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A little late in the making but still time for another round up of what beauty gems got shown some serious love for the month of February. The past few months have been quite stressful for me on a personal level as I have been going through some health issues which have caused me and my skin especially to go c-razy. Without boring you too much by going into detail lets just say I have a few 'women's issues' that have needed correcting and have been affecting my general health for a while now and as any female shall appreciate anything messing with your hormones causes you to become a bit of a mess, which describes how I have been this month. My skin and brain have been on a crazy journey so I have needed products that are simple, minimal, effective and miracle workers, hence welcome my following choices ...

Chantecaille Just Skin spf15 
Swatch: Chantecaille Just Skin spf15, Bliss
1. Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 link!
This product has been a long term favourite of mine going back to my days when I worked for Space NK as this was always a highly popular product. Just Skin gives you exactly that, just skin. It is a smoothing, skin-perfecting tinted moisturiser with a non toxic spf that fights against free radicals and helps lock in moisture. Even though this is very lightweight it somehow manages to give flawless, velvet like coverage that makes your skin look so perfected and natural, as if you aren't wearing makeup at all. It's suitable for every skin type even highly sensitive due to its anti-irritant properties and soothing ingredients. This tinted moisturiser is like no other and even though it is indeed a luxury buy, its 100% worth the purchase as I personally think this tops all other tints out there. This has been a god send to me through recent weeks when I have needed just a little something to make me feel and look alive but not make my skin any crazier, this has saved me! I honestly cant say enough good things about this product so be sure to add it to your summer make up list. 

Burberry Fresh Fluid Base, Nude Radiance 1
2. Burberry Fresh Luminous Fluid Base, Nude Radiance No.1 link!
I have spoken all about this in my last blog post so please take a look here to read more about this product in full. It had to be mentioned as this primer totally wowed me from the first pump and I find primers take some getting used to initially so finding one that instantly wows you must be pretty special. Not only does this act as a great primer but it gives your skin the most natural, luminous glow that could indeed be your very own skin. You could easily wear this alone just to give your skin a boost but used underneath the Chantecaille Just Skin, makes this one very powerful skin perfecting team. My top recommended buy from Burberry Beauty if you are new to the brand, as I was. 

Tarte CC Colour Corrector, Light/Medium
Tarte CC Colour Corrector, Light/Medium
3. Tarte CC Undereye Corrector in Light/Medium link!
Again sticking with the whole miracle workers theme this little beauty comes under that title. I have mentioned this product before but have somewhat neglected it a little but having had prominent purple circles under my eyes this has truly helped to mask them. You may have noticed the huge colour correcting trend of late, something that I have always been a fan of as it really does make a huge difference to your complexion, as long as it is done correctly that is! I shall touch more on this subject in another blog post soon. I have been trying out a few new correcting products but this one is just the perfect light peach shade to colour correct my circles, disguise purple veins on the lids and highlight my skin at the same time. The texture is super creamy so it melts into the eye area and doesn't crease - hurrah! I hate when creamy products like this are too glossy as they always feel sticky and wet but this one is just perfect. I have been using this underneath my Nars Creamy Concealer and the two together make a great team. Tarte is a great brand that is vegan friendly but not always easy to source outside of the U.S. but if you can then definitely try this one out if you too need some help in masking those pesky dark circles.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Powder
4. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Powder in Fair link!
It probably comes as no surprise that I have a Charlotte Tilbury product in my favourites as every month usually contains one as it really is one of my favourite brands and this new edition to my collection has not disappointed. This is no ordinary powder, oh no. This is a luxe super-fine powder (and when I say super-fine I mean this is the finest powder I have ever used!) that gives you an instant soft-focus and blurs away lines and imperfections in a few sweeps across the skin. Think real life Instagram filter. It feels soft like cashmere and is the only power I have ever used that has no powdery fall out, no caking, no sitting in lines -  just not powder like at all. It cleverly contains rose wax and almond oil to help hydrate your skin and make it look flawless as you wear it. Is that not magical? Not to mention the gorgeousness that is the compact, rose gold and worthy of gracing any handbag or dresser although, it is sprayed rose gold so maybe best to treat this one with care so that it doesn't fade or peel. The only down side of this powder is that due to the fact it's so finely milled, you shall probably use it up a lot quicker than say another powder compact but for the results that it gives I am prepared to re-purchase the moment I hit pan. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills No12 Brow Brush
5. Anastasia Beverly Hills No 12 Brow Brush link!
This has been my brows best friend (bbf) over the last few months so it had to be mentioned. We all know how important brows are and how big the brow trend has become and if you follow my blog or Instagram regularly then you shall know that my holy grail brow products are by Anastasia Beverly Hills, so I picked up this brush that applies my products beautifully. This spooly end is great for grooming and taming the hairs and the slanted synthetic end is great for cream products such as my ABH Dipbrow pomade. I don't know what makes this brush so good but it just is. It's just the right shape and the right size to make filling in your brows look professional every time. Good tools are so important when it comes to applying your make up and trust me, the results show. 

Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon 
6. Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon Blush - Limited Edition Spring/Summer 2016 link!
Let us just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this make-up item; Yes, Chanel have done it again with another stunning limited edition piece from their spring/summer 2016 collection. The moment I saw this on Instagram I was sold. It may look a tad bright and scary but this is the perfect summer blush shade that when blended all together creates the most beautiful peachy, pink blush. You can of course also use all the separate shades alone for contouring or for an extra pop of colour so this is very versatile. With all Chanel powders, there is that fear of 'if I use it l the pretty pattern shall rub off?!' well I think that anyhow. I have used this a few times now and the pattern is still pristine which makes me love it even more. Oh and did I mention it smells of fresh roses? It is incredible. This really is a star product so may I suggest you grab this while you still can if you haven't already. 

Dior Lip Glow
7. Dior Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm link!
As I have been wearing very minimal makeup this month, I always like to have something on my lips to keep them hydrated and a little colour again does wonders to make you feel a little brighter. Dior's Lip Glow is a classic product that I have recently fallen back in love with this month as it is a very clever lip product. Upon application this clear balm reacts to the unique chemistry of your lips to give a natural flush of custom pink that suits your skin tone. Thus your lips look plump, fresh and radiant. It works with the moisture levels in your lips and keeps them feeling super hydrated, kind of like a balm and tinted gloss all in one. On my lips this turns a real bright baby pink which I just love and makes my thin lips look a lot more plumper too. They have most recently launched a special limited edition purple shade if your not a pink fan which is gorgeous so definitely check this out as it's a star product.

Clarins Instant Light
Clarins Instant Light 02
8. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, Shade 02 link!
I always make sure that I have one of these in my stocks as it is such a great all rounder.  Clarins Lip Perfector is actually a soft gel that smells and tastes sweet like vanilla. It makes your lips feel super soft and smooth whilst making them look plumper. The shades are sheer but they give enough colour to be able to wear them alone. I have been loving this peachy pink shade as it seems to complement any nude lipstick and make my lips feel and look luscious. This is such a great summer makeup bag addition as there are so many shades to choose from and perfect for everyone to use as we all need to take care of our lips and this does the job very well. Trust me, you'll love these. 

Burberry Kisses Military Red 
9. Burberry Kisses in Military Red link!
Can you tell I have a lip product addiction?! I recently spoke all about this lipstick here so please have a read to find out why this is so special but I had to include this new lipstick purchase as I have had so many amazing compliments on this lipstick. My new found love for Burberry make-up is real and have recently purchased some other items from them which I shall talk to you about soon. If you are looking for the perfect red lipstick then I have saved you the trouble in searching as this is the ultimate perfection in red lipstick. Love love love it. 

Radical Skincare Instant Revitalising Mask 
10. Radical Instant Revitalising Mask link!
Again I have most recently written a blog post all about this product here but seeing as I have been using this twice a week for the past few months non stop, makes this a worthy winner of my monthly stars. Ever since I tried this mask back in January it has fast become a regular staple in my skincare routine and has played a very big part in helping my skin to resume to its normal type state (instead of crazy type state). Simple to use, highly effective and delivers great results; a skincare product that anyone would benefit from using.

Beauty Faves
I hope that you try some of these products out and love them as much as I do and if you do then please let me know! I hope to be back fighting fit very soon so I can update the blog a lot more and tell you about lots more new and exciting things. Do follow me on my Instagram to stay updated on a more daily basis. 

Speak soon lovelies!