Let me start by wishing you all A Very Happy New Year! As this is my first blog post of 2014, what better way to start off this new beauty year than with a round up of just some of my favourite beauty buys of 2013 (otherwise this post may never end!). I look forward to seeing what beauty delights that 2014 has in store for us all. I am currently very busy planning my wedding, so I think the first half of the year could all be influenced with ideas to inspire bridal looks!

1) MAC Face & Body Foundation here

I am very loyal to my favourite Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation but I was searching for a light foundation that was build-able, water based and with no SPF (for no flashback in photographs) and this one matched up to that. Its famous with many makeup artists as it can be used on the body aswell as the face and looks great on all skins. I haven't been a fan of MAC foundations in the past hence why I was really surprised by this one. The colour range is very wide with a shade to suit many skin tones and my shade, N1 matches like its my own skin. It gives a very natural finish with the ability to build for a heavier coverage. This is one of those foundations that really makes the most of your skin and shows it off as opposed to hiding it and is perfect all year round and for those 'light makeup' days. 

2) Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette here
Since purchasing this palette a few months ago I have used this daily as its just the perfect everyday eyeshadow palette with all but one matte eyeshadow shades which can take you from a simple day look to a full on smokey eye evening look. You can even use this to fill in your brows too as the pigments are really strong and stay in place all day long. The shimmer shade 'Venus' makes the perfect highlighter for eyes, brows and all over the face so this handy sized palette has everything you need all in one and perfect for on the go or travelling as cuts the number of products you need to take away with you.

3) Urban Decay Flushed Palette here
Another make-up gem from Urban Decay that gets used daily is the Flushed palette; a bronzer, highlighter and blush trio. I have recommended this to so many friends that you would think I own shares in the company, thats how passionate I feel about this as its just superb. The shades suit so many skin tones and can be swiped all together or used separately which is how I like to use it. This makes contouring, highlighting and applying your blush easy as being 3-in-1 you have everything to get your perfect cheek look. The only down side to this palette is that the highlighter seems to run out way before the bronzer & blush so you may have to purchase a separate highlighter if this happens but still, its worth investing in.  

4) Inglot Duraline, Mixing Medium here
I discovered the brand Inglot whilst in the USA a few months ago as I had heard so many good things about it and did end up buying a few things (which shall feature in a blog post soon) but this product was so worth the purchase. Duraline is a clear waterless liquid that transforms any powder into an intense easy to use liquid and my main task for this was to make my gel liners that had become dry, into a cream texture again. This works miracles and revives any cream product that has dried out making it all brand new. It can also make shimmery or glitter eyeshadows look like foil on the eyes so great for party looks. This shall prolong the life of your make up making it worth every penny.

5) Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lipstick, 402 Teatro 
here & here
My search for the perfect red lip has finally concluded as this is the best red lipstick I have ever used and I'm sure you shall agree, its also visually stunning making this a joy to get out of your handbag. This new Ecstasy range factors in 'Colour & Care' which offers comfort and softness as well as a strong pigment of colour. It really does moisturise your lips as you wear it unlike a lot of reds that really are drying as they tend to be more of a matte finish to ensure longevity. This moisturising finish gives a subtle gloss to the lips without being slippery but does not affect the staying power of the colour. I recently wore this to a friends wedding and only had to reapply it once, now thats worth investing in if you are looking for the perfect red lip. 

6) Kérastase Ciment Thermique here
Kérastase is truly my favourite haircare range that I have used for years now as it has made a huge difference to my hair as I did go through a stage of using GHDS all the time which damaged my fine hair an awful lot and the Bain De Force range has worked miracles for me. Ciment Themique is a well known product from Kérastase as again its a little miracle worker; it is a heat activated reconstructor milk for weakened hair. It works by strengthening the hair fibre internally and protecting the surface of the hair, smoothing it from root to tip, leaving it firm and fine hair feels more weighted and strong. I apply this each time I wash my hair and I swear it has saved my hairs life and highly recommend this if you too have fine, weak, brittle, highlighted hair or if you use heat styling tools a lot then I guarantee you shall really benefit from using this.

