14 April 2016

The Hand Palette • No More Make-up Mess!

The Hand Palette, Makeupboxldn
Now have I got a make-up gadget for you! I have spent years walking around or leaving work with my hands and arms completely covered in make up from swatching or having applied makeup on myself or on clients as using your hand as a palette is a pretty standard procedure with make-up! With so many long wearing formulas nowadays i.e. gel liners in particular are known for their staying power and as anyone shall know, they can sometimes take days to get off your hand; This drives me mad!

The Hand Palette
Introducing my latest find, the Make-Up Hand Palette from Makeupboxldna small 100% acrylic palette that slips easily onto the back of your hand and one size fits all! A simple but very clever little make-up tool that is a welcomed solution to any make-up stained hands. 

The Hand Palette, Makeupboxldn
The Hand Palette, Makeupboxldn
Simply use all of your products as per usual - just applying them directly onto the palette instead of your skin.
The Hand Palette
The Hand Palette
Use it for any product EVEN those long wear gel liners! The best part about it all is that to clean, you simply just wipe the palette with a wet wipe, tissue or wash with soap under the tap, it's that simple. My gel liners came off so easily unlike my hands where I get left with stains for days!

The Hand Palett
It's also really handy to mix together your own bases on .... 
The Hand Palette
I know beauty gadgets can most of the time just be a one hit wonder where you buy it, love it and then it sits in a drawer because your forget about it and by adding that extra stage in your routine, you just can't be bothered with it. I know, I am very guilty of this. That is where this one differs. In fact using this saves you time as it takes zero time to set up and then you save time by not having to wash up any mess. I love when 'extras' suddenly because 'necessities'. 

I will say it feels a bit odd on your hand to begin with and not that comfortable as it's very hard obviously being acrylic but after you move it up and down and find where it sits best on your hand, you soon get used to it. You can still move your fingers and close your palm but you need to be able to feel it sitting comfortably. You can of course take it off when you have finished doing your liquid applications but it's honestly that simple. I do in fact reach for this every time I go to do my makeup now even if it is just for my gel liners, which proves to me it was most definitely a worthwhile purchase. I have found this is a great solution to when I have just applied fake tan to my body and I need to put some make-up on as you don't have to worry about being able to wash the back of your hand, so no white hands, brown body effect! 

In short, this is perfect for anyone that uses make-up and even more perfect for working make-up professionals that are working on client after client because rather than running out of hand/arm space, you can just wipe this clean after each client keeping it much more sanitary and keeps the make-up mess to a minimum.

The Hand Palette, Chanel Foundations 

Available from InstantBeautyFix priced £9.99 shipping worldwide.
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What do you think? You need it right?!!!



  1. I love this and so getting right now, makes so much sense, when you don't want to get your hands full of makeup, having to go through washing your hands etc.
    Great find 👍

    1. Yay! Its honestly a natural step now in my everyday routine to reach for this and my hands thank me for it!

      My pleasure and glad to be of help ;-) xxx


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