Finding new ways to use your everyday beauty products instead of sticking to what they are 'labelled' for is always some what satisfying and I am sure we all have our little quirks and tricks that we do without even realising how much of a good idea it really is. With this is mind I have noted a few of my Top personal favourite beauty hacks that I swear by and ones that ALL work! So, have a read, give them a go and see for yourself ... 
1. Makeup looking too powdery? 
If your foundation looks dry and powdery after having applied it to your skin or you have applied too many powder products, just spritz your whole face with a toner spray or water mist and this shall absorb some of the excess powder and give you a better finish. This also refreshes your skin at the same time all without moving any of your make-up. 

2.  Make your lipstick matte ...
This is one of my favourite make-up tricks that shall turn any of your non-matte lipsticks (i.e. glossy, shine, lustre, semi-matte) into a matte finish without having to spend a penny. After you have applied your lipstick simply dust a translucent powder over your lips with a small, clean make-up brush and this shall instantly mattify your lip shade! Don't worry, the powder keeps everything in place ;-)

Beauty Hacks and Tricks!
Beauty Hacks and Tricks!
3. Making your lipstick last!
As the tip above with the translucent powder, this trick works in a similar way. Apply your lipstick as usual then separate a two-ply tissue and hold one sheet against your lips whilst dusting some translucent loose powder over the top of the tissue to your lips. Remove the tissue and apply another layer of lipstick. Blot your lips again with the remaining tissue sheet and your good to go for hours!

4. A DIY Tinted Moisturiser ...
As we all know BB creams are very popular for when we want just a simple natural looking make-up but sometimes a tad pricey so why not make your own? Mix together some of your favourite facial moisturiser with a little liquid concealer on your hand then apply to your skin. Adding in your concealer gradually means that you can customise the amount of coverage that you need! If you fancy a subtle glow on your skin then add in a touch of liquid highlighter or a shimmery loose powder too (i.e. an eyeshadow or highlighter) for some ultimate healthy glowing skin! 
Beauty Hacks and Tricks!
5. Mix Your Foundation with highlighter to create a dewy finish ...
If your foundation is too matte and dry looking then mix a few drops of liquid highlighter into it before applying then you shall have a more dewy looking make-up. Easy and one tip that I do often! 

6. Eyebrows Misbehaving?
We all have those days when our brows just go crazy and if your don't have a brow gel to keep them in check then simply spritz a clean mascara wand or small toothbrush with hairspray and brush them into place. I assure you they shall stay put all day!

Beauty Hacks and Tricks!
7. Scotch Tape Eye Stencils ...
People who have seen me do my eye make-up shall know that I use this trick all the time and is my favourite beauty hack. There are such things as 'shadow shields' that help to stop eyeshadow fallout and help guide you whilst doing your eye make-up but they are pretty pricey so a cheaper option that works just the same is scotch tape. Yes you heard rightly! This 'unconventional' beauty tool will be your best friend believe me by guiding application of eyeshadow and a winged eyeliner that's perfect every time! I like to use the pop up scotch tape stickers as they are already cut perfectly to size. Firstly, I stick the sticker to the back of my hand just so the sticky part is not too harsh around the eye. Place the stickers evenly on each eye under your lower lash line where you want your eyeliner flick to come out from then apply your eye make-up as per usual. Once you remove the tape, blend away the harsh eye shadow line and you shall see your liner and eye make-up is perfect!

Beauty Hacks and Tricks!
Beauty Hacks and Tricks!

8. Give yourself an instant Eye & Brow Lift!
A quick and simple illusion that works on anyone. Apply a little of your highlighter or concealer underneath your eyebrow and just above the end of your brow and blend softly outwards. This makes your arch look more raised, making your entire eye area look lifted. 
Beauty Hacks and Tricks!
9. Make your lash line look thicker...
To make your upper lash line look thicker and not spidery looking, apply a strip of false lashes that are meant for lower lashes to your top lash line as these are much shorter than traditional falsies so they will thicken your lash line without elongating it! Another tip is apply 3-4 individual lashes that match your own natural lash length to the end of each eye and this shall open up your eyes and extenuate your lashes. I do this daily and you shall be amazed at the difference it creates!

Beauty Hacks and Tricks!
10. Custom create your body lotion by mixing ... 
Body Lotions are perfect to mix with other products so you can take your favourite one and customise it a little. Take a few drops of an essential oil or body oil and mix it in with your body cream or lotion and suddenly it becomes brand new. I love using Decleor Aroma Nutrition Dry Oil as it smells of Frankincense and makes the most amazing combination as a body cream. You could use something like Lavender oil for relaxation and Citrus oil to awaken or even a highlighter to add a healthy glow to your body too. Just have fun with it and and custom create what you love!

BONUS HACK! Use Hair Conditioner to shave with ...
If you have run out of shaving cream then simply lather up some hair conditioner (not your expensive one) instead of using soap as it can be very drying on the skin. Conditioner is designed to soften hair so this makes shaving much easier and leaves your skin feeling extra silky soft too. 

Beauty Hacks and Tricks!
So many beauty benefits, so little effort!
Hope these handy tips aka my top beauty secrets are of great use to you.

If you have any more, share away as I would love to hear them!