One of my most popular blog posts I have written to date is here, all about Real Techniques Make-up Brushes, so if you are unsure what they are exactly then go check out that post to find out more.

I personally love duo-fiber brushes, so seeing this Limited Edition Real Techniques set advertised meant I desperately had to order them to accompany the rest of my collection. Duo-Fiber brushes are designed to provide light application and blending of make-up products whether they are cream, liquid or powder so you can create soft layers and different textures of product. 

Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection
The Duo-Fiber Brushes (priced £23.99/$19.99)
"Create buildable colour and add texture to look pixel perfect for any occasion and in any light with this first and only duo-fiber set, which includes 3 limited edition brushes" ...

Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection

The Face Brush
The Duo-Fiber Face Brush is designed for lightweight application of any face product such as liquid, cream or powder foundations, loose powders, compacts, bronzers etc when only a light application is needed for a lighter coverage and to layer up products.
Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection, Face Brush
This is the softest brush out of the duo-fiber collection and makes applying any base product simple and effortless. The brush itself is flat which makes it easy to get into the contours of the face and push product into the skin, giving a more air-brushed finish. I like to use this one for powder and to 'bronze up' the whole face lightly, to give a natural sinkissed look without being too much. This is my favourite brush from this set by far and makes a great addition to any make up kit. 
I will say there are much better quality duo-fiber brushes out there like MAC or Laura Mercier but they are also about three times the price of this one, so if you are looking for an 'affordable' option then this one certainly is a good choice. 

The Contour Brush 
The Duo-Fiber Contour Brush is designed for controlled sculpting and contouring of the face with any cream, liquid or powder product. 
Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection, Contour Brush
Like the powder brush, this contour brush is also very flat making it very precise at getting into those contours of the face. The bristles are quite dense so I actually think this is good as a blush brush or for using highlighter on tops of the cheekbones. You could even use it to blend out concealer. 

The Eye Brush
This Duo-Fiber Eye Brush is designed for finishing touches to the eye such as blending or applying a wash of eyeshadow to the eye.
Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection, Eye Brush
Now I own quite a few blending brushes and other duo-fiber eye brushes and this sadly was no match for them. Now I adore all my Real Techniques brushes but am sorry to say I dislike this one. It may feel soft to the touch but when used on and around the eye it is very scratchy and actually hurts. The bristles are too dense and very few white fibres, so I shall maybe stick to using this on the body if I have a scar to hide! The set is worth getting for the other two brushes but personally I think ditch this one.

This collection is a great addition if you are already a Real Techniques addict but I wouldn't purchase this as your first set as in my opinion the other Core Collection brushes would be a much better investment to start you off. You can also rest assured that Real Techniques brushes do not shed which is why I love them even more. 

These Limited Edition brushes are simply ideal if you want to achieve a very natural make up look and want a 'no make-up look' kind of day as they shall pick up minimal product and give you just that. 

Where to Buy & Discount Code!
  • I purchased my brushes online from iHerb who are a fantastic US company who deliver worldwide stocking only organic and natural products which includes a variety of things from make-up to vitamins. I got an amazing deal (cheaper to buy in dollars guys!) and received another free gift
  • Visit iHerb and enter COUPON CODE CFG886 - to receive an instant $10 off your first order of $40 or more or $5 off on smaller orders. You may even get a further 10% off you order for being a new customer and free delivery (just check out the link above). They always have a promo!
  • Visit Real Techniques for further information, prices and stockists. Prices vary depending on the currency. 

Remember these brushes are Limited Edition so if you want to try them out for yourself then get them while you can!!