7) Maybeline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara here
I received this product in my last months Glossybox and already it has become a firm favourite of mine. This is a tinted brow gel that adds a hint of colour, shapes and holds your brows in place and can also be used as I do over a brow powder to make the brow hairs look more 3D and to hold them in place. Its a great dupe for the tinted MAC brow gel as I have had trouble trying to replace mine. You shall notice that the brush has a ball like end which is actually really useful and doesn't clump on the brush or streak on your brows. Bargain buy I say!

8) Bed Head Straighten Out here
This product was sent out to me to try but I have always liked Bed Head styling range as they are fun and always seem to smell like sweets. This is a Humidity Defying Cream and was of great use to me this summer whilst I was travelling and as I live in the French Riviera, humidity is a hair issue during summer. Now I do have very straight hair naturally but being fine it tends to go like cotton wool in humid temperatures so I was definitely interested to see what it would offer. It certainly made my hair look smooth, sleek and smells great so I think if you are looking for something to help tame your  summer hair then try this one as it may make hair less of a drama come the summer party season and holiday time.

9) Sephora Ribbon Hair Ties here
I picked these up whilst in the Sephora in the USA as I have been wanting some of these twist bands for ages. They are designed to stop hair kinking when tied back which is something that always happens to me as I have very fine hair and each time I tie it back I have that obvious "tied up crimp" mark to my hair that makes it impossible to wear down again, but with these you don't get any kink to the hair! A really great purchase thats available in many colours and patterns.

10) Smashbox Reflection High Shine Gloss, Star here
If you are a lipgloss lover than you love this Smashbox High Shine Gloss as it gives a real pure glass shine to your lips. It contains hyaluronic acid & vitamins to deeply moisturise and polymers to help fill in lines. The texture, scent, packaging and finish of this gloss are amazing and like no other I have tried. I have the shade Star which is a pearlescent and goes with most lip colours too. I could not stop looking at my glass like, plumper looking lips when I put this on, so its a sure fire cheaper and safer option to getting lip fillers. 

10) Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum here
This was technically a Christmas gift from my Fiancé but I wanted to include it as it has already surely become my favourite scent again. When it comes to fragrance I do love to try new ones but always seem to go back to the scents that are 'me'. We all know when we smell a certain scent it can remind us of someone or something and after smelling this again I realised how gorgeous this is. Ever since wearing this I have had so many people ask me what I am wearing so I have fallen in love with Chanel Chance all over again!

11) Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Butter here
You may have gathered from some of my previous blog posts how much I adore this Sugar Crush range from Soap & Glory as its smells simply amazing, like summer in a pot. I have been using the body wash, body scrub and body butter all throughout the summer and the winter as I just can't get enough of the range. The body butter itself is really luxurious for a reasonable price and really moisturises your body well without being too rich but the smell of this just wins me over every time. 

12) HD Brow Professional Brow & Eye Palette here
I recently wrote a separate blog post here all about this palette from HD Brows as its the diamond of all brow products. If you want fresh perfectly groomed eyebrows then this is definitely for you. The anti-smudge, long lasting, highly pigmented powders stay in place all day long giving anyone, brows to be envious of. I would not be without this palette now as it really is the best one you shall find. 

13) Shellac Nails (Nail Salon)

This isn't technically a product buy but I have been going to a nail salon in Monaco for gel nails over the last few months as I have been travelling a lot so not having to do my nails makes my beauty regime a lot easier. I have noticed that Shellac gel nails seem to last so much longer than other gel brands that I have had in the past. They have been lasting me almost 3 weeks and on fingers that is incredible seeing as they normally only last a week or so. I have loved getting my nails done as opposed to me doing them as you get to have a little pamper at the same time as having great nails.
So do you like my choices? They have all been well loved by me this year and hope that this may have given you some help if your looking for some new products to try out. I have plenty more to come so watch this space beauty lovers!