Smash box Step by Step Contour Stick Trio
Contouring has been one of the biggest make-up trends by far over the last year and I would say it's the one thing I think most people struggle with. It is actually very simple but with all the crazy youtube video trends that have seen contouring reaching the extremes resulting in 'over contouring' scaring most people off. We don't want to look like we have mars bars stuck to our cheeks, that's just nasty and no one wants to see that.

Contouring and highlighting shouldn't be scary as it is a great make-up trick that simply adds dimension to the face so it becomes more structured. You can create the image that you have more defined cheekbones to a perfected nose to a sculpted jawline and so on .... it creates a whole new face without surgery basically. The good thing is you can contour and highlight in a very subtle, natural way or in a more full on dramatic way depending on what look you are going for and once you know how, it shall become part of your daily routine I guarantee. Whether you struggle with this whole process or you love to contour and look for products to help achieve the best results, I have the product suitable for everyone.

The SmashBox Contour Stick Trio, your Contour, Bronze and Highlight in a creamy stick pencil form. I am totally in love with this product so I had to tell you more about them because trust me, you need these in your make-up life. 

Smash box Step by Step Contour Stick Trio
Smash box Step by Step Contour Stick Trio
Three Pencils .... 
• Contour - A darker shade that sculpts by creating shadows.
• Highlight - A light shade that pulls features forward.

• Bronze - A transition shade that adds warmth to the skin and helps add shape. 

How to Use: Simply draw straight onto the face and blend, it's that easy! They can be used wet for a more sheer coverage and you can keep adding to them to achieve the intensity you want. The tones all are perfect and so universal without any muddiness, redness or sparkle ... just pure matte tones to shape your face effortlessly. 

Smash box Step by Step Contour Stick Trio
Smash box Step by Step Contour Stick Trio
Smash box Step by Step Contour Stick Trio
Smash box Step byStep Contour Stick Trio
• Sides of nose
• Under cheekbones 

• Above contour shade on cheekbones, forehead and chin

• Bridge of nose
• Middle of forehead
• Under eyes 
• Chin

One thing to remember with contour and highlighting is that contouring and bronzing pulls everything back creating a slimmer appearance where highlighting pulls features forward to create space. 

It is up to you how much you want to do so for a more day to day look I have applied the pencils as below ... scary photo alert! (It looks way more complexed than it it trust me).

Smash box Step by Step Contour Stick Trio
You can see from above (taken in natural lighting) that once blended into the skin, it looks so natural and subtle but has most definitely shaped and added definition to my face in a wearable everyday way. You can see my full look below adding blush and lipstick, that even with a bold bright lip and some false lashes, you can still contour and highlight naturally and keep the skin looking fresh but just much more alive and three dimensional. It doesn't always have to be scary! 

Smash box Step by Step Contour Stick Trio
These pencils are super creamy so be sure to keep them somewhere cool because they will melt as they are literally that creamy which does make them incredibly easy to blend out. I found blending these out with my foundation brush worked best as my beauty blender was taking a while to do the job. You can use your fingers too should you prefer, really any way you feel works best. They come with their own sharpener which is great because you know how companies like to make pencils that only sharpen their own so no worries here. 

You can incorporate your own highlighters or bronzers into the mix too as I find these most useful for the contouring aspect, especially the nose as it take seconds to do and doesnt disrupt other makeup. 

I feel the tones of these pencils work well with many skin tones as I am quite fair and they did not look too dark or muddy. All skin types can use these as they give a lovely dewy effect to dry skins and oiler skins can simply set them with a powder. As these are a cream you can use them as a base for any powder products so if you wanted a stronger cheek contour then use a powder over the top to up the ante and it shall set the pencil and stay put like a dream. Seeing as we are entering the summer months where cream textures are best for giving that dewy radiant look to the skin, these shall most definitely fit into that category and be a great summer makeup addition. They are matte so you can add your own shimmer and radiance addition.

They just ultimately leave you looking flawless and are SO simple to use. I guarantee anyone can contour and shape their face using this set. 

Smash box Step by Step Contour Stick Trio
I cannot say enough good things about this product so I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. Priced at $45/£35/€45 from Smashbox, Sephora Stores and BootsUK this is great value for money seeing as you get three products!!

Let me know if you try or if you love them like I do.