undertone. It can be used as a base for other lipsticks as well as wearing on the lip as a stain. Its a very pretty colour that works on so many skin tones and paired with a simple black liner flick, makes for a very pretty look. You may notice a 'matte' theme here as they do tend to be my more favoured type of shade finish but the matte trend is real as every brand of late has come out with a matte line mainly because with formulations today, matte does not have to mean drying anymore, but purely that our lipstick lasts! I adore the Nars Lip Pencils and have done so for years as they can be used for lining the lips too which eliminate the need for a separate lipliner. They apply so precisely and easily and perfect for on the go! The formula is enriched with Vitamin E to give a creamy textured finish and they are super long wearing. 

Burberry Military Red

6. BURBERRY Kisses, Military Red {right here}
If red is still your thing then a go to if mine that fits into very season and occasion is this one which has made an appearance to the blog quite a few times as I reviewed the entire Burberry Look for this collection {here}. Military Red is a satin finish lipstick with super shiny polymers that give brilliant shine. The lipstick formulation is very clever as it has been designed to give you a multiple choice of looks from just the one shade. You can apply just one layer to give a glossy tint, or add more layers to intensify the whole look and shade. It does stain your lips slightly and has serious staying power even when the glossiness has mattifed. It's the best of both worlds with the hold of a matte and the finish of a hydrating lipstick all in one. It glides on like butter so if you struggle with red then this is the one to go for as it's so easy to apply and looks stunning and is such a perfect red tone for so many skin tones.

Fall/Autumn/Winter Lipsticks 2016
Fall/Autumn/Winter Lipsticks 2016
Fall/Autumn/Winter Lipsticks 2016
As I said, since having written this post a few weeks ago, I then purchased Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Opium Noir as recently featured in it's very own blog post [here]. I had to include this as an addition because it really has become a winter staple and such an easy to wear lip shade day or night. Head over to that blog post if you want to know more about this stunning limited edition shade because it really is a beauty. 

Fall/Autumn/Winter Lipsticks 2016
Fall/Autumn/Winter Lipsticks 2016
I do realise that these lipsticks are all on the high end scale but there are indeed many amazing drugstore/high street versions that you will find good dupes for! 

What's your favourite Fall/Winter shade?
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