30 April 2014

Bridal Hair & Make-up Ideas

You may have noticed that my blog posts have been a little slow over the past few months mainly because a lot of my time has been taking up by planning my wedding. It's incredible just how much time it takes, especially when you don't live in the same country that your marrying in like myself - sttrrress! I realised that 2014 seems a very popular year for summer weddings and I am at that stage where I am finalising hair and make-up so I thought that I would share with you some ideas of looks that I love and ones that have helped inspire me to create my bridal look and to help with styling the bridesmaids too. 

Pinterest has been my best friend when it comes to wedding ideas so I have put together some looks that may inspire you also for your wedding day, your bridesmaids, prom or just a super glamorous party.

So many styles and only day, so how do you decide?? I think when it comes to hair for your wedding day you need to firstly know what you feel most comfortable with and a style that still looks like you. It also depends on your dress as you wouldn't want your hair to hide detailing so speaking to a hair stylist is a good idea once you have chosen your wedding gown and brainstorm with them to choose whether you are going for an up or a down style then get creative with veils, accessories, tiaras and have fun with it as what better excuse to have your hair played with for a few hours!

Long with glamorous curls ...
Kellilash: Wedding Hair Ideas
Half pinned back .... 
Wedding hair ideas
A Vintage look using hair flowers and accessories ...
Wedding hair ideas
A very glamourous pinned up style ...
Wedding hair ideas
Vintage styled hair accessories ... stunning!
Wedding hair ideas
A Boho feel using flowers in the hair ... 
Wedding hair ideas
The classic Bun styled more creatively ...
Wedding hair ideas
Princess and feminine feel hair styling ... 
Wedding hair ideas
- MAKE-UP, "The aim is to still look like you - just enhanced".
Make-up I think is the hardest part of a bridal look as its such a personal thing to get right as we all have our signature look that we like to wear. Changing your makeup look too drastically before your big day can be a mistake - aim to look like you - just a more enhanced version.

What Brides Should Know! 
You shall need to wear more make-up than you would usually wear as the camera shall wash you out in photos, so apply more than you think you need as the lights will tone down the make-up and you don't want to looks washed out. If your doing your own make-up then practice and take photos, start with less then add more as you need as this saves trying to remove it and get messy. A good make-up artist shall know all the tricks of the trade to making you look the picture perfect bride.

Play around with different make-up looks and it shall soon become clear what looks good and what you feel is still you.

Soft, smoky and feminine ...
Bridal wedding make up
A traditional make-up look is that of perfect radiant skin, with soft brown neutral toned smokey eyes and a soft pink lip which suits many of us but you may want to be more creative and add colour, a strong lip, lots of lashes maybe - again it all depends on your style of wedding and dress and ultimately what you like.

Strong dramatic eyes & highlighted skin ...
Bridal wedding make up
That classic Hollywood old school glamour -
Bridal wedding make up
Vintage looks with colour inspired - 
Bridal wedding make up
I highly recommend wearing false lashes on your wedding day whether they be lash extensions for a more natural looking effect, individual or strip lashes as they shall really accentuate your eyes on camera and just add more glamour to your look as you can never be glamorous enough come your wedding day - think Princess.

Radiant skin with fluttery lashes -
Bridal wedding make up
Red lips ...
Bridal wedding make up
I have trawled through many images like most other brides I imagine but I have always had it in my mind how I envisaged seeing myself on my wedding day. I think when it comes to you and your wedding you just know what feels like you and before you know it, it all comes together. 

If you are also getting married then 'big congrats' and 'good Luck'! Do share your thoughts with me and let me know your experiences and thoughts! 

Chat soon beauty lovers & 
stay tuned for the next bridal instalment ;-)

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