Cocowhite Oil Pulling Minty Fresh
Lets talk teeth. I think at some point in life we have all tried some kind of teeth whitening product whether it be an at home kit that sees you dribbling and sat with a blue light inside your mouth looking silly, a professional dentist treatment, the infamous PearlDrops or just an everyday whitening toothpaste. The latest craze to hit the world of teeth whitening is 'Oil Pulling' which is an age old indian folk remedy thats very simple, 100% natural and a non-chemical way to getting your teeth whiter and cleaner.

I personally had never heard about oil pulling before but it was a company called Cocowhite whose clever advertising campaign on Instagram certainly worked to get everyones attention by them sending out and sponsoring 'well known celebrities' on instagram to upload pictures of them using Cocowhite and their results. Like most, I was sceptical at first as of course initial thoughts are going to be "they are getting paid so they are going to say it works, duh?!" I was very intrigued by it all as I love to keep my teeth looking white and have tried many products so I thought what the hell, lets give it a go! It's really reasonably priced at £19.99 with worldwide delivery (thats super fast!) so its not going to break the bank for once! 

Cocowhite Oil Pulling Minty Fresh
So then, Oil Pulling .... 
Oil Pulling involves swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for anywhere between 5-15 minutes. The main benefit of this is to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth which over time can result in all sorts of problems like bad breath, yellow teeth, gum decease and so on. When you swish the oil around in your mouth the bacteria get 'stuck' in it and dissolve in the liquid oil. This helps to prevent bad breath and gum decease, decrease headaches, clear sinuses, clear skin, increase energy and ultimately whiten teeth. All ingredients are 100% natural and preservative free. Easy peasy!

With Cocowhite, yes it may seem like a more expensive version of a jar of coconut oil but they have created the perfect dosage and packed it up nicely in ready to go sachets which makes doing this treatment easy. I like easy. They have even added natural flavourings to make it taste a little more exciting with a choice of Minty Fresh, Lemon or Vanilla. I chose minty fresh as I thought this was a safe option to begin with.

In each box you receive 14 days worth of coconut oil sachets. Make sure the sachets are kept somewhere warm or they will be set solid like normal coconut oil and you want to do this when its fully melted or it feels like you have a lump of lard in your mouth. Not very pleasant believe me. 

Cocowhite Oil Pulling Minty Fresh
Cut your sachet and pour directly into your mouth - then swish around for 5 - 15 minutes! Spit out and brush your teeth immediately afterwards. Its best to do at night before you go to sleep and whilst you are swishing read a book or have a shower or bath then the time flies by!

Cocowhite Oil Pulling Minty Fresh
Cocowhite Oil Pulling Minty Fresh
Previous to me using this oil treatment, I had my teeth professionally whitened at my dentist 8 months ago for my wedding using Opalescence 16% which is the best system I have ever tried and I do top up when I am scheduled too but I thought using Cocowhite would help me to maintain my whiter teeth status. My teeth have never been badly discoloured but its staining from the many cups of tea and coffee that I drink that dulls the whiteness of them over time and I just can't enjoy my hot drink through a straw for the rest of time - its just not the same!

Result Time! (drumroll) ........

It tastes really nice so don't fret about it being awful, it's just an odd sensation to begin with but then you get used to it. swooshed my oil around for the full 15 minutes each time as I found it really easy to do and used the sachets consecutively, albeit two days, for the two week period and did this each night before bed then brushed my teeth afterwards as stated. So in the 14 days, did it do anything I hear you ask? For me - OH YES!

Cocowhite Oil Pulling Minty Fresh
I assure you I haven't used any filters taking these images just natural Riviera daylight so you can see in real sunshine and indoor lighting the results that I achieved ....
Cocowhite Oil Pulling Minty Fres
Inside lighting so you can see my teeth look super clean and whiter! (queue the cheesy teeth poses) ....
Cocowhite Oil Pulling Minty Fresh
I am SO impressed! I LOVE this stuff! At the start, I wasn't really noticing any major improvement as you don't when you are looking at your mouth every day but my husband kept telling me how brighter my teeth looked and in certain light I would start to notice they were in fact looking really clean and pearly white. It's seeing these after pictures that has really made me see the difference that Cocowhite has made to my teeth and it has in fact noticeably whitened my teeth, even the teeth round the sides that are always hard to get whiter. My teeth and gums feel so much cleaner like 'squeaky clean' as if every nook and cranny has been flossed. For me, the results have been amazing and I have even bought a second box to carry on this treatment and continue the whitening as it just feels part of my night time routine now.

I think Cocowhite is perfect for everyone and especially those like myself who have already had their teeth whitened and want a product that's gentle enough to maintain the whiteness and keep them clean. If your teeth are naturally quite badly discoloured to start with then you shall most definitely need several boxes to see an improvement as this may not be powerful enough used alone. If you are lazy at cleaning your teeth (and can't spend a full 3 mins doing it each time) then this is the perfect treatment to help keep your teeth and gums nice and clean with minimal effort! If you have sensitive teeth and hate the thought of using harsh chemicals then this again would be the ideal solution for you!

Now for my #cocoselfie - I so look like a cheesy advertisement for a Hollywood Smile - but it feels good to smile and show some pearly whites! ;-)

Cocowhite Oil Pulling Minty Fresh
Available online at and get a discount using the link!

UPDATE - I have since tried all flavours and the Vanilla tastes just like ice-cream! Its so good and my new fave! 
I highly recommend!