21 February 2014

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Self Tan

Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan, Dark
Self tanners are hit and miss because you either love them or hate them but never the less they still continue to be a popular beauty product and we strive to find the perfect one. I cannot believe I have not written a blog post about Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan sooner because I have been using this for a good few months now and it's knocked every other self tan into non-existence as once you try this then no other self tan will do.

The main reasons some of us avoid self tanning is because of that well known biscuit smell they all seem to have which cannot be disguised with any amount of perfume, that and the orange finish, stained hands and streaks that we end up with. Even so, self tanning is the safest option to getting an all over colour so it's really important to find a product that ticks all the boxes. Guess what, I have!

Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan, Dark 
Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan, Dark
Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan, Dark
Created by Irish Beauty Entrepreneur, Marissa Carter this luxurious express self tan mousse develops into a beautiful natural looking tan in just 1 hour, yes you heard right! It contains high-tech accelerating agents which are activated upon contact with the skin and speed up the tans absorption to develop a 'rich cocoa brown' tan. It suitable for all skin types especially dry/sensitive as it contains the highest grade of natural vegetable derived tanning agent thats not synthetic. Cocoa Brown has no Biscuit Smell just a beautiful floral scent from Tahitian Gardenia natural extracts. The biscuit smell you get from fake tanners is actually from the tanning agent mixing with oxygen then the skins surface, CB is carried directly into the skin so no tanning agent is left to linger on the skins surface hence NO tell tale tanning smell and no one shall no its not real.

So in brief it's instant, light weight, fast drying, floral smelling, non sticky, moisturising, luxurious, streak free, non-orange, last for days and affordable - thats what you call a genius beauty product and ticks every box it possibly can!

How to Apply -
Make sure your skin is prepped then apply the mousse onto a tanning mitt then apply to the skin for a streak free finish and wait between 1 and 3 hours depending on how dark you want to go, then rinse off and the golden tan shall last between 5-7 days. It can be applied to both face and body. I like to apply mine at night before I go to sleep then wash it off in the morning and no it hasn't once yet stained my bedding!

I highly recommend using a tanning mitt to apply your self tan with as it makes application so simple as it glides over the skin and gives a better, streak free finish with stain free hands. 

Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan, Dark
Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan, Dark
.... (drumroll) the results!

Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan, Dark
Safe to say, best self tan everrrrrrr! I like to use the DARK version but there is a regular version if you prefer a more natural, lighter tan pay off. You can see above the stages from application to just 1 hour and what a difference (even without it being washed off). After a few days of wear it fades gradually so it looks natural for the whole time it is on the skin. 

If like myself you are always in a rush to get ready and stressed because you haven't got time to tan, then you need this in your life so you can tan in minutes and all eliminate that stress! Cocoa Brown is so streak free you can apply it all over your body, get dressed and then go out without washing it off, thats how flawless it really is. If it slightly rubs onto your clothing, not to fret as it washes out completely. 

Personally for me being someone who can't lay out in the sun I need a good self tan if I want some colour on my skin and I have tried many over the years back when St Tropez was the 'it tan' but still none of those are as good as this one. It's just so easy to use and gives you real professional results at home for way less moneyI have recommended Cocoa Brown Tan to so many friends and family who are all now converts and I am positive you won't want to try another one even if you are a self tan hater, you shall become a lover after using this as there is nothing not to love about it - unless you hate looking tanned that is?!

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Available online at Feel UniqueCloud10 Beauty, in stores of Superdrug and in many more retailers worldwide.

Let me know if you love this too!

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