7 July 2016

Star Products of the Month • June

Beauty Favourites
The summer has hit us here in the South of France and the temperature has certainly risen so it's that time of year where both skincare and suncare play a bit part in my daily routine. I regularly update my Instagram to what products I am trying out as I have many that shall be making an appearance all soon. I have many favourites as always, but this month I have focused in on those products that have made a new difference to my daily beauty routine. A few have been mentioned here already but for me, they have been a true standout.

SöND Hydrate and Refresh 
1. SÖND Hydrate and Refresh Spray link!
I recently reviewed the whole SÖND range here and loved it as it is indeed such a beautiful brand that will benefit a lot of sensitive skin types. A product that has been a god send for me of late is this Hydrating Facial Spray. This is a lightweight refreshing moisture mist containing an aqua based fusion of high strength silica to help hydrate and calm your skin. With the humidity here climbing, I literally feel like you need to shower all the time (I hate humidity!) so having this cooling spray to hand is a life saver. It really makes my skin feel cooler, hydrated and less stressed due to the heat. I recommend everyone have one of these to hand come the summer months as its such a great skincare item that shall benefit your skin greatly as well as make you feel a lot happier and less hot! The 100ml plastic spray bottle makes this very travel friendly.

 La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF50, Ultra-Light Face Lotion
2. La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF50, Ultra-Light Face Lotion link!
La Roche-Posay is one of my favourite French suncare and skincare lines as it's very affordable yet still very luxurious and highly effective. I like sun care products that I can leave in the bathroom so both me and my husband can help ourselves too as sun care is an essential so it is important that it gets used and not saved for best! I do adore the brand Institute Esterderm for sun care, although a lot more expensive but I always invest highly in sun care that works well but I have found this to be a great match and more user friendly as we use it all year round. I adore the friendly scent of this face lotion as it does not have that typical sun screen scent. There are many versions for the face dependant on your skin type, so being normal/combination I opted for the ultra light version as I like to layer my Spf with my normal daily moisturiser so this is the perfect consistency that absorbs completely and leaves you without that horrid white mask look that a lot of facial sunscreens can do. There is a richer one for dry skins, a matte one for oily skins and even a tinted one ... the options really are endless. If you are looking for a good sunscreen then give this one a go as it is perfect for everyone.

3. BLISS Multi-'Face'-eted All in One Anti-Aging Clay Mask
3. BLISS Multi-'Face'-eted All in One Anti-Aging Clay Mask link!
Again another recent review on my blog and if you did read it then you shall know just how much I loved this face mask. I love clay masks but not the ones that set hard and make your face freeze; this one ticks all the boxes for being one of the best clay masks that you will ever try. This mask works it's magic all in 5 minutes so it is fast acting, highly effective and perfect for when you skin needs a pick me up. If you are someone who suffers with pores, lines, dark spots, dull looking skin .... do I need to say more as pretty much covers all of us, then this is a must have mask! Not only that but it stays soft and feels good to wear! It contains many potent anti-ageing ingredients so not only will this detox the skin but it shall work on those ageing concerns all at the same time. Go check out my full review here should you need anymore convincing! 

 4. Chanel Chance 'Eau Vive' edt
 4. Chanel Chance 'Eau Vive' link!
Again, you shall have seen me rave about this new Chanel Fragrance Edition all month and that's exactly why it is in this post. It is a true star for me and my new summer scent that makes me smile from ear to ear each time that I wear it. If like me you are an original Chanel Chance fan then this is a definite summer version. It is more energetic with floral and citrus notes such as grapefruit, Blood Orange, Jasmine, Cedar and Iris. My advice is just simply make sure you have a spritz should you pass a counter and try it as I am in love with it. 

5. Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate Eyeshadow Quad
5. Charlotte Tilbury 'The Sophisticate' Eyeshadow Quad link!
Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quads are stunning and one of my favourite make-up items in general. They work on so many people and Charlotte makes them very easy to use so that anyone can create the perfect eye look. The Sophisticate look is all about simplicity yet trés chic, hence I like it. This palette features four matte neutral shades that can be worn to create a perfect day or night eye look. The shadows themselves are buttery soft and very pigmented. I took this palette on a weekend away and it was the only palette that I used all weekend as not only does it look stunning on the eyes but it takes no time at all to create a make-up look that looks like you have spent way longer doing. It is the perfect all round eye palette that I would highly recommend adding to your collection. 

Beauty Favourites
I cannot preach highly enough about these beauty gems as you know I only like to recommend the best to you all. Although at times I am kindly sent products as a PR sample (of which I state them to you) that never sways my judgment or opinion because what ever you read about here only blog, shall always be what I truly think and feel and is what I think you would like to know about! When you have the passion for beauty as I do, honesty shall always be No1.
What's your beauty star this month? Any of mine caught your eye?!
Enjoy the month of July .... 



  1. Great picks! The facial mist sounds amazing, and I definitely want to pick up that Bliss mask after reading your previous review.

    1. Thank you! I am so glad you love my choices as much as I do! The Bliss mask is a worthy buy believe me! Keep me posted ;-) K xxx

  2. I really want to try the La Roche Posay line as I've heard great things about it too! I do appreciate your posts and honest reviews! I always look forward to reading!


    1. La Roche Posay is such a great brand and the suncare really is wonderful. Its one of the top brands here in the French pharmacies for sure!
      Thanks for such lovely words Dom as they mean the world to read! Truly appreciated and make my day. K xxx

  3. Beautiful picks Kelly, La Roche Posay is such a wonderful brand and I have used their sunscreen a lot in the past. I'm eyeing Find skincare and Chanel perfume and have dutifully added to my list. Like always a wonderful post. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Love ,
    Molly xx

    1. Thank you Molly for the lovely words! Makes my day to read such great feedback it really does. You cannot go wrong with any of these products in my opinion so you wont be sorry should you venture into them! K xxx

  4. Great products! I really need to get my hands on Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quads, the closest place I can find them is in NYC; will have to add it to my shopping list xx

    1. Thanks so much! CT can be a pain when you want to have a play and see the shades I know but you honestly cannot go wrong with this staple palette. It is the most versatile of them all. Happy CT shopping! ;-) K xxx

  5. That clay mask and eyeshadow quad look awesome!


    1. Yes! You cannot go wrong with either of these choices!
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a great comment. K xxx

  6. Kelly, I love your monthly favorites as I'm such a fan of your style and beauty choices (and I'm really nosy too). Love the Chanel fragrance (such a perfect summer pick) and anything La Roche Posay suncare. The facial mist I desperately need to try and that clay mask sounds pretty intriguing as well. I am beyond obsessed with CT makeup and just got the Dolce Vita for my Bday earlier this month. Now you just made me want that Sophisticate palette for Christmas. You really are one of my biggest enablers, but I'm not complaining (my bank account might be though).
    ~ Cat L.

    1. I really do get a big head when I read your comments as you are so complimentary - it makes me feel wonderful! Honestly THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
      CT Dolce Vita is a beauty isn't it and I can imagine it looks incredible on you! I highly recommend The Sophisticate as it is so neutral and wearable any time. In fact I used only this on my entire 12 day holiday - now that says something! I am sorry to your bank balance for being the enabler that I am but your very much guilty of that too! hahahah K xxx


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