Somersets Ladies Shave Oil for Legs, Underarm & Bikini Line
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Who are Somersets? 
"Somersets, a Traditional English Shave Company that was started back in the 20th century – 1991 in Henley to be precise.  Maybe it was something in the water round here that inspired us to create a range of toiletries and cosmetics that are now sold worldwide.

We thought it was time to give the boring old brands a run for their money, and give men (and women) a real choice. Looking back, it was a lot to ask – to create a high quality range that wouldn’t cost the earth; that would be all-natural, affordable and have minimal environmental impact. Oh yes. We had one other demand – it should actually work!" 

Shaving shall no longer be a hassle!

Its not often you get that excited about something as boring as a shaving product so when I did get excited about this one, I instantly had to tell you ladies (and gents) as boy, did this impress. 

I first discovered the brand Somersets about 3 years ago when I was helping my super sensitive FiancĂ© look for a new shave oil that would not be full of chemicals and cause him all sorts of irritation like razor burn, bumps, redness like most men & women get from shaving when using bad products. We found this brand online and well, he has never looked back since as this is truly a little miracle product. I then noticed they made a shave oil especifically for us ladies too, which I actually mentioned briefly here in another blog post but as soon as I used this I had to write a whole separate post about it as its seriously that good.

Somersets Ladies Shave Oil, 35ml
Using an oil to shave with gives you a much closer shave than anything else without nicks or razor burn but this one comes with a whole lot of other added benefits. Perfect for use in the shower or bath with no chemicals to irritate or dry out the skin. Oh and did I mention it lasts upto 90 shaves!

Whats in this oil?
All 100% natural aromatherapy ingredients, thats what. 
  • Hybrid vegetable Oil, 
  • Menthol, 
  • Fragrance, 
  • Aloe Vera, 
  • French Lavender Oil , 
  • Sandalwood Oil, 
  • Evening Primrose Oil, 
  • Sweet Almond Oil, 
  • Safflower Oil, 
  • Grapefruit Oil, 
  • Tea Tree Oil, 
  • Corianda Oil, 
  • Palmarosa Oil, 
  • Rosemary Oil, 
  • Ylang Ylang, 
  • Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil.

Continued use of this unique formulation of pure Essential Oils will soften the hair and moisturise your skin beyond expectation. The Aloe Vera soothes any razor burn and also eliminates ingrown hairs. It leaves your skin refreshed and silky smooth, even eliminating the need to moisturise afterwards as your legs will be smooth beyond belief. 

Somersets Ladies Shave Oil, 35ml
How to Use -
On wet skin, put 5-6 drops into palms, massage into skin, wait a few moments for the essential oils to soften the hair then shave.

You do need to pay attention to where you are shaving with this (especially if fair haired) as being a clear oil you cannot see the areas you have shaved, so you may have to feel for any hairy areas that may have escaped you. Apparently shaving by touch is the professional way to shave anyhow. I did the lower part of my leg first, then applied a few more drops and did the thigh area.

Be Warned: This will tingle and feel very fresh on the skin. If you have ever used tea tree or menthol before then you know the cooling sensation it gives you so be careful where you put this i.e. dont touch eyes or any other sensitive parts with this on your hand .... it may feel a bit zingy and fresh! This does wear off so don't worry. 

Somersets Ladies Shave Oil, 35ml
The Results -
After having shaved with this for the first time, my legs honestly felt like I had silk stockings on as could not feel one bump or bristle, so much so I couldn't stop stroking my own legs ... which may seem a tad weird but if you use this oil then you shall no doubt be doing this too. Even on the underarms, there was no stubble feel just smooth, soft skin. I luckily don't have to shave my legs that often as I have very fine fair hair so a bottle like this shall last simply ages for me no doubt. 

The texture of this oil is so light, non-greasy and beautifully scented making you feel like you are having a mini spa treatment not just 'shaving your legs" which lets face it can be a chore and just boring at the best of times. They even include a small sachet sample of other products in the box which is a nice added touch.

I must also mention that the packaging of this product is spot on. No heavy aerosol can or glass bottle that you can't see when its empty but a conveniently 35ml sized, hand luggage approved plastic lightweight bottle so it can go everywhere with you and no need to downgrade to a 'chemical-filled mini can' when going away.

Make sure you use a good razor to really enhance the effect of the oil whether it be manual or electric. I used the Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women (pictured above) which is dual ended with a handy bikini trimmer and worked really well, available online here.

Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Razor

Well Somersets really have lived up to their word of creating a high quality range that is affordable, all natural, has minimum environmental impact and most importantly ... works. Not many companies manage achieve all that nowadays so thats impressive. 

My partner uses the Extra Sensitive Shaving Oil, as pictured below, which lasts up to an incredible 260 shaves! They do a much wider range of products for men, being a traditional gents shaving company, so there is one to suit all.

Somersets Mens Extra Sensitive Shave Oil, 35ml
So ladies/gents please throw away those god awful chemical can filled shave foams and gels and invest in something that is good to your skin. Don't forget you are getting around 90 shaves for ladies and 260 shaves for men all from one bottle thats less than £10!

  • Purchase Somersets Ladies Shave Oil (£8.99/€11/$15) online here and the Mens version here with free worldwide delivery. 
  • Visit Somersets website here for more information about the range and shop online with further product size options and many international delivery options.
